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Pvp - Plague - Javazon - Guide


I started out making a Plague Javazon for PVP because in all my time dueling, I have never ran into one. I have always wondered why that is, because they can reach some pretty insane poison damage. I made one just to screw around with it, but found to my total surprise, that once I got into PK games, I was actually beating most of the people I was dueling against. With more practise, it became clear to me that this build is dominant, and should be exploited more by other people. I've had a lot of fun with it, and now I want to share it with everyone else so they can enjoy it as much as I have. DO NOT underestimate the Plagazon


- PVP Plagazons duel different classes in different ways. Sometimes you need to be aggressive and attack, but most times you need to be defensive and run. If you don't like the running away aspect of pvp characters, then this isn't the one for you. Some characters are runners, and some are attackers. Plagazons for the most part are runners.

- The optimal build requires some items that happen to also have absorb on them. If you are the type that duels in circles where no absorb is allowed, you may want to either not make one, or just use the non-absorb options I will give. It is just the 1 raven frost, and T-gods you need to worry about, but some circles don't allow even them.

- The character isn't the most expensive to make by far, but I wouldn't say it's cheap either. If your making your first pvp character, chances are this isn't the one to make, because the gear can be hard to get for beginners. Not overly expensive, but hard to find people who have them.

Best part about it

- You know how for most PVP characters, you're always a little concerned who in the game hostiles you? If you're a kicker, you HATE when WW barbs hostile you. When you're a Barb, you HATE when hammerdins hostile you. When you're a Melee pally, you HATE when sorc's hostile you. When you're a zealot... Sigh, the poor zealots

- Well, the Plagazon can beat anyone in the game. No impossible duels, no worries. I don't ever find myself picking and choosing who I hostile in games. I will hostile anyone, anytime, and I don't care who hostiles me. You have a great chance to beat anyone who comes your way.

- Thats not to say you won't lose duels, because you will. Maybe a lot at first. Once you get the hang of it though, there isn't a character in the game you can't beat, at least sometimes. I know it's impossible to believe right now, but trust me, make one and get good at it. You'll see. Plagazons may not be the best, but it's about time they get the respect they deserve. In my opinion after dueling with one a lot, they are definitely in the top 5 build catagory for PVP. Now let's get started...

*** BEFORE I get started, I want to point out that in the two posts following this guide, I will give my exact gear, stats, skills, and everything about my Plagazon as a reference.

There will also be a full length thread on dueling strategies for every character you will face, in much the same fashion as my man U-god did for his WW sin guide. Check it out if your having trouble with certain classes.


I like to start with gear, because you need to know what your wearing before you can put your stats and skills in place. Gear is listed from best choice to remaining choices in order. The most attainable and standard build items are in Blue.


- Bramble. This is the best armor you can get. It adds massive poison damage, has 50% fast hit recovery, lots of poison and fire resist, and the all important thorns, which I will go into later.

- COH. 2 skills is very nice, and the resists are great. 20 str helps to keep your stats lower also

- Enigma. Again, 2 skills and the fast run walk is very nice to have. Big str, so you will have low base str

- Arkaine's Valor. This is a very nice +2 skill armor for the less rich. Cheap to buy these days and has massive life.

- Lionheart. The last armor I will list. It's a nice runeword armor for the not so rich, because it has great stats, big resists, and other useful mods


- Rare circlet. +2 skills, 30% FRW, str/dex, Resists, and open sockets. Ya right. For most people, including me, these are just too damn expensive. But they are the best so if you're rich, go for it.

- Shako. The trusty shako is actually the second best helm you can get for this build. 2 skills, 10% DR, and big life and mana. What more could you want. UM it for more resists, or throw a 5/-5 Poison facet in it if you don't need the resists.

Since shako is so cheap, no point listing any other helms here.

