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| botNET | beta v0.5.0.x | botNET Bots | botNET MultiKilla |
| botNET Utilities | botNET Libraries | botNET Applications |

What is botNET ?

botNET is a new botting system. It is much like d2jsp or d2bs in that it is extendable thru scripts, but it is not based on javascript. botNET is based on the .NET framework, and as such, you can write bots or libs in any .NET language including but not limted to C#, C++, VB, JScript, Python.NET, Perl.NET, etc.

With it being based on a compiled language it runs far faster than any other botting system of the past. Current tests show it to be anywhere from 50 - 100 x faster than any others.

Developing Bots and libs for botNET is quite simple too, no need for illegal software (vs.net). You can download the .NET framework SDK, which is free from microsoft, and then download SharpDevelop which is a 100% free opensource IDE for VB and C#. I will provide links below. Simply refernce the library dll in your project and start developing. I will be writing up a developers guide as time permits.

Our plan is for botNET to be free for anyone to download and use. Any bot dll's a developer makes and would like to host on our new site to come, would need to submit source code to us for our reviewers to parse through and compile. This ensures that any Bot dll's are not intentionally malicious.

With the introduction of .NET into a botting system it gives us a great deal of power. Ever wanted an email client in diablo, no prob. Want your irc in diablo, no prob. want realtime bot comm, no prob. Want customized gui front ends, again no prob. need database acces, no problem. Did I mention that you can make bots too? ;) Since the .NET framework provides so much innate functionality, the possibilities are now truly endless for bot developers. Plus there is a lot of pre written open source code for pretty much anything you would need to integrate already.

Hope this helps to make you more fully appreciate what botNET is all about. Feel free to ask any questions.

.NET Framework Redist for non-developers (required to run botNET)
.NET Framework SDK (Above is required before you can install this)

Free development tools:
Sharp Develop
Snippet Compiler

Download botNET v0.4.2.12 [1 558 Kb]:
click here to download

Download botNET v0.5.0.48 [1 079 Kb]:
click here to download

Official Site:

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