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Hacked - Bugged Items

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25 Aug 2011, 18:10
I had those back in like 2004~2005, it exists a long time ago on USWest closed. There were also some other ridicious bugged items like 50+% leech amulet, 100+% lightning absorb ring (yes, all lightning dmg heals u), and some light plate armor that gives 450+% enchanced DAMAGE...etc Honestly speaking, those bugged items made the game less fun :<
03 Aug 2008, 15:46
05 Jul 2008, 10:30
i remember seeing these like ONCE, just like one time i saw these gloves on bnet. yes, they existed, just like the occy and white rings, just like the wizzy gloves. i don't think the "increases near dusk" mod means s**t though. Just because you have not seen them on bnet does not mean they never existed on bnet. some people just haven't played .09 or at least not for long. .09 were some days. i think classic D2(not LOD) had all that shit too.
19 Jan 2008, 12:26
Hali ur a f**king idoit ...

thhose items did exist ur a f**king noob

ever heard of Hex SC to noob ??
gave u 90str , 90dex , 90vit
Mr Sparkle
27 Aug 2007, 12:17
Actually, those were real in .9, and to tell the truth, they were brought back into 1.11 somehow, so you are gonna see these on us west closed bnet real soon
21 Aug 2007, 14:42
20 Apr 2007, 23:01
hehe well these items can be made from modifying the hex dump of a item that you have on your char / finds
they can even be made be better...
02 Mar 2007, 02:58
i want!
cant believe these
08 Dec 2006, 01:18
wow i cant believe all this stuff i
just started playing on 1.11
do this still exit and how do u do it or get them plz write back i wanna no
29 Oct 2006, 18:29
Hi, just wondering if there are any USWEST classic items for sale? Also can these bugged items be used on classic?
at hali
27 Jul 2006, 11:58
Yes, once upon a time they existed. In 1.09, I had an account full of the very same glove. The BEST hacked items were everywhere in USWest Realm. The same with White Rings, the other White Glove, and tons of other GODLY items.
27 Jul 2006, 04:43
Tehy existed n00b I had a couple same with wrings
25 Jul 2006, 05:15
There is no way those exist. That is definitely on open, that one is. The base def for chain gloves is not 667. Those are definitely made on open, no doubt.
08 Jul 2006, 04:01
Well, All of the Characters don't need to get str. when you Equip
andrew c
29 Jun 2006, 00:13
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