* Why not COA you ask? Well, a few reasons. It's way more expensive. It only has 1 skill. It has extra DR only if your coa is good, but with SS, DR is not needed anyway. It has FHR, but again, bramble and boots cover that almost on their own so no need. Resists probably won't be a problem for you, so no need there either. Lastly, when you lose the stats from your titans and Stormshield, you will not be able to equip a decent bow on weapon switch, so it will totally change the build. Overall, not nearly as good as the old shako


- T-gods. Best belt you can use because it has the added light fury, but also huge str/life and added Max to lightning resist

- Verdungo's. Since you already have 45% DR from ss and shako, you only need a min DR verdungo's. Try to get a 40/10 if you're planning to use one

- Razortail. 10 max damage, and 15 dexterity is nice, but really, it's the attacker takes damage of X mod that is the useful mod. Remember, often times people will have 1 life when they're hitting you. With this belt, they kill themselves if they're melee. Use this if you don't have Bramble for the thorns


- 20% ias, + 3/2 JAV skill gloves. The magic ones with +3 skills are probably best, but any 20 ias, +2 are your best option for gloves. You need the ias for your light fury throws to finish people off, and also you need 20% ias for your bow on switch to hit the next frame rate.

- Trang ouls. Use these until you get your good gloves. The 25% poison damage will add the same damage as your 2 jav skill will. So you're only missing the ias from them


- Duped Boots. If you're non ladder, the duped boots are always your best choice. FRW/FHR with resists. They are the best (if you don't use dupes, then choose below)

- Boots of your own (crafted or imbued). Most important mods your looking for in order are: Resists, FRW, FHR, Str, Dex

- Sandstorm Treks. 20% FRW/20% FHR and str and vit. These babies are nice, and cheap too.

RING #1:

- Raven frost. Manditory. Cannot freeze is absolutely required. So even if your raven is bad, wear it. (For non absorb dueling circles, you will have to Cham your helm or sheild. Trang ouls belt is also an option)

RING #2:

- BK ring. Don't worry about the leech, because it's nerfed in Pvp. Just get any BK ring.

- anything else with the following mods: Resists, dex/str, life/mana, AR.


- +2 Skill rare/crafted amulet. Same concept as the helm. If you're rich enough, go for it. Otherwise, see below.

- Mara's. Always Mara's. 2 skills, 5 stat points, and a very important boost to resists

- Any other crafted or rare amulet with mara like mods on it

- Cats eye. 20% ias, big dex, and lots of fast run walk. Nice if you don't have a Mara's yet.

- Highlords. 20% ias again, 1 skill, and some nice lightning resist


- Stormshield. A Must. No others listed here because you need the DR and Block rate from SS. They're cheap enough to get. Throw a P diamond in it, or Um if you want that last 3%


- Of course your going with Titans here. Remember, your plague javalin damage is not affected by your weapon ed, so normal cheapo's will be fine. ETH for the rich, to look cool though


- CTA Bow / Arrows. See Below for details on this option


- CTA / Lidless. Large bonus to life, and a 1 skill lvl bonus from command adds 5K damage.

The Big Question, Why Not a WF on Switch?

I've tried them both, and I find lightning fury to be a far better finisher for that last bit of life. Here are my reasons:

- Light fury is thrown in shield mode. Meaning you still block 75% while standing and throwing. This is what makes every melee character not be able to beat you. If you switch to bow, they will hit you a lot, and you will die.

- Arrows are slow. Most people either run faster, or teleport faster then guided arrow. But fury comes with speed. If you send one at someone, it's near impossible for them to move. If it's on line, it will hit them fast. It's a skill to aim, but it actually takes less time then you would think. Use mini map, and it's easy to aim and hit people off your screen

- No CTA on switch. I know you can BO and then switch, but you only have about 2 minutes after that. It's a super huge pain in the a$$ to keep switching. With lower life, your much more vulnerable. SEE THE CTA BOW ON SWITCH OPTION BELOW

- Bow and plague set ups are very different. It's not possible to get a good bow speed with ideal plagazon gear. Your guided arrow will shoot slower then $hit.


