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Non-Player Characters (NPCS)
Act I: The Dwellers in the Rogue Encampment
Act II: The Denizens of Lut Gholein
Act III: The Inhabitants of Kurast
Act IV: The Citizens of the Pandemonium Fortress
Act V: The Defenders of Harrogath

Act I: The Dwellers in the Rogue Encampment

Akara Akara
Rogue Priestess, is a formal woman, who intones rather than speaks. She is naturally suspicious of outsiders, but needs your help.

Heals - Akara will refill your Life, Mana and Stamina for free.

Trade - Sells Staves, Scepters, Wands, Tomes, Scrolls, Keys, and Potions.

Charsi Charsi
The Rogue Blacksmith, is a somewhat slow-witted simple country gal, but anger enters her voice when she mentions demons.

Repair - Repair damaged Weapons and Armor for a price.

Trade - Sells Armor, Weapons, Bolts, and Arrows.

Deckard Cain Deckard Cain
A Horadrim sage, schooled in the most arcane history and lore, who can advise you.

Deckard Cain is trapped in Tristram. Once rescued he will:

Identify Items - Cain will Identify all of the unidentified Items in your Inventory. If you fail to Rescue Cain before you complete Act I, Cain will be rescued by the Rogues but will always charge you 100 Gold to identify items (in that difficulty level) because you failed him! =]
Flavie Flavie
Warns of dangers beyond the Den of Evil.

Gheed Gheed
A traveling merchant whose speech reeks of flowers.

Trade - Sells Armor, Weapons, Bolts, Arrows, and Keys.

Gamble - For a price, Gheed will sell you an unidentified item. Once purchased, the item will be identified and you will see what item you received.

Kashya Kashya
The Rogue Mercenary Captain, is hard-as-nails. She doesn't shy from talking about blood and gore. She is a bit impatient and curt until you win her trust.

Hire - Allows you to hire Rogues once you have defeated Blood Raven or have reached level 9.
Warriv Warriv
The tall, Arabic-looking Caravan Leader, is a dour adage-sayer.

Go East - Allows you to travel to Act II once Act I has been completed.

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13 Sep 2009, 05:02
if you guys keep checking this post and havent found out anything yet, yes, there will be a diablo 3, but not until late 2010 or 2011
12 May 2008, 16:36
over the years,i have enjoyed playing diablo 2 & the expansion..i'm just wondering,will there be diablo 3?
24 Oct 2007, 01:11
Hay guy i play Diablo 2 Warcraft 3 and World of Warcraft was i just wanted to know if you were making a Diablo 3???
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