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21 May 2011, 07:22
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03 Dec 2010, 01:50
Blizzard should ban all tha f**king annoying bots and shit!!!!
01 Dec 2009, 04:01
If you want to know why Blizzard does what they do, then you need to think of it in terms of money. If you love this game, banning you will make you buy the game again. Blizzard is all about profit, not customer satisfaction.
04 Mar 2009, 07:10
we all hate the ban, but seriously you dont help the cause by telling everyone you have no life whatsoever
08 Feb 2009, 12:58
Whether or not using a maphack "spoils people's fun" is irrelevant... the user agreement (which you agreed to) says that using hacks can result in being banned, so don't be surprised if you used a maphack and have been banned. How can you be so angry with Blizzard? What can they possibly owe you? You used their game on their private servers on the condition that you would not use any hacks; if you were not happy with this condition, you should not have used Diablo on closed Battle.net. Thus if you are entirely blameless, and you were happy with this condition, then you have nothing to be angry about.
03 Feb 2009, 23:49
Alright alot of you prolly have noticed that there has been a mass banning FEB 2nd 2009 at 12:00am on Bnet. As me being one of them , tho i really dont care that much that my 2 accounts got banned, but here is my frustration. Im pissed because all the time spent playing this ladder has no been a complete waste , not saying that i could just go out and get my shit in a week or less. Ive been playing D2 for over 9 years on and off, so here's what i'm trying to get at. Ive seen every single possible variation of maps of each act .........trust me.............. ive put over 345 hours this ladder , and prolly pushing close to 5000 hours total for diablo 2 in 9 years , well maybe not that much but close to it. Yes I use maphack but what the fu***** big deal???? It does NOT hurt players "as anonymous said, its HELPS NOOB PLAYERS that need rushes, and need catch up to the good players. And i wish blizzard would tell me this WTF IS THIS BULL SHIT!!!????? "(6) Inappropriate use of a bot : Blizzard Entertainment does not tolerate bots spamming chat channels or the use of bots to congest channels, which disrupts the normal flow of dialogue. This directly violates the Battle.net Terms of Use Agreement and/or End User License Agreement of the game." ok ok ok question blizzard! WHY THE Fu** ARE THERE STILL BOTS ALL OVER FLOODING EVERYTHING????? bots hurt players , ive died from a bot spamming, ive lost items to bots glitch fulling games, i missed comments, ITS FU***** ANNOYING!!!. Now listen to this , it is against the user agreement to sell anything that belongs to blizzard for your own personal income . But heres the thing either A) blizzard owns all those websites AND BOTS that are trying to sell these items, or B) they made a deal with the person that owns the site and i'm thinking blizzard is providing the items to them and getting HALF OR MORE of the profits. I know sounds kinda farfetched but WHY THE FUCK ARENT ANY OF THE BOTS BANNED??????? they break the user agreement more then a MAPHACK DOES, maphack makes the game enjoyable for all players.......or less enjoyable to the players that don't know where to download it ROFL. But here it goes im putting this to rest, since i cannot contact blizzard and rip them a new A**hole for being so dumb as to ban the ppl that enjoy the game the most that they take all their time they could be doing other thing like reading a book "lol" , working out , WORKING?, making money , etc...... so blizzard get your shi* together don't ban YOUR FANS!
30 Apr 2008, 15:01
Zak go die die,
(Actualy BATTLE.NET should be now RENAMED to : "BAN-NET" :P

That is da worst <.<
17 Dec 2007, 21:17
det är bara bögar som spelar diablo, hade jag haft er här hade jag bajsat på er. skaffa ett liv å spela crysis
30 Sep 2007, 10:40
haha thats g000d
08 Sep 2007, 19:17
how do uban a player from your friendlist in battle. net in diablo 2?
bonk me now
10 Jul 2007, 12:13
15 Feb 2007, 16:03
Sensless ... ^_^ SOJ movie kikkz ass ~
Po Jack
10 Dec 2006, 05:18
FB-QUEEN_Sativa You need NL Rush or Ladder Rush i Only have ladder Sorry if i disapoint you
02 Dec 2006, 05:46
lol, ofcourse we kids... this site is deticated to a game.... a game..... even i have a life... lol
16 Sep 2006, 04:16
Zak your a fag, and your not funny
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