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RedVex & Plugins FAQ by Zoxc

RedVex FAQ
Q: Does "Loaded plugins (0 total, must have SDK version x or lower)" show up and you have installed plugins?
A: You have not installed the plugins correctly, see Installing RedVex plugins or you are using a RedVex 2.5 plugin with RedVex 2.6 or the other way around.

Q: I only get "Accepting connections on port 6112..." and nothing happens in game, is this normal?
A: Connecting to through RedVex

Q: I get this in RedVex log "Error: Unexpected Client PacketID Encountered: 0x...", what is this?
A: You are not using RedVex with Diablo II 1.11 patch

Q: I only get "Loaded plugins (0 total, must have SDK version 1-3 or lower)", I can't seem to make plugins show up, what did I do wrong?
A: You must unzip the plugins. Use Zip to unpack them. You must place the .dll files in a "Plugins" folder (If there is no .dll files you must give unzipping another try). If this folder doesn't exist, make it! Also make sure you are using the plugins with the right version of RedVex.

Q: What is the source folder? And what are this files within?
A: Source Code is the code used to compile the programs. It has no value for you unless your are a programmer or plan to learn programming. You may just delete these files. (.cpp, .h, .pas, .dfm, .vcproj, .dpr)

Plugins FAQ

Q: I'm getting a temp ban when I leave a game?
A: This is caused by Magnet , try to set TeleDelay to 80 or above


Q: How can I restore Diablo II realms?
A: Download this:
Extract it and double click on RestoreRealms.reg. Answer Yes on the question you get. The next time you start Diablo II your realms will be restored.

How to brigde RedVex 3 and RedVex 2.5

Start up both and go in Options.

Then change the ports to match the images.

RedVex 3 should set the server to 'localhost'.

RedVex 2.5 should set the server to the one you play on.

It works like this:

Diablo II Game : 4000 -> RedVex 3 : 4000 -> RedVex 2.5 : 4001 -> : 4000
Diablo II Realm : 5000 -> RedVex 3 : 5000 -> RedVex 2.5 : 5001 -> : 6112
Diablo II Chat : 6112 -> RedVex 3 : 6112 -> RedVex 2.5 : 6113 -> : 6112

Start up both RedVex versions and it should work.

You need to use the 26. may fix of RedVex 3 or newer. If you for some reason don't want to. Swap game server port in RedVex 3 with the game client port.

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| [1] | 2 |
27 Mar 2010, 20:23
RedVex still alive and breathing...?
28 Jul 2009, 23:23
the bot is great, but I've been banned from blizzard and my account was deleted. all my items I boght and all the work I put in over month to skill my chars are gone.

so, watch out guys. I was so much fun to use redvex, such a pity!
30 Jun 2009, 08:53
ok i dont get it please help how do i do it?
15 Apr 2009, 21:37
I'm using KukBot with RedVex2.0 n' as soon as I'm in the throne room I get booted out 'cause my computer says RedVex stopped working... What might I do to fix that?
14 Apr 2009, 18:58
I cant add plugin in redvex. plz help me
09 Oct 2008, 02:46
24 Aug 2008, 00:01
Lol hans Hammejin
Bone Walls
08 Aug 2008, 20:21
RedVex is working fine for me.. But everytime a necro's bonewall's die, they become flattened and i cant walk over them. If anyone can tell me what is causing it and how to get rid of it email me at
09 Jul 2008, 12:24
i just got banned for using redvex -_-
02 Jul 2008, 21:14
i love red vex becuse you no when people are in you game
04 Apr 2008, 00:16
hot link

08 Mar 2008, 10:04
Might help if i give my email address 8^)

08 Mar 2008, 10:01
Ummmm i have no clue about this stuff, i have a friend that is baal botting and is gonna let me leech off him, he said to get redvex and it comes with leechbot or some shit, idk and i dont understand anything about it. i also got winrar because someone said i had to have it to use redvex, can someone please email step by step instructions of what to get, where to get it and how to use, i will more that appreciative
Annoyed Stranger
04 Mar 2008, 22:47
I hate idiotic newbs. "I got banned, I lost my account, I cant read so screw this program" my response is dont be a frigging idiot. Things are intentionally made to be a little complex so not every stupid f**k on d2 can run them.
06 Feb 2008, 16:11
I load redvex and it goes fine

Accepting connections on port 6112...

Gets to that bit. I log on D2 and Nothing.. My magnet isnt working... I tried testing it by dropping my ocy but it didnt autogrb it. or even grap drops when i attempted to mf, what do i do to get it working
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