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Pvp Orb Sorc Guide by triple_han
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21 Jul 2009, 05:04
yo i learnes that u pik 1 thing and stick with it and only get lik.............bonuses if u hav sorc gear add rileyace and please let me hav some

09 Jul 2009, 12:49
im a lightning sor and i am still a newbie!!! i just wanna know whats a good suite for me (just the basic one)..

13 Oct 2008, 01:30
tal rasha stuff? ha get it your self you sorry sack of shit

12 Oct 2008, 03:37
this is killfvck anyway i also hav a shako on ladder but it has 113 defence msg same idiot but if u dnt got wat i want dnt bagger me or i will shuv my exile up ur ass o btw both r on uswest
12 Oct 2008, 03:33
hey if ne1 nds a shako its on nl 123 defence no rune in it (yet) msg killfvck on diablo n if u aint nl f**k off
30 Sep 2008, 09:20
lam cach nao hack duoc nhan vat cap cao
20 Sep 2008, 06:31
Griffon?s Eye w/ Um
Eschuta?s Temper w/ Light Die Facet
?Chains of Honor?
Arachnid Mesh
2 x Stone of Jordan
Mara?s Kaleidoscope
Hellfire Torch

*+17 to All Skills (Plus Grand Charms)
*+40% Lightning Damage/-25% Enemy Lightning Resistance

20 to,litechain,nova
1energy shield

all points on energy

9 lite gcs
9x 20 lifers

26 Aug 2008, 11:47
hi,....add me up lavitz_manuel
oi add nyu ko ahh pati na rin sa ym ganun din un ,
Sorceress nga pla ako sa diablo,.....heheheh mamaw na poe
03 Apr 2008, 02:21
Hey guys i need to know what the best kind of sorc to make is can someone plz tell me?
Quit Sucking
25 Mar 2008, 16:53
GlitcheR my Neesh.

Whats up, this is like the dankest build ever so stfu and listen. I?m tired of ppl asking; how can I mf? What build can I make for mf???? Stfu. Here?s the all out best mf build ever. I know by posting this im gonna totally wanna kill my self when there are 900 other glitchers out there rockin the shit outta MY MEPHS.

We are going to use the good old FK glitch that has just made a huge comeback for some lame reason. I don?t know why you nubs gotta perpetrate my territory but whatever.

1. Make a Blizz Sorc

a. Max Blizz
b. Max Ice Bolt
c. Max Glacial spike
d. Max Ice Blast
e. 1 in Telekinisis
f. 1 in warmth
g. 1 in Teleport?Duh
h. 1 in Static
i. Rest in Cold mastery

2. How to Lvl your noob ass

a. Get chant and go to full games and kill monsters in A1/this includes Trist until 15
b. Rush to Norm tombs and have someone kill all the shit in there for you, again , raid full games until 20
c. Norm cow time, make and have someone kill for you until 25
d. Ok time for your Hell Rush. Do everything except Mephisto Quest. VERY IMPORTANT
e. Now have someone Hell flayer you from 25 until ??? Exp is great all the way to 80?s so whatever you feel like?

3. What now?

a. Load RA 3.3
b. Join Full game and Press Q. Look at the guardian; make SURE you cannot complete the quest in this game. This build ABSOLUTELY REVOVLES around not getting the Mephisto Quest in Hell Difficulty.
c. Tele to mephisto
d. Time to EZ him? Run right under him and Blizz, while your blizz is doing dmg switch to Static and shock the crap out of him. When blizz quits, Cast it again, then back to static! Last teeny tiny bit o life, just blizz again then BLAST him with whatever you want, glacial spike, ice blast, whatever.
e. Check your inventory when he dies and bate to all your godlies.
16 Jan 2008, 15:28
hey lol
30 Sep 2007, 23:27
AznVicOz Bear Sorc Pvp Guild

This is A Enchantress Melee PVP SORC!!!
THat uses the Rune WORD BEast To turn into a bear and uses Main Weapon to Attack at THE CAP SPEED OF A BEAR DURID!!!

So its Much Faster Than those Builds With a Zealing Melee SORc, and COntains Much MOre Life and Much Much More DEF!!!

Even Own its Brother ( Fire Claww Durid ) :D

My Bear SOrc reached 3.4 k life with a ES with no mana Added to take some more extra damg :D

Have fun reading this Unqie Build.

When Naked at lv 80
Stats -
Dex -(add till Max Block) 218 with item
Vita- THe ResT GO HERE
Eng- NON


-Ik GLove (set combo 25% Speed & Ar )
-IK Belt (Ik set combo 45 Str 20 dex)
-6os PB 5 Sheal 1 Eth
-Storm Sheild -UM ed
-Shako -Cham ed
-Eth Bug 2os Predruce Arm 2.7k def +
-Eth Trek Boots
-Anglic Ammy /2 Ring

- Any sprite Sheild
- CTA in Stash To Switch

What To Carry***
-FULL FIRE GC With Fhr/life/Str
-A decent Anni
-A decent Sorc Torch***
-Fill Rest With 20 Lifers with AR BEst


20 Warmth
20 Enchant
20 FireMastry
1Charge Bolt (pre Req)
1Lighting (pre Req)
1 Tele
1 telencikeis
1 Enrgey Sheild
20 Shilver Armor
1Ice Bolt (pre Req)
1Chilling Armor(pre Req)

This Build takes Down Any Melee
char that Have ONLY 75 FIre RESIST

Any THING OVER 75 Resist Will be UNkillABLE ^-^ V

But If they Got Trash Resist Like 25
it can take out 5k Life Hammer din
in 2 hit which is 8 frames (less than half a SECOND!!)

This char can always gets you the
"WOW WTF?" & "damm CRAZYY"
comments :D

and Have FUn dueling WIth it
OR EDIT it and stuff

Can contact me for Questions or Advise:

19 Sep 2007, 19:55
i will give you 1 hr for your terks
08 Aug 2007, 13:24
dont forget to carry the 15 or so small %7 mf charms in inventory!
23 Jul 2007, 13:51
blaze??? half the monsters in hell andy r f**kin fire immune stupid just tele up to andy n fball the f**k outta her take drops n exit. its dat ez dont waste tyme on fire immunes...
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