This is not an original idea from me, so I don't want to take the credit for it, but I have applied it to my Plagazon already. (got a 6 BO Grand Matron Cta bow) The idea is to make a CTA out of a Bow. That way, you will have the best of both worlds. You can use the Bow to BO yourself, and you can still use Lightning fury as your finishing move vs melee characters. Vs casters like Sorc's and Bone necro's, you can use the bow on switch as your finishing move for that last bit of life. It actually works a little better vs sorc's because once they're hit, they teleport pretty far away. Chase them and shell guided arrows in their direction. The damage will of course still be low, and the speed will be relatively slow, so don't expect to use it a lot. But to have that option, and only lose 1 skill level on the BO is probably worth it if you can afford it. Thanks No1r3 and Stargaming. Brilliant !!!


Inventory for Plagazons have 3 purposes. resists, fast Run walk, and poison damage

1) Max your resists in hell first with sc's on your bottom row and more if need be. With great gear, you won't need any sc's, but with average gear, you will need some

2) Make sure you have about 30-40% Extra Fast run walk in inventory. This will ideally be from your GC's with a FRW mod, but sc's work well too

3) The rest of inventory, fill up with JAV Skill GC's. For the rich, go with Fast run walk, or lifers. Plain ones work fine for the rest of you.

*** for the annihilus, if I had to choose, I would go with a high resist and lower stat one. Resists are more important here. Of course, a good one is best, but not an option for a lot of people.

Standard inventory will be as follows:

5 x JAV gc's wth life
5 x JAV gc's with fast run walk
9 x sc's with resists, or fast run walk, or both
1 annihilus


Here is a breakdown of the resists you will be getting with the gear I have recommended. Remember, 75% in ALL resists is a very good idea in public games.

30% from anya quests
10-20% from annihilus
20-30% from mara's
15% from um in helm
19% from P diamond in SS
100% poison from Bramble
30% fire from Bramble
25% light from SS
60% cold from SS
Whatever resists are on your boots

All those things should bring you pretty close to max resists in hell. Fill out your inv with SC's to reach max light and fire resist.

FHR Table:

FHR ----- Frames
0% -------- 11
6% -------- 10
13% ------- 9
20% ------- 8
32% ------- 7
52% ------- 6
86% ------- 5
174% ----- 4
600% ----- 3

Personally, I feel the 52% breakpoint is enough, but if you want to get some Jav skill gc's with 12% FHR, then the 86% break is easily attainable.

BOW Speed IAS Info:

- Grand Matron / Crusader / Hydra (base speed 10)

0% IAS ........... 14 Frames
15% IAS ........... 13 Frames
25% IAS ........... 12 Frames
40% IAS ........... 11 Frames
60% IAS ........... 10 Frames * this is your goal *
90% IAS ........... 9 Frames

- Matriarchal Bow (base speed -10)

0% IAS ........... 12 Frames
10% IAS ........... 11 Frames
25% IAS ........... 10 Frames
45% IAS ........... 9 Frames * this is your speed goal *
75% IAS ........... 8 Frames

Matriarchal bows are Faster, but the damage is less. Also, the requirements are much higher, so your base stats will be higher, and therefore, you will have less life

I suggest making your CTA out of a Hydra / Crusader / Grand matron bow. It's best to keep your stats low and have more life.


Most good pvp characters require a few items to keep in chest for certain duels. I recommend the following:

- 6 x 11% lightning resist sc's. This is to stack lightning resist against FOH paladins, which are a hard match up for plagazons. The stack above and beyond the 85% max in hell you have will make conviction fairly useless

- 6 x 11% cold resist sc's. Again, for stacking purposes, but this time vs cold sorc's. You have 1 raven frost on, but you will still need more cold resist to beat the good cold sorc's. There is nothing worse then dying in 1 hit. If you stack a bit, even the most elite cold sorc's will need 2 hits.

