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Crafted Items Index | Hit Power Items | Blood Items | Caster Items | Safety Items

Crafted items are similar to rare items, but cannot be Gambled, dropped by Monsters or found in Chests. They can only be created with The Horadric Cube. Crafted Items are a form of Gambling for high level players or "hardcore" players. These serious players can have the ingredients and time to create a good Crafted Item. Crafted Items have the potential to be better than Rare Items and possibly certain Set or Unique Items.

Items in Orange are Crafted Items.

Crafted Items have 3-4 Fixed Properties
Each Crafted Item has one or more fixed properties. For example, there are some Crafted Items guaranteed to have from 5-10% Chance of Crushing Blow. Often the Fixed Properties are not available normally on Magic or Rare Items. It's also nice to be able to create an item knowing which fixed magical bonuses are going to always appear which is not the case with Magic or Rare Items.

Crafted Items have 1-4 Random Magical Prefixes/Suffixes
On top of those fixed properties, a Crafted Item can have from 1-4 standard Rare and Magic Prefix and Suffixes. These are generated pretty much the same way as a Rare item.

At ilvls 1-30, there's a 40% chance of 1 affix and a 20% chance each of 2, 3 or 4 affixes.
At ilvls 31-50, there's a 60% chance of 2 affixes and a 20% chance each of 3 or 4 affixes.
At ilvls 51-70, there's an 80% chance of 3 affixes and a 20% chance of 4 affixes.
At ilvls 71+, there's a 100% chance of 4 affixes.

When you Craft an item it loses all of its original Magical Prefixes/Suffixes. Creating a Crafted Item is just like the Imbue quest reward in that it takes the base item, and creates a new one with new properties.

The Level Requirement of crafted items will be higher than that of a rare item even if they have the same random prefixes/suffixes.

Crafted Items are pretty much a free shot of creating a Rare Item. You don't know if you'll get a "good" item since the bonuses are random but you do have a better chance than trying to find a Rare Item or Gambling for a Rare Item.

Because Crafted Items have fixed stats you have much more control over what magical bonuses will appear as opposed to finding or Gambling a Rare Item.

You can stack the "fixed" Magical Prefixes/Suffixes with regular Magical Prefixes/Suffixes that can appear on Rare Items to create bonuses that are much higher than would normally appear on a Rare Item. Note: this does not mean you will keep the Magical Bonuses on the item you place in the cube, this simply means that it's possible to combine the "fixed" Crafted Bonuses with normal Magic Prefixes and Suffixes.

The ilvl of a Crafted Item is equal to half the level of the crafting character (rounded down) plus half the ilvl of the input item (rounded down). Put another way: ilvl = int(.5 * clvl) + int(.5 * ilvl)

It's also worth noting that the ilvl, the quality and the properties of the jewel are completely irrelevant and don't affect the outcome at all.

Crafted Item Formulae
Place the listed Ingredients in the Horadric Cube and Transmute them. The ingredients must be exact, using the listed exact piece of Armor or Weapon.

For more questions and answers look at the bottom of this page.

The following complete list of Crafted Formulae require Diablo II: LOD v1.10
Hit Power Items
Blood Items
Caster Items
Safety Items

The Crafted Recipe did not work
Make sure you use a Magic item, if it says Magic. Make sure you use the correct item type. If it's looking for a Belt, it's looking for the specific item "Belt" not any kind of Belt. It doesn't matter if the jewel is magic, rare, or even unique. They all work. If it doesn't work, you are probably doing something wrong. Make sure you have read all of the requirements.

Some Crafted Recipes were in the game for a time but have since been removed or changed.

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