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| 1.08 items | duped items | hacked - bugged items | perfect items | crafted items |

Bugged - Hacked Items

Bugged Eye of Etlich
Bugged String of Ears

Helm: Cold Absorb Circlet
Amulet: 64% Lifeleech
Amulet: Armageddon Fletch (sorc skills 20% fcr)
Amulet: Blood Buckle (zon skills + IAS + leech)
Armor: Ethereal Indestructible Skullder's Ire
Ring: Amazon SOJ
Ring: Oculus SOJ
Ring: Constricting Ring
Ring: "white" absorb all
Gloves: White
Gloves: 396 Strength
Gloves: 50% IAS
Gloves: Wizardspike
Armor: Wizardspike
Armor: 371% ED X-Factor
Armor: ITH Lionheart
Belt: 50% IAS/37% ED Pink-Rabbit's
Belt: Stormrider ED
Belt: Demon Machine
Bow: ITH Hydra #1
Bow: ITH Hydra #2 (Ohm-Jah)
Bow: Quark Matriarchal Bow of Amp Damage
Bow: Zephr Crusader
Sword: ITH "NewITH" Colossus Blade
Sword: Cruel Balrog Blade of Quickness
Ith ThunderMaul
Small Charm: 4 max damage
Jewel: 44 Strength/AR based on Clvl

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| [1] | 2 | 3 | 4 |
08 Apr 2010, 09:50
Man I miss the good old days of perming after every duel. Owning everything. Those were the glory days.
12 Feb 2010, 09:01
yeah i miss these days, i had a fully legit pvp pally in 1.09 eith an 300% eth mythical sword, zod eth, plus all the small fire charms and shit i lost...
Then i switched to the dark side...
2 occy rings, 4x ist phase/4xist monarch, isted everything, over 1700% mf on my sorc, just ran pindlebot over night, had everything the next day.
08 Feb 2010, 16:44
idk if anyone knows anything or remembers v 1.03. that shit ruled pretty much got away with anything and everyone had a chance to die.
08 Feb 2010, 09:13
Haha, I'd love to go back to 1.09. Diablo 2 used to be good, now its just pointless with all the palys.
I just want my 700mf bow back and 2 ith swords on my barb. Oh and a occy sorc
Hahaha, damn good times
18 May 2009, 13:59
Hummm... I Think It Can Be Only On The Open ,Or Patch 1.08 Or 1.09d. I Mean That Impossible To Get That Legitly! Seems I Didn't Know About Thos F**King Bug Of Items.
30 Jan 2009, 17:44
lol missed those days. I remember i have unlimited of those bugged items at 1.09 USwest. There are many more not listed here. Yes it exists, D2 old schoolers know how amazon and babarian OWNED in PvP using those items. Each and every characxter was unique then.

Nowadays the new generation sucked. Everyone uses paladin and abuse teleport and warcry whats the point.

Blizzard didnt improve the game by patching 1.10. Instead more imbalanced and predictable. I'll take 1.09 over any other version..
09 Oct 2008, 21:07
no hex small charm?. :( vit/energy.
i miss those days!.
08 Aug 2008, 10:55
i miss the old days so much i hate the new patches where everyone has got teleport and everyones got all these other characters skills.. thats so retarted ruins the game.. makes each character unique to have there own skill tree and they messed it all up.. id take duped hacked items anyday

15 Jul 2008, 22:14
Spongebob go sell ur computer FAST.
Noobs like u shouldnt be able to post in any d2 lod forums.
15 Jul 2008, 21:53
i remember some of these buged items but there was alot more items. like the bug sig shield. the 90/90/90 sc which had 90 vit or energy and 90 dex and 90 strength. i remember bugged arcans 4+ all skills 200 enhanced damage was sick as shit bugged mf helm which had like 700+ mf all these items were real and worked durring 1.09 and before. the rust storm.... f**king god damn rust storm destroyed everything rust storm was blizzards anti bug item destroyer. at the release of patch 1.1 they were all deleted.
09 Jul 2008, 19:17
i was looking on every item that post up here~and pick up some of the memory.
it was fun i gotta say.
i remember there is small charm that give +50 on all attub, those were the godly one can u guys find the pic of it?
10 May 2008, 08:44
What the heck? What about Hexing SC?
22 Apr 2008, 07:04
or maybe they don't know how to f*cking tell time.
22 Apr 2008, 07:02
Maybe in Eastern coasts of Russia China or Japan
22 Apr 2008, 07:00
WTF is this sever in Hawaii or something?
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