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Rare Items
Some magic items radiate energy beyond that of a simple enchanted item. Although much less common, these rare items are significantly more powerful than standard magically enhanced items. A Rare item is distinguished by a yellow title when highlighted.

Rare Items are really just Magic Items with more than one Magical Prefix/Suffix with a special name.

The names of Rare Items are not connected to their stats, so their name is not helpful in describing what stats might be on a Rare Item. The names are randomly generated, however, some names will not appear with some prefixes and suffixes.

Rare Items have 2 to 6 magical properties or Magic Prefixes or Magic Suffixes.

Since Rare Items can have 2 to 6 random magical properties, the range of magical properties is random, and the name is random, Rare items are pretty unique. Although it may be possible to find two Rare items with the same stats, chances are it will have a different name. It is theoretically possible for two Rare items with the same stats and name to exist however it is pretty unlikely. Because of this, a complete list of Rare Items cannot be listed.

Each magical property picked will have a 50/50 chance of being a Prefix and a Suffix, but there will never be more than 3 Prefixes or 3 Suffixes on the same Rare Item.

A Prefix or Suffix will never be picked more than once.

Only one Prefix or Suffix will be picked per Prefix or Suffix group. This means for example, if the Prefix Wyrm (+41-60 Mana) is chosen, Dragon's (+31-40 Mana) will not also be chosen since it belongs to the same Prefix +Mana group. Prefixes and Suffixes of the same types (such as Magic Find, Light Radius, Attack Rating) can be chosen. Only members of the same group cannot be chosen.

Selecting Prefixes/Suffixes in drops from Monsters
When picking Prefixes and Suffixes, it will, among those that can occur on the specific base item being created, randomly choose from all those that have a qlvl<=ilvl+2.

qlvl= The Level of the Magic Prefix or Magic Suffix. Look on those pages for the level listed next to each item.

The ilvl is defined as the Monster Level for monsters. Consult the Monster Section for Monster Levels.

Selecting Prefixes/Suffixes in Gambling
When selecting which Magic Prefixes/Suffixes are available to be Gambled, the level of the Magical Prefix/Suffix is checked against the randomly chosen value in the range of +6 Levels/-3 levels of your character's level. So a Magic item with a Prefix level of 90 would be available at Character Level 84. The chance of getting that item also becomes better at higher Character Levels. Remember, Circlets have a Magic Level bonus, which is added to the maximum item level you can receive on that item. Note: this does not affect non-Circlet items when you are wearing a Circlet.

Selecting Prefixes/Suffixes in Imbuing
Imbue is a quest reward. You receive one Imbue per Difficulty level after you complete the quest. You can save your Imbue for later if you wish. To use it, you must create a game or join a game on the same difficulty, so create/join a Normal Difficulty game to use your "Normal Imbue".

Imbue creates a new rare item out of the base item you want to imbue. The stats of the base item do not matter as the item used is only used to determine what type of rare item will result from an Imbue. Any properties of the old item are lost when the new rare item is created. Having a Superior Item, such as a piece of armor with higher Defense does not matter since the item is only used in determining what type of Rare item is created. Therefore, it is possible to get a lower Defense on a piece of armor or equipment if you do not receive an "Enhanced Defense" Magical Prefix.

For the best result you might want to save your Imbue for later. It's up to you to decide. If you save your Imbue you can find the best type of item to imbue such as Ornate Plate vs a lower quality armor. Also you might want to wait until your character level is such that all Magical Prefixes and Suffixes are available. As to which item to Imbue, you might want to pick an item type you're unlikely to upgrade often such as Belts, Boots, and so on. We'll leave the decision to you.

The Rare item will be created in the same way as any other Rare Item is created. The level of magical properties selected is set to Character Level + 6. So higher level characters will have more Magical Prefixes and Suffixes options available to them which may explain why higher level characters receive "better" stuff. This also explains why low level Imbues often result in "junk" stats. Remember, Circlets can increase the Character Level.

Selecting Prefixes/Suffixes in drops from Chests
We do not have nor expect to receive data in this area.

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10 Mar 2009, 18:40
if you nid help add me on your msn ok. i now how to hack on line multi mack sowds
03 Jan 2009, 21:59
27 Jun 2008, 19:34
Carlos lindo
01 Mar 2007, 23:02
what are some ez cheats for single player
bling bling
08 Jan 2007, 12:57
i really want a soj how do i get 1

if u know how can u plz tell me at
black rider
12 Dec 2006, 06:25
Then I told her "Lady...U on crack.."
87 > 97 hammers lol
24 Oct 2006, 10:49
q_hammer gt pawnd by my lvl 87 hammer lol

yeh uping a rare items wif hi's or jewel is good

my trap sin gt a 3soc 3lite claw n its gt a 3 5.5lite facets on it lol
29 Sep 2006, 02:47
just checing
28 Jul 2006, 04:15
01 Jul 2006, 07:16
the bonus is interesting when u find normal item w/ hell quality in hell

u jus have to up thems to get nice items for cheap.

Ps : go socket thems and put great jewels :P

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