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Diablo 2 The Secret Cow Level
Diablo II The Secret Cow Level

The History of the Secret Cow Level
Many players of the original Diablo will remember the mysterious rumor that there was a Secret Cow Level. The story went that by clicking on a specific cow in Tristram a certain number of times, you could access a wondrous place known as the Secret Cow Level. There was, of course, no Cow Level in Diablo, but the legend was born. When StarCraft was released, it featured a cheat code, "There is no cow level". This was our way of officially confirming that there was, in fact, no Secret Cow Level. During the production of Diablo II, gamers often asked if there would be any cows to battle in the game. On April 1st, 1999, a Diablo II Screenshot of the Week featured cows fighting. People wondered if the screenshot was an April Fool's joke or if there really was a Secret Cow Level planned for Diablo II. When Diablo II was released, a quest item called The Horadric Cube allowed players to combine items to create new items. It wasn't long before players were experimenting with Cube combinations, hoping to find the keys to unlock new and powerful secrets. Eventually a recipe was discovered that revealed the most anticipated secret of them all -- the Secret Cow Level in Diablo II!

Traveling to the Secret Cow Level
To access the Secret Cow level, you must first kill Baal. After you have killed Baal (making sure the quest has been completed), you can access the Secret Cow Level for that difficulty level.

Go to the Rogue Encampment in Act I. Place one Tome of Town Portal + Wirt's Leg into the Horadric Cube and hit the Transmute button. A Red Portal will now open to the Secret Cow Level. You must transmute this combination in the Rogue Encampment for the portal to open. If you hear a message, "I can't do that" then you are doing something wrong. Make sure you have completed the last quest in Act V, that you have placed the correct items in the Horadric Cube, and that you are transmuting the items in the correct location.

Wirt's Leg can be secured in Tristram. Wirt's body is located in the top left quadrant of the town. Click on Wirt's body and, amid a shower of gold, his Leg will drop on the ground. Don't worry if you have been there before and forgot to get the Leg -- you can always go back and get another one by returning to the Stony Field and entering the Red Portal into Tristram.

Once you have Wirt's Leg, return to the Rogue Encampment and put it and a Tome of Town Portal into your Horadric Cube. The Tome does not need to be filled to work, so if you do not want to use the Tome you have filled with 20 Town Portals, you can simply buy an almost empty one from Akara.

[ Click to Enlarge - 85 KB ]

[ Click to Enlarge - 68 KB ]

Finally, it is IMPORTANT to know that you can only open the Portal to the Secret Cow Level ONCE per Difficulty level. If anyone in your party kills the Cow King, you will not be able to open another portal. You will, however, be able to enter a Portal opened by someone else in a Multiplayer game if they open it for you.

Secret Cow Level Tips
The Secret Cow Level can be very easy or very hard depending on your class, and what skills you use. The first thing you will notice is there are a LOT of cows. Exploring is not a wise idea, as you will quickly have an unbelievable number of Cows on your trail. Try to avoid being surrounded by the Cows at all costs.

Use area effect spells if possible, such as the Necromancer's Corpse Explosion. The Sorceress can employ Fire Wall, Chain Lightning, Frozen Orb or Blizzard to great effect. Barbarians can use Grim Wards, Howl and Whirlwind. Amazons can use Cold Arrows, Decoy and Valkyrie to keep the Cows at bay. Paladins can use Conversion and their Thorns aura.

Try to stay in one area until you kill all of the cows in a pack. Try to not run around too much until you have cleared out the cows in your area or you run the risk of attracting too many cows.

Opening another Town Portal of your own is highly advised. The biggest danger of the Secret Cow Level is in training (leading) a large number of Cows back to the Red Portal, and then dying. If you die next to this Portal, you will most likely be unable to enter the Secret Cow Level since so many Cows will make short work of an unequipped adventurer. If you have cast another Town Portal located elsewhere in the level, then you can re-enter and lure the Cows away from your corpse. When first entering the Secret Cow Level, a good strategy is to immediately run a medium distance in a straight line, away from the Red Portal. Once you have done this, open up your own Town Portal. This way, if you die, you will now be able to enter either the Red Portal or your other Town Portal to get back to your body.

