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| botNET | beta v0.5.0.x | botNET Bots | botNET MultiKilla |
| botNET Utilities | botNET Libraries | botNET Applications |

botNET Utilities

DekToP's AutoTele 0.4.0
[354 Kb]

AutoTele 0.4.0 : Utility will Autotele on command. Lick me if you like it.
[22 Kb]

This module creates and updates a single xml file with all of your character and item information. The xml output can be viewed with the provided HierarchyTable.xml example, or make your own views. The provided view is compatible with IE6 and Firefox brosers.

Oz.Inventory can be set up to iterate through all your chracters or can passively take inventory as you play them with no effect on game play.

Finally the xml output can easily be imported into your assemblies and used by your bot as a reference regarding other characters and accounts.

Release 1.0:
Current release.
AgIt - by Agfonzo
[328 Kb]

A similar utility to ProcureIt to aid in the item pick-up process. Provides an easy to use Graphical User Interface for setting up configuration files, and sufficient documentation for easy implementation by developers.
mapNET Ultra 2.0.0
[264 Kb]

mapNET is a simple maphack like dll. Right now it is very basic, but does support showing monsters on screen and revealing your current area ONLY. hit the + key on the keypad to reveal your current area. As i get more time, it will drastically improve as I add many many many features.

Unip the file into your Assemblies folder, and type .load mepnet to load, or add mapnet to your sutoload file.

mapNET only works on 0.4.1 and greater.
BobbyJayBlack's AutoSkills
[4 Kb]

AutoSkills is a Utilities dll that can cast your skills 1 by 1.

No more having to press F5, right click, F6, right click, F7 rightclick.

You simply press F5 or any button with a preset Skill and it will autocast it and goto the next skill you specified in the AutoSkills.XML file.

You can specify individual Character Skills (Barbarian, Amazon, Sorceress, and so on) or you can make All Characters use the same cast sequences.
Wye's AutoTarget 1.0
[11 Kb]

- This is a Diablo utility built on the BotNET platform.
- It will map your "E" key to a auto target functionality.
- When this key is pressed while your character is in a game and out of town, he will automatically attack nearest player/monster using the LEFT skill.
- He will attack only once per key clicked.
- The first priority has any hostile player nearby.
- If no hostile player is found, then the nearest monster is targeted.
- Every time a player/monster is targeted, his name will be printed on client side screen.
- I use this utility with my charge pally to own almost anyone in PvP :D. After 500 duels I made using this utility, I can tell you that no player will suspect that you are targetting him from far away. They just think that you have good mouse clicking skills :)
- Also the clicking madness in Diablo is over with this utility even in PvM.
- Just press "E" again and again, and the character will choose monsters automatically and attack them.

botNET core version 0.4.0 RC4, should work with 0.4.0 or higher versions
lord2800's SpamBlocker v0.1.1.0
[9 Kb]

Spam filtering tool which uses regular expressions to block text. Works for both chat and in game.

since 0.1.0:
Entire rewrite of the command structure. It's now more flexible and shows help on every single invalid option.
Added reverse filtering. You may now block all but certain messages.
Added account filtering. You may now block all messages from certain accounts.
Made reverse and account filtering use regex-based matching.
Fixed the overhead bug when a shrine uses an overhead message or the message has no originating character.
Fixed several command-related bugs.
Added a spam message to advertise spamblocker and botNET(it's blocked on your end, don't worry, you'll never see it).
Wye's Inventory Dumper v 1.1
[19 Kb]

This is a Diablo bot based on the botNET platform.
This bot will auto-login to all specified accounts and produce and HTML file as output, containing all items found in the characters.
You can toggle all items details by clicking on the checkbox at the top of the page. Also you can toggle details for a particular item by clicking on the name.
So far, it checks for items in inventory, stash and cube.
TODO: Add extra stats (waiting on mattlant to add to the core)

botNET core version 0.4.0 RC4, should work with 0.4.0 or higher versions
Screens 0.7.1
[17 Kb]

This assembly will touch or perm every character on every account indicated in the configuration file. This bot comes with a source project. Works with multiple windows for faster perming.

New features in Release 1.3:
- Modified to work easliy with multiple windows. Assign accounts to different windows/cd-keys and perm faster!

[10 Kb]

Item pickup library that uses an INI file with a structure similar to PickIt/Snagit.

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31 Jul 2008, 05:52
How do like set up the far cast? i see few people do it i know its not a hot keys like can i get some tips how to get it installed and set up???please.
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