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Begginer's Guide On How To Level Up
( The Fastest Way)


What this guide is for: 
This guide is made to help people level up the easy way. This includes GRUSH. 

Are you ready to accept the biggest Diablo II Challenge? STEP IN! 

Getting To Hell....FAST 

This is VERY easy, and the beginning of your rigorous journey! 
First start off by getting a rush to hell, with your char. 

Don't know how to GRUSH? It's EASY! Resort to this great guide to learn how!


Alright this is fun in a way. Your mission is to join Chaos Games, which are runs like baal runs, but located in the Chaos Santuary! You have a Runner(s) and you must follow them as they kill monsters. 

The XP rate in Chaos is like nothing you have ever seen, or experienced. You can easly gain 10+ Levels a game, (Level 25-40) making this very fun. 
Now keep in mind that level 20-25 is SLOW, but you can still manage. Either join a cow game in normal, or just run Chaos. 

Once your level 60, you must do the Ancients. Get a friend to do them for you, and your off to BAAL! 


From levels 60-80, you must do BAAL runs. Nothing special here, just join your normal baal games and get some XP! 


You have choices here. 

1. Baal 
2. Chaos Santuary 
3. Pit 

Pit you ask? Pit has an area level of 85+, and if you join a full game and start doing pit, you can get some good XP, and maybe if your lucky some good items! 
You could also do chaos santuary for good xp, baal too, doesn't matter. 
It starts getting harder! 


You'll start noticing this gets a lot harder from here, and requires you to run more. Just make sure you don't die! 
What you should do: 

Chaos Santuary. 

If your hammerdin, join 8 man baal game, go to chaos, and clear that bitch, or the other way around. YOu can still baal with your pubs! 


This is the BIG-BOI League. If you've made it this far, then your getting very good, and oh so close to your goal...BUT YET SO FAR AWAY. Starting from here, you'll start to crack a sweat depending on how long you play, and it will take a lot of runs for you to level. 

Just like 90-94, you should do Baal and Chaos. 

BUT, if your doing public baals, leave party right before your going to kill baal and party with your 94+ friends! If you kill baal, as in your hit, you will gain a lot of XP! Baal is great! 

Level 99 is great respect. People say *YOU HAVE NO LIFE*, but then what's the point of ladder? Your name will rest in the hall of fame for the remaining of the ladder, and you will get OOS! and AAHS! when you join a game. 

If you reach level 97+, you will already know how it feels! 

As we all know, you can't quit D2 without getting to level 99! Make sure you S/S your last moments of level 98, as they will be great memory 

I hope this guide helps you a bit on your legacy. 

Great warrior, being your journey!

Buy Diablo 2 Cd Keys, FRESH from BOX!

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| [1] | 2 | 3 | 4 |
08 Mar 2010, 17:07
jerry is a retard

17 Sep 2009, 21:40
grrr this is the second time i had to write this, but f**k it i love to help people out.
ok there is a simple more fun way to level, i call it the normal way, lol well you will see. first off yes get rushed to act 5 normal, then trist run to level 15, then tomb to level 20, then do ancients quest real quick, then after ancients do cow runs to level 25, lol then do baal runs to 40-45+, then finally beat normal baal. ok then in nightmare get rushed to act 5, do ancients, then baal run to 70s+, then beat nightmare baal, ok now in hell once again get rushed to act 5 and do ancients, then once again do baal runs in hell to levels 99 this will take forever trust me only the best and truly dedicated get to lvl 99. i also wanted to note the pits are not a great leveling spot in my opinion, but they are however good for high level runes only of course if you have a good percent of magic finding gear equipped. you can find elite grear as well, you can find an el rune- a zod rune will full magic finding gear, it may take alot of runs but thats were i got a ton of my high runes. i hope this helped you, i dont wanna hear that im a noob lol only noobs say that and on my old account all 7 of my characters were level 99 and had the best of the best gear. but that account has died long ago so ive no proof lol. but i have started a new account and if you want to get some help add me. im on us west non ladder battle realm, my account name is tony2dope, by all means add me ill glady help you out.
19 Aug 2009, 02:20
dude the pits by blood raven duh
23 Jul 2009, 00:04
hey im looking for some pro as friend im a pro and it hard cuz allmy friend are noobs :( :( and they keep asking me for items and rush and more ittems
so ya if there any pro out there my acc is vietfire add me :p im a girl and somwthing i share my acc with my bro so make sure u know it me (^[]^) :P add me plz
09 May 2009, 13:48
Hahaha some of you make me laugh with your comments ><

If you dont wona play D2 online and play ALOT then go f**k off somewhere else. If people wona play it and play it alot they can and dont have to listen to LOSERS (yes i said losers) telling them what to do.

Good playing Diablo 2 and hope to see you in Diablo 3 ;)
05 Apr 2009, 23:31
07 Feb 2009, 07:38
lol guys seriously i agree with ticon why don't u guys grow up get a life and move out of your moms basement leaches i mean seriously.... :/
08 Jan 2009, 20:04
You f**king idiots. Maphack is always detectable, The Pit is in Act 1 Tamoe Highlands, and Clan CHX or Clan GGC hosts Chaos Runs. Now stfu.

30 Dec 2008, 19:15
the pit is a dungeon in the tamoe highlands i think. just before the outer cloister in the horodric malus quest.
04 Nov 2008, 04:21
Whats a pit lvl? where can i find one
04 Nov 2008, 04:19
Where can i find a pit level idk what that is
25 Sep 2008, 09:18
As much as I know maphack is not detectabile. I play with maphack and problem until now
25 Sep 2008, 09:16
So stupid is so hard to this stupid question...I think is bether for you to play solitare or something normal for your IQ
24 Aug 2008, 19:50
Does someone can tell me if (mMap Maphack) is safe for detection ???
29 Jul 2008, 22:32
LAWL. here is a it possible to play a game without 1000 people trying to jew the system and force things to move faster than the progression they were intended?
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