[ Click to Enlarge - 73 KB ]

[ Click to Enlarge - 71 KB ]

The leader of the Cows is the Cow King. He is a Lightning Enchanted, Unique Boss. If you can kill him, he may drop something special. The Cow King can be difficult to recognize because of his similar appearance to the other cows. You will know you have found him when he releases his bovine Lightning Bolts. He is often found near his Corral of Corruption, a wooden, fort-like structure.

[ Click to Enlarge - 87 KB ]

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Pinkie Pie
28 Sep 2011, 09:09
Oh, grace, grace...
You underestimate the power of the ponies.
07 Aug 2011, 19:49
Can you do it in other levels? I saw one at Act 4's terrain
07 Aug 2011, 19:37
It wouldn't work for me, after I killed Baal in Hell. Again...
06 Aug 2011, 04:23
i am playing diablo2 single player with amazon and i completed my normal level after killing baal, but when i heard about writs leg then i gone back to the stoney filed (tristram) but i didnt find wtits leg there.
so please help me to find out writs leg
11 Jul 2011, 14:11
now, i can help you get uber trisam done with these cows. its easy if your a summon necromancer ( like me ) can use revive and completely own! Act4's monsters help a lot too, but this is a comment on the cow level not uber trisam. So, how to level is...
When your about to go into it in hell mode type in:
/players 8
This makes ALL monsters in the game 450% harder to kill, but you get 450% more experience. Killing cows are EASY, and even a little CHEAP. In normal, i found over 15 rare items and 5 sets. i found a Thul rune and ral, and even a sol and anm rune in NORMAL. DON'T KILL THE COW KING!!!!! this is even better than getting contress and faster if if you don't have tellaport or enigma. so you get BETTER loot from the cows. good luck killing those cows!
02 Jul 2011, 06:26
Why i cant open cow level? i have kill baal have leg and portals try to open it in rogue camp normal mode but nothing. Can someone help me?
27 Apr 2011, 15:47
12 Mar 2011, 01:47
HAHAHAHAHA DID U FAGS READ DARK_KRUSADER'S POST? HE TAKES D2 SERIOUSLY LOLOLOLOLOL. Fucker probably buys items from d2items.com or something. What a faggot.
01 Feb 2011, 20:11
he cant play his hacked shit online, so dont worry=)
30 Jan 2011, 02:08
@Mastermedic - You are such a bullshitter lawl - You only get 5 stat points per level X that by 100 = 500 stat points. So if you have 12k HP & 1000 of every stat point. You would need to be atleast level 1000. Which isn't possible. So stop hacking & play diablo normally scrub.
07 Jan 2011, 12:10
if you have an installer of diablo 2 v. 1.00 ... uninstall your higher version of diablo 2 and install v. 1.00 you can access to secret cow level unlimited even if you kill the cow king.
26 Dec 2010, 14:52
i finish this game long before and i started it agian now i have a level 80+ character which is new and finish the game at all difficulty now i encounter this problem i can't acess the secret cow level...this is my 4th time to finish this game and this is the first time i encounter this...can someone give me a answer i just want to my friend to enjoy this secret cow level
23 Nov 2010, 23:02
f**k you nerds
31 Oct 2010, 16:54
my dad is better at this game then i am!!! but i was looking and now i have to tell my dad that the cow level is very very very very easy!!!
ya and i get to watch him kill cows and stuff!!! and i hope in D3 they have a cow and chicken levels!!!
and more people to play as!!!
i want the power to fly and kill things and not touch me!!!! that would be awesome!!!!

free cake, free cake, free cake!!!!
03 Aug 2010, 22:48
Be warned traveler, if you harm my cow king, I will kill you. This is not a joke, I take my D2 very seriously.

Note to char editor users: You can slurp my slimy cock. Thanks.
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