- COH. This is once again for stacking. Throw this on when you need those extra resists. You will lose a small amount of damage, but the gains vs foh'ers and cold sorc's is worth it. But only vs those 2 characters.

- Dwarf star ring. If you don't mind a little absorb, keep one in chest for fire sorc's. If you don't absorb, then don't bother

- Wisp. Using t-gods and wisp is getting a little excessive in my opinion, but this is a general guide, and should be for everyone to decide. If you want to absorb, throw it on


Str: Enough for gear, and nothing more. This will vary depending on your gear
Dex: Enough for max 75% block rate while wearing SS and all gear. Again, this will vary
Ene: None. Shako and Battle orders from cta is all you need
Vit: Everything else goes here.


20 Poison javalin
20 Plague javalin
1 lightning fury
12+ dodge
12+ avoid
12+ evade
1 crit
1 penetrate
1 peirce
1 slow missle
1 decoy
1 valk
1 guided arrow

* For lightning fury, if you are sure you will never take off your t-gods for other options, then you won't even need 1 point in it. You will be granted the skill from the belt. Personally, since your not hurting for skill points, even at lvl 80, you mine as well put a hard point in it, but it's your choice.

For the Dodge, avoid, and evade skills, all your remaining points go there. All 3 are just about equally important, so make sure you spread your points over all 3 of them. Stop putting points in them when the returns get too small. Around lvl 19 with gear on, you stop recieving bonus's.

Remaining Point Usage:

1) Valk. Stronger valk is more of a distraction and meat shield.

2) Lightning fury. You can add a few hundred to your fury damage if you like

3) Guided arrow. If your planning on using a bow more then a finisher, then put points here

4) PVM skills. Peirce, penetrate, whatever helps you get through the game.

Leveling through the game:

This is a PVP character, and as such, probably best to just rush it through the game. If you want to play it, then it is of course possible. It will just take longer then if you could add a strong secondary skill to your attacks.

- Getting through normal difficulty is very easy. Your poison javs will be strong quite quickly, so just pump all your points into poison jav. I found that my plaguer reached lvl 25 faster then any other character I ever played. I leveled from 21 to 25 just getting my book in act 3.

- Nightmare difficulty isn't that tough, but you will start to encounter quite a few poison immune monsters. Make sure you have a decent bow on switch to deal with them. By now you will have 1 point in guided arrow and Valk, so just throw out valk to draw them to her, and guided. It does tend to take a little while, but remember, this is a PVP character and you can't afford to waste too many points along the way.

- Hell difficulty becomes quite tedious actually. Vs non poison immunes, you will do fine because your damage is now very high. When you run into immunes, you will be very slow killing them if at all. Rely on a party if you can, that deals another element of attack. Again, use your bow on switch, and your lightning fury to deal with them. It is slow, but you'll get through it.


I'm going to do this U-god style, because that section of his guide is the coolest part. Its clear, and easy to follow, so i'm going to rip it. Don't worry, i've known him since birth because our Dads are business partners, so he won't mind

Remember, whats said here is only opinion. I don't want people flaming me saying that they would own me. Simply msg me for a duel. I run from nobody

Also, for decoys and valks, I haven't listed anything. Its actually pretty self explanitory how to use them. Use them as you see fit.


Simple, run around avoiding his attacks, while shooting your plague javalins. If you have a bow on switch, make sure you switch to it and shoot a few arrows while your waiting for another plague javalin to be ready to throw. There is about a 2 second delay between them. I find almost every duel, the sorc will eventually teleport into the poison cloud. After that, go on the attack because he will run. Throw light fury's or shoot guided arrows in his direction until you hit him. Sorc's can be hard to beat, but in my experience, quite often they kill themselves with foolish teleporting


I have a lot of respect for these builds, but they have no chance vs you. Throw javs and stand in the cloud. Repeat until they teleport into it and they're dead. They can't get enough hits by the time they're at 1 life to threaten you.


