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| [1] | 2 |
04 Dec 2011, 08:34
This is a great game but it needs a littel more graphics and how do u cet druids I have the old version of dioablo 2... sorry I'm not good at spelling... and what dose the cinamaxs disc for pleas e.mail me at [email protected]..thanks
15 Jul 2011, 04:17
D2 is dead.....the sommunity of players is for damn sure. I've played for almost ten years since its release as well. All I can say, is hopefully D3 will bring old players and 12 year old AOLing noobs back together to fight the prime evils once more.......LOL!
21 May 2011, 07:26
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02 Mar 2011, 01:12
tan hiep
03 Dec 2010, 02:31
Diablo 2 LOD will never ever die you fools!!!!
16 Jan 2010, 16:51
Waah its my fault... its my birthday the 11. of august :(
16 Nov 2009, 07:59
True Evils Never Die!!!!!
26 Oct 2009, 13:17
Diablo2LoD NEVER die! Will live forever in our memories of good times ..
Love Diavlo2LoD..

31 Aug 2009, 04:04
any1 got a diablo 2 cd key i really need 1 lost mine i got lod cd key jus need diablo2 cd key i appreciate it if u email me 1 ty
28 Nov 2008, 21:03
Diablo 2 isn't dead. Play single player or LAN play. It's much more fun working your way up together in TCP/IP and finally beating diablo in Hell mode. Believe me, without rushes, beating Hell on your own is a massive accomplishment.

Rushes spoil the enjoyment of the storyline and the general game. D2 is not dead, but the people who wreck it with hacks, cheats and exploits should be.

That's my two gold.
Its Me!
02 Oct 2008, 04:38

Its a shame to see such an amazing game to be ran into the ground becuase of people who are greedy, selfish, and people who probably take the fun out of life!

I have had many accounts STOLEN...

You really find out that the people you play with arn't really what they seem. They might be all nice and friendly atfirst then before you know it... They hack everything!!!

This game was the funnest most addictive game ever and im sad to see it so TERRIBLE now!!

RIP L.o.D!
12 Jun 2008, 03:33
death to battle.net!!!!!
26 Apr 2008, 22:15
I have given my account away, so please stop emailing me.
23 Apr 2008, 22:02
I have played this game for a long time i have came to relize that it now is only hackers and asswholes left in this game was great whhy it lasted RIP D2
10 Apr 2008, 09:33
Diablo 2 Lod has turned into something I no longer understand. Like the many of you, I have lost sleep over an addidicting video game, I have went through countless accounts where I have seen highs and lows and I have created a perfect hammerin without the purchase of a single item. However, the players I played with on Diablo 1, 2 and Lod have left, and now the only players remaining are ignorant assholes who push battle.net to its limits by by exploiting any weak points. So I quit, email "[email protected]" for my account but convince me why you deserve my account.
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