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Diablo II Quests
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Diablo 2 Act II: The Secret of the Vizjerei
Diablo II Act 2: The Secret of the Vizjerei

Radament's Lair Radament's Lair

In the sewers below Lut Gholein lurks a horrid creature that hungers for human flesh. The creature has killed many including Atma's son and husband. If you destroy it she will reward you.

Given by Atma.

Tip: Search the Sewers below Lut Gholein.

The Horadric Staff The Horadric Staff

Cain tells you that The Horadric Mages, after binding Baal within Tal Rasha, magically sealed off his Burial Chamber from the mortal realm. Those same Mages also crafted fearsome Horadric Staves and imbued them with the special power to open the Chamber's hidden door.

After nearly losing one to the thievery of a rogue sorcerer, they divided all the Horadric Staves into two parts - wooden shaft and metal headpiece - hiding them separately to safeguard them.

The Horadrim foresaw our current plight and designed the hiding places to reveal themselves to worthy heroes like you.

Collect both parts of a Horadric Staff and unite them using a Horadric Cube. Then, you may enter Tal Rasha's Burial Chamber.

Given by Cain after returning the Horadric Scroll that is found in Radament's Lair.

Tip: Search the Halls of the Dead for the Horadric Cube, search the Sand Maggot Lair for the Horadric Shaft, search the Claw Viper Temple for the Horadric Amulet. Find Tal Rasha's Burial Chamber.

The Tainted Sun The Tainted Sun

After entering the Lost City the sky turns dark. Drognan has been researching this phenomenon and believes it to be the work of the Claw Vipers. Find their temple beneath the desert sands and find the source of this curse.

Tip: Search the Lost City for a clue to the whereabouts of the Claw Vipers.

The Arcane Sanctuary The Arcane Sanctuary

Drognan has been researching the old records, trying to find the location of Tal Rasha's Tomb. Though he has not found the Tomb itself, he has a good lead for you. The great Vizjerei Summoner, Horazon, built his Arcane Sanctuary somewhere around here. He was a powerful spellcaster and kept demons as slaves within the Sanctuary. If you could find Horazon's Sanctuary, Drognan is sure it will hold some clue as to the Tomb's location. Drognan instructs you to talk to Lord Jerhyn who may know of a secret entrance or the like. Lord Jerhyn tells you that when the troubles began he allowed the terrified Harem guilds to join him within the safety of the palace. Once night screams echoed up the stairwells from the Harem. Jerhyn's guards found the poor girls being slaughtered by a merciless band of hell-spawned demons. His brave guardsman tried to push the demons back into the mysterious rift from which they came. However, they have been fighting a losing battle. Demons continue to pour through the rift into the palace. Jerhyn opens up the place for you to explore. Find the Arcane Sanctuary.

Given by Drognan and Lord Jerhyn after The Seven Tombs quest is activated.

Tip: Search the Palace for information about the Arcane Sanctuary.

The Summoner The Summoner

It seems the Summoner is impersonating Horazon in the Arcane Sanctuary. Kill him.

Given when you encounter the Summoner.

The Seven Tombs The Seven Tombs

Your many deeds of skill and bravery have convinced Jerhyn to trust you with something he has been hesitant to speak of... Drognan and Jerhyn have concluded that the Dark Wanderer who passed through here recently was Diablo, himself! Drognan believes that Diablo is searching the desert for the secret tomb where the great Horadrim, Tal Rasha, keeps Baal imprisoned. Find the True Tomb of Tal Rasha.

Given by Jerhyn after reaching level 20, or after having completed The Radament's Lair Quest, The Horadric Staff or the Tainted Sun Quest.

Tip: Find the Arcane Sanctuary and destroy the Summoner. Find the True Tomb of Tal Rasha.

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Danijel James
14 Feb 2010, 04:59
03 Oct 2009, 15:39
that last qest is really shit:(

24 Mar 2009, 01:46
I cannot kill Tal Rasha and have tried for one week...can someone please advise. I am level 26 Barbarian

13 Sep 2008, 20:53
Hey. I'm playing Diablo2 on my Mac. I've completed the game several times before on my pc. for some reason, I can't get to Duriel in Act2 anymore. I got there once, when he almost killed me so I saved and exited. Now there's no whole in Tal Rasha's chamber leading to the tomb itself. any help would be appreciated.

08 Jul 2008, 21:29
diablo2 is awsome i've almost beaten the last diffictulty. and you all need to make a diablo3. it would be the game of the year and you all would make millions.
nguyen nhat huy
09 Jun 2008, 09:46
can may ban chj lam wets diblo trong moi the gioi khac nhau nha..... Thanks
07 Nov 2007, 15:46
Is it possible to download the staff for the last quest?
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