Throw up a decoy. Throw a javalin and stand in the cloud. When the WW barb hits you, he will get poisoned. Now, with your max block, and great evade skills, he will have a very hard time even hitting you if your standing still. Once he's poisoned, start throwing light fury's while standing still. Either your fury will finish him off, or the thorns from your bramble will get the last hit. If by chance he is hitting you more then you want, just retreat and side step ww's till he has close to 1 life. Then, let him hit you


Poison them by standing in your cloud, and then just light fury them till they die. Trust me, they will die long before you do. He will have a hard time even hitting you.


Poison them and stand still. Throw fury when they're almost dead. It's that easy


Throw javalins and stand next to, but not inside the cloud. Keep the cloud between you and the windy. He will teleport right into it. (they do that everytime) once he's poisoned, run away for about 3 seconds, and then start back towards him and throw fury's. Because of resists and druids cyclone, it takes a little longer. So the run for 3 seconds is the trick.


Throw javalins and stand near the cloud, again keeping it between you and him. Once he teleports near you, back off and do it again. His summons die VERY fast when poisoned, so his army will be gone quickly. Keep running away and poisoning him and his army. When the time is right, throw your fury's


Simply put, they can't win. Stand in your cloud and type, I'm sorry, i'm sorry, as there dying and struggling to get a hit on you


Not as hard a duel as you would think. Run circles around the necro as he is bone spirit/spearing you. When you get openings, throw a javalin at him while avoiding his attacks. If you have a good connection, you can even try to shoot some arrows in between javalin throws. If he teleports away, be patient. Eventually, he will have to come close enough to you because you run faster then his spirits, and you avoid over half his attacks. You will eventually get a hit on him. It takes a little practise, but you'll get the hang of this. If he bone prisons you, then go ahead and slow missle him and he's dead. If your running, bone prison won't trap you by the way.


Same as summon druids. Kill the army with patience, and him afterwards. It's not as hard as it sounds, don't worry


Good duel here, lots of fun. Dont worry about his lower resist. Bramble stacks you so fricking high over max, it does nothing. Just throw javs and keep near your cloud. Your poison hurts a lot more then his, and he will be coming to you. Be patient, and you'll get him. Name lock and light fury him once you have him poisoned, or shoot guided. It's a battle of who poisons who first


Same as WW barbs. Once they're poisoned, they're pretty much done. They can't hit you enough to survive it. You can stand still, and light fury, or you can run around and avoid his WW's. Either way, they don't have much chance (too bad, cause I love WW sins)


Same as any other melee. Stand near or in your cloud and once they're poisoned, gg.


These duels are long. Run around trying to hit him with javalins. As long as you are running, you're not going to get hit with many traps. Your evades are just too good, and traps shoot behind you if you're moving. If he tries to mind blast you, YOU HAVE HIM. Just name lock him with javalin, and since you have good fast hit recovery, you will get a shot off. He will get hit, and immediately run. Then, just chase him down and fury his A$$. It takes practise, but you will get the hang of thowing where you think he is running to next. After a few well aimed throws, he will poison himself because the whole screen is covered with lightning annimations. He can't see any better then you can


If you don't stack up your resists, this is a hard duel. If you do, it's not that hard at all. Throw your javs and keep off his screen. Conviction won't lock on unless your near him. He will teleport into your cloud in no time because he can't see it until it's too late. Once he does, chase and fury. Your evades are so good, he will think you're using full absorb. Again, bow is an option here. His attacks are non melee, so go ahead and shoot some arrows between your javalin throws. Just stay off his screen as best you can.


They are all the same. Smiters, zealots, chargers. Just keep your cloud between the two of you at all times. They get poisoned easily because they come right at you. For smiters and chargers, just stand still and light fury them to finish it. But for zealots, when they are poisoned, run away for a second or 2. Then come back and fury. Sometimes they are strong enough to zeal you to death before the poison gets them to 1 life. It can take less then a second if they get lucky with the hits. Especially with life tap triggered. But once they are at low life, they kill themself if they hit you. Don't EVER switch to a bow vs melee characters of any kind, especially melee paladins. That's a sure fire way to die.


