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Wolf's Pvp/pvm Hybrid Zon by Wolf-Strong
Pvp Bowzon Guide! by Phuck_legitZ
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20 Nov 2008, 16:25
Iprefer my passive zon lvl 91 only got ga but u cant beat her

just put 20 skills on dea n 5 on crit

i got full res n sorbs for element duelers

i will own you easily.
10 Nov 2008, 09:03
10 Nov 2008, 09:01
Str Dont stat ur char until u have reached at least lvl 75
U must count on 20 stats from torch,anni, thundergods, titans. And gloves.. but when ur char has items on he should have no less and no more than 176 str.
Dex Keep your dex updated as you lvl up (75 block is a must)
Vita Put the rest of the poins here
Energi None

Helm Griffon 15/20 with a 5-5 light facet die (must)
Amulet Maras 30 (must)
armor Coh dusk or archon 15 ed (must)
Shields shitty spirit for ur cta… monarch -20/20 light 15 ed////phoenix 400 ed (when ur not dueling)
weapon Titans eth 195+ed upg and a cta 66x.. i use 664 but the 4 is worthless(must)
belt 200 ed thundergods
rings Bk 5ll////raven 20 24x ar
gloves Forrget about shitty 3 java 20 ias… use 2 java 20 ias+str and res stats
Boots Use sandstorm eth 15/xx
Charms Anni 20/15+/xx…. Torch 2020…. Java skillers 7-9
NOT under 20 life… and 20/5 life @ res sc’s… if u cant afford them then use 5@ res sc’s 7-9
When ur are done and have done anyta quests.. u should have max res…. U should at least have 30 res over max… in case u die… because of the anyta bug (u loose all the anyta res once u die in a duel)(u dont see it but u do…. If u want example try to get a fire sorc to hit u after u have died once.. then rejoin and let her hit u one time again… u’ll see…)

When u are done and full full eq on and charms on u should have 176 str while using titans…. When u switch to bo u’ll have 156 str….since titans gives 20 str.. u dont get that bonus while boing…
Now the skills…. Do it right or u’ll ruin this char…
Do them in this order

Critical strike 1
Penetrate 1
Dogde, avoid and evade 1
Remembers only 1 to all of these skills…

BOW SKILLS 0 points

Java skills (the rest)
1 jab
20 to power strike
1 to poison javelin
(read the buttom) to lightning bolt 1
1 to plage javelin
20 to charget strike
20 to lightning fury
20 to lightning strike
And when u have done this begin maxing lightning bolt.
…. Before this char is full skilled u’ll need lvl 98…
Buts its godly trust me… atm my is lvl 88.. and own all in duels…. And those my ama cant beat (range attackers)… my godly light soso owns em…
Ag King
25 Aug 2008, 19:35
This website really needs some more character builds for the amazon and druid..
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