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by tigerlilly

It aims for you at a certain enemy, if you shoot at any location.

* Install the Plugin.
* type ingame ".redeye + the name of the desired enemy".
* press numlock 5 to activate redeye.
* now shoot your left skill anywhere on the ground, and it will automatically hit your enemy.

new in 1.1:
* you can now switch the autoaim on / off by typing ".redeye switch".
* you can select another enemy if you left click with a ranged skill on him.
* i hope that now everybody can use this plugin

new in 1.2:
* you can now choose between aiming wift left or right skill
* if you want to aim with the right skill, you can say if redeye should aim with teleport also or not

new in 1.3 :
* You can now choose the next target in the list by pressing numpad 5-
* you can switch redeye on/off no if you select the standard attack (so you can make a fast hotkey for yourself)

new in 1.3.1 :
* fixed a very small bug, which occurred when the game was full.

new in 1.3.5:
* made the commands shorter.. (left = l, right = r)
* fixed a small bug
* you can now switch between aiming left or right by selecting the throw skill.

type : ".redeye [charname to aim] [left or right] [on or off]" <-- on means that you aim with also teleport, off means you aim with all other skills but teleport (only essential if you aim with the right skills ;) )

but you don't have to type left/right and on/off : standard values are : left and off, i think that are the most useful ones.

Have Fun, and please post all bugs.
And i am always happy about comments and tips.

RedEye v1.3.5
RedEye v1.3
RedEye v1.2
RedEye v1.1
RedEye source

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* Site Administrator *
23 Oct 2009, 19:39
After months of rigorous testing and development, is proud to bring you a collation of
free private hacks for 1.12!

D2Event Collation Includes:
-Adblock Plugin
-Flash Plugin
-Leader Plugin
-Macro Plugin
-MephStone Plugin
-NetStuff Plugin
-Tppk Plugin
-Magnet Plugin
-Chicken Plugin
-Keychain Plugin
-ZCommand Plugin
-TownTele Plugin
-HotPlug Plugin
-FastMod Plugin
-GameName Plugin
-Hide offline friends Plugin
-Forgotten Sands Exploit
-PreCast Plugin
-FastTp Plugin
-EZBaal Plugin
-autoHPK Plugin
-FollowBot Plugin

You can find the latest collation of all D2 Event hacks here:
09 Jun 2009, 06:54
Delta's MultiHack v1.19 with Source

*NOTE: Before following the below instructions make sure d2 is closed!*
-Extract .rar into a folder, (Any folder you wish)
-Open d-M1.19.exe
-Choose your d2 path (Ususally c:/windows/program file/Diablo 2)
-Diablo will then open and you should see d-M 1.19 at the bottem right, you will then know its loaded.
-Before logging in make sure you erase your account name in the box and re-enter it with all CAPS, type in your password with all caps also and then turn caps off.
-Join a game and press 1 on the numpad
-A list will come up and you can scroll up and down with NUM 4-5 (4 Being up, 5 Being down)
-To select an option press NUM 7

***Known Bugs:
-On macs, d2 tends to shut down with an error, im not sure due to the fact that i am a
windowns user.
-After enabling spam blocker refrain from squelching someone manually**.
If you find any other problems please contact me

*NOTE: These features can be disabled and enabled from the in-game menu*
-PS-Maphack(Means its not a client so its undetectable)
-Spam blocker(automaticly squelches spammers, the feature goes by the level and intervels, so when a level one joins in a hell game and says a really long message, its automaticly squelched before it can keep spamming)
-Connection Inturrupted Reducer (Basicly it blocks d2 from viewing your real ip and it gives a fake one, so when you do get a CI, just log off and log back on and your back on the realm.)
-Magnet Pickit (You know all those bots that can pick up items before they hit the ground? Well now you can be faster then them, i stole the source from magnets pickit and just edited it to be better the bots pickit is set to 0.2, this one is set to 0.1)
-Warden Watcher (When warden is on and scanning you this will let you know and ask if you wish to disable all features immediatly.This comes in handy!)
-iLvl Viewer (View the ilvls of items)
-C-Viewer (Enables you to view other people's gear)

If you have any questions or any suggestions on future versions please contact me at

Have fun everyone!


07 Mar 2009, 19:17
Does it works with necro bonespirit ?
17 May 2008, 13:43
You want a chance to take any item you've wanted? well now you can! I'm releasing
legacy's 1.11B version of Force trade hack(FT) this hack will automatically make another users check mark green in trade screen
allowing you to take it with out their consent! this hack is undetectable and has been around for ages
works on all closed realms!

If you have any questions feel free to message me on Aim: Failurebikes14

Heres a quick video I made using it on two jsp'ers
got a perfect coa and a cta in a matter of a minute!

for those who are weary about a virus or worm feel free to scan the file!
legacy is respected d2 hacker.

The download:
03 Mar 2008, 21:58
how do u load the program...thers no loader, its just all text files with one program that "cant be found".
Wow you fuckers cry
27 Feb 2008, 00:13
These people were kind enough to do something like this and all you bitches cry because your to f**king stupid to get it to work. Anyways just shut the f**k up and get out
08 Jul 2007, 03:29
Can some PLEASE help me install this, im new too hacks and bots so its sorta new too me any help i would be greatful.
02 Jul 2007, 04:12
Hi i was just wondering if u could give me some tips on how to install and to work redeye
18 Jun 2007, 05:17
it dont seek people, it sux dont ask me why but doesnt workd
16 Jun 2007, 12:24
Bug: redvex crashes a lot when using this, except when usin it with ww-barb that cant tele... and dont think thats a useless exception. the fact that u can aim and miss urself and not crash is a useless exception.

Tip: remove aiming char from victim-list and make it possible to change keys so that ppl with a laptop can also use this, when u got rid of the bugs. And dont tell me i can use the fn-key or hang a keypad from my usb, coz i know i can and i just dont want to when im teleing at 105fcr over 7 chars i wanna kill FAST. ok?
16 Jun 2007, 12:16
damn this is stupid! How many versions u f**ked up now? If urdating ur stupid plugin, U might wanna do simething about BUGS. Like the bug that makes redvex crash and get u an IP-ban when u tele with more than 20fcr and then fire. Stupid idiots. I can only program basic on a commodore64 and even I can do better than this...
Big boob fred
12 Jun 2007, 02:55
Hi, Its me BBF ANd I'd like to say this patch is amazing, I couldn't keep my Fleshtube outa my pants when I tried this out. Kudos dude keep up the Erotic work ^_^
Ryan Lee
01 Jun 2007, 00:45
redeye version
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