There's nothing sweeter then having a character that a hammerdin can't beat. Just stay near your cloud, and know that he is going to teleport below you. Below you is his kill zone, because hammers spam out from above and to the left of hammerdins no matter what direction they face. They get poisoned very quickly, and die fast aswell. People fear hammerdins a lot, but not the plagazons. We hostile them


Melee duel style. Poison them by being defensive. Keep your cloud between you and them at all times. Once they are poisoned, run. Do not try to stand still and fury them EVER. They will kill you far faster then poison kills them, even with your t-gods on. Just run. If you don't like running from duels, then don't fight charger zons. Your fast enough they won't catch you. Turn and shoot fury as they chase to finish them off. Its not a hard duel, but if you get hit, you may die.


ATTACK... Run right at them, and when your face to face, throw a javalin. If it hits, great, you win easy. If it misses, name lock him and start throwing light fury's at him. Trade his bow shots with your fury. You block 75% of his shots, and he has no shield. You will win that face off. Once you get him in the first avoid annimation, he's toast. If they flee, which he probably will try to do once he see's you're winning, just chase and repeat with 1 jav only. Do not try to hit them with more then 1. You will be open to arrow attacks. Fury > arrows everytime. Of course don't ever use bow vs them, because they are specialized in guided arrow, and you are not.


These can be really fun. It's a battle to poison the other guy first. Use poison javalin instead of plague javalin, because you can shoot them so much faster. Once you get the first hit with poison javalin, from then on, start throwing the plague javs to try a hit with those. Even poison javs will have him at 1 life fairly quickly. Then, either fury, or guided arrow.


Here is my exact set up. I am lvl 80, and I am not planning to go any higher. I am doing so well at lvl 80, and I have all my skills where I want them, so I see no point. Sure I would have more vit, but I find I'm just fine at lvl 80


5/-5 poison Shako
20% ias, +3 jav gloves
Imp Shank boots
1 raven frost
1 BK ring
ETH titans
P diamond SS

CTA Grand Matron Bow (6 BO)

For anyone wondering, imp shanks are:

30% fast run walk
20% fast hit recovery
18 str
poison resist


4 x Jav skill gc's with life
5 x Jav skill gc's with 7% Fast run walk
1 x Jav skill gc with 12% FHR
1 x 5% resist/5% FHR sc
2 x 5% resist sc's with resists
6 x 5% fast run walk sc's
1 x annihilus

That set up gives me 87% FHR, all max resists in hell, and massive added Fast run walk.

In Chest:

This is the gear thats in my chest, although most of it I have never touched. I just have it there for those rare occasions where people talk trash, and you really don't want to risk dying.

wisp ring. Never once used it

Dwarf star. Never once used it

Raven frost. If a bliz sorc talks $hit, i'll throw the second one on, but I hate absorbing

Coh. I put it on vs cold sorc's and foh paladins only

6 x 11% cold resist sc's

6 x 11% light resist sc's


Here are my stats naked:

Str: 74 (+17, +2, +5, +20, +20, +18) SS at 156
Dex: 116 (+17, +2, +5, +20, +20) 180 is my max block
Vit: 280 (+17, +2, +5, +20) 324 with gear on
Ene: 15 (+17, +2, +5) 39 with gear


20 Poison Javalin
20 Plague Javalin
12 Dodge
12 Avoid
13 Evade
14 in Pre-req's as 1 pointers.

Thats 91 points at lvl 80. If I level further, I will split my remaining points in Valk and guided arrow. Those are the only 2 skills I feel are worth putting points into now. valk, so she lasts longer in duels, and guided arrow to help my bow damage a little bit.

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