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Learn more about [Set Basics].

Normal Sets
Angelic Raiment
Arcanna's Tricks - Sorceress Set
Arctic Gear - Amazon Set
Berserker's Arsenal - Barbarian Set
Cathan's Traps - Sorceress Set
Civerb's Vestments
Cleglaw's Brace
Death's Disguise
Hsarus' Defense
Infernal Tools - Necromancer Set
Iratha's Finery
Isenhart's Armory
Milabrega's Regalia - Paladin Set
Sigon's Complete Steel
Tancred's Battlegear
Vidala's Rig - Amazon Set
LOD: Normal/Exceptional/Elite Sets
Aldur's Watchtower - Druid Set
Bul-Kathos' Children - Barbarian Set
Cow King's Leathers
The Disciple
Griswold's Legacy - Paladin Set
Heaven's Brethren
Hwanin's Majesty
Immortal King - Barbarian Set
M'avina's Battle Hymn - Amazon Set
Natalya's Odium - Assassin Set
Naj's Ancient Vestige - Sorceress Set
Orphan's Call
Sander's Folly
Sazabi's Grand Tribute
Tal Rasha's Wrappings - Sorceress Set
Trang-Oul's Avatar - Necromancer Set

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20 Feb 2010, 22:44
where do u find the rest of singon's set i need the armor and helm where?????
05 Oct 2009, 00:55
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suck my dick fag
14 Feb 2009, 08:42
26 May 2008, 19:21
where can i find set items for lod.
24 Mar 2008, 04:17
try to wear all equipment which have "% better change getting magic items" together. Make it 100% better change and you will get many items(magic, rare, unique, set items).
Try to defeat bosses, the changes are greater.
this is not england
04 Mar 2008, 06:50
hi can anyone hlp ? i n 2 find out how 2 make a hammer that actually owns cos these manuals suck...
Ag King
25 Jan 2008, 17:02
Set Items Suck
17 Dec 2007, 18:31
give a good Questions, ideas, problems, wishes people .. stop shouting others .. remember what this "place do" .. if you don't know how to comment, my advise STAY AWAY!
your mama
06 Dec 2007, 09:01
where's the Bul-Katho's children set?
05 Nov 2007, 15:49
does haveing 2 angelic rings along with the rest of the set give an extra 50%??

12 Oct 2007, 00:22
are there spacific spots were there are always rare set items(like sig)i hear that there is in the cow lvl?
21 Jul 2007, 15:22
i can comment on every comment you people have made and will:first is did you say debug please respond next is alidbgabguy calling some one a bitch probebly wont earn there respect let alone get you set items again next is michael,i have nothing to say about that one next is warlock you were kind enough to answer his question?your good in my book next is mike....Your what i call a lazy noob find them yourself next is moffo i have a lvl 98 barb,now whos the idiot you noob next is bone crusher GREAT QUESTION!the answer?it depends on how you make the charactor there is no real best.that should be enough now i know your going to respond back,probebly in a rude fashion do what you must for you cant hurt me in any way.
bone crusher
02 Jul 2007, 09:58
whats the best character on this game
26 Jun 2007, 23:23
U re all idiots!
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