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Wolf's Pvp/pvm Hybrid Zon

I've been working on zons for a long time now, and have had some very good success. Personally i use this zon mainly just for clan dueling, so you might find it a little interesting.

Str=135(enough for wf w/o charm display bug or chance to pop)
Dex=The Rest(yes this is a dex zon)

Crit Strike=15
Penetrate=The rest after maxing Guided Arrow
Multi Shot=1-5
Guided Arrow=Max after passive skill tree is done

Helm=Mavs helm(40/15ias), or Jewelers tiara/diadem of whale(120/45ias)
Weapon1=09 WF(40/15ias if you use gloves w/o ias, otherwise use Um/Ber/Ohm, or 40/15max) or 08 if you dont like using dupes. Also a CMBE(40/15ias/whatever you need) is a good bow to use for close in duels. WF is better for long range.
Weapon2=Eth Titans/awsome rare javas
Shield=09/1.1 StormShield(-req/resis jewel)
Armor=160/60ias archon of whale
Ammy=Atmas/Cats eye
Gloves=Draculs Grasp, IK gloves, Sigons Gloves, or ias/resis/dex/+skill crafted blood gloves
Ring1=Raven Frost
Ring2=Blood ring with godly mods, or a ring with absorb/resis/stats/lifeleach
Belt=Verdungo's or String of ears
Boots=Gores, IK boots, Sigons Boots, or boots with resis/stats/fhr/frw

Get as many resis/life charms as you need to stay alive, then you can start investing in some damage/ar/life charms to boost your jab dmg/ar and GA dmg. The main point of the charms is to get resis and life since your stats and equip lack this. While i DO NOT recomend poison, it is still viable. The reason i say not to relly on poison is becuase you are a dex zon, so most of you damage will come from phisical dmg. If you wanted to go out on poison i'd recomend a vit zon. GET AT LEAST 650+life from charms!

The point of this zon is to be able to stand back with your team, let them go out and tank the other team while your massive damage tears them to shreds. Even a Necro's bone armor will soon realize the full potential of this build when he looses his armor in 1-2 hits! I am not kidding you when i say i have gotten this zon to do 6k guided arrow damage with all phisical dmg. useing a Demon Limb might be helpful when you find the use for jab. Jab should be used for vs. lightly armored casters and other zons. Overall this zon should have about 1.5k hp, 2k+jab dmg, 5-6k GA dmg, 10-20K+ jab ar(depending on your equipment/charms), and 75+resis in hell. When your about to be hit, ALWAYS switch to your javas/shield for extra +skills to your evasion moves, resis, and DR!

If you plan to solo PK with this zon then I recomend using these strats:

Stay back, and learn how to shoot...These duels are all based on who is more experienced with zons so keep at it! Doesnt matter what type of zon it is, java or bow, its all about who knows how to duel better.

Trappers are easy unless they use corners and houses. In this case try to stay out of their range and snipe them out. Other than that trappers tend to be easy since you have better range then them and you can dodge their traps. WW sins are VERY hard. Make sure when your not shooting you have your shield out to block their WW! You MUST try to keep your distance. Once you got your distance, the KB from WF or stun from the speed of the mat bow with your mass damage will take them out quick then.

Bone Necros are perhaps one of your easier duels. Your arrows are faster, can hit harder(due to Crit Strike), and seek him out. If he gets in close just use guided arrow on him because while he tries to shoot you, you will dodge, and his bone armor wont take many hits. Poison necros are basically the same thing except you have to be quick, and may want to shoot a few multi's from a distance to take off his bone armor or such.

These can be either very hard, or very easy. If the barb doesnt have much dr, and no shield, and is a WW barb, then you shouldnt have much of a problem as long as you have your shield out when he comes around to WW you. As for Frenzy barbs, you have to try and hit them from a distance and hope you can kill them before they can get close enough to you.

If your up against a charger just plan on loosing These guys are tough unless you got the range on them. If they get in close, try running around some holes in the ground to stop them so you can turn around and fire. Other than that FoHers are easy because you dodge them so easily, same goes for hammerdins. Smiters can be a pain, but just treat them as you would a necromancer, ocassionaly taking a step back and firing.

I LOVE dueling these gals! without a doubt your easiest duel. They try to blizzard you, you just move away and dodge everything and take them out in a few hits. Fireball sorcs are just antoher zon to you, and Lighting sorcs shoud be treated like javazons

Melee druids, their a joke, next:
Elemental druids are very hard. Try to multi them, then when they get in close switch to your shield and run, then multi. Keep on repeating until his minions are dead. Then when he tries to resummon them, run in to about 2 screens away and guided arrow him out. Strafe also works well here.


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