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Pvm Strafer (mf) Guide


Hi there folks, I thought I’d enlighten you all with a guide to building a pvm strafer amazon, seeing as there’s no strafer guides currently available in the guide stickies. It’s a fun character to play if you want something different to just multishot and guided arrows.

This amazon will mainly be for mf’ing, along with a decent merc and a valkyrie she will be able to solo mf in areas like the Pits etc in hell. Seeing as the pits have pretty much all elemental immunities, the strafer will rarely encounter any problems killing monsters down there.


Strength - Enough to use your gear.

Dexterity – All the rest goes in here, since it will increase attack rating and your damage.

Vitality – ~50-100 depending on the rest of your gear.

Energy – None.


Strafe: 20
This will be your main attack skill, it will auto aim and fire at up to 10 enemies per shot.

Penetrate: 20
Maxing this will greatly improve your attack rating.

Valkyrie: 17-20
A great tank for you when you need a distraction.

Critical Strike: 12+
With ~12 skill pts invested you’ll have over 60% chance to do double damage.

Pierce: 12+
With 12+ points you’ll have close to 80% for arrows to go through enemies.

Dodge/Evade/Avoid: 1+
You shouldn’t need many points into this, but it will help you out from time to time.


Amazons along with melee characters are item dependant compared to caster characters like sorcs, so when mf’ing etc your gear will have an impact on how fast your killing speed is etc.

I will list some gear and you can customize your char depending on what items you can obtain, or prefer.


Socket with P.Topaz for extra mf, gives 10% ias along with dual leech.

Socket with a P. Topaz for extra mf, also gives nice life and mana.

Tals Mask*:
Gives nice dual leech, extra life and resists (see note).

Gives some DR and dual leech.


Chains of Honor (DolUmBerIst):
An great strafer armor that gives +2 skills, extra dmg to demons and undead, life leech and an awesome 65% resists.

Enigma (JahIthBer):
Also a nice armor with +2 skills, frw, teleport for getting around obstacles and mf dependant on char lvl.

Skulders Ire:
Has nice mf dependant on char level, along with +1 to all skills.

Tals Armor*:
Nice resists and mf (see note)


War Travelers:
Has nice stats like extra mf, and will also give you more dmg.

Some extra life and dex is always nice to have.

Has some dmg mods like open wounds, crushing blow and deadly strike.

Rare Boots:
With nice mods with resists and perhaps mf would be alright.


Laying of hands:
Nice gloves for an strafer, gives +ias along with extra dmg to demons and fire resists.

Rare/Crafted gloves:
Try to get some with 20ias along with other nice mods.

Use these if you need more mf.


Upgrade these for the extra belt slots, and they’ll provide some extra mf along with ias.

Tals Belt*:
Gives some mf along with some dex (see note)

This belt gives a nice pierce level in case you want to spend fewer points into pierce and into something else.

Nosferatus Coil/Siggards Stealth:
These will gives some extra ias along with some life leech and 10% slow enemies.


The good old WF and as usual has great mods for an strafer, it has high damage, knock back, mana leech and best of all it shouldn’t be that hard to obtain, especially for ladder players.

BOTD Hydrabow:
Also a nice runeword, imho the WF is better for this build.

Witchwild String:
This is actually a very capable bow to use, it comes with 2 sockets, +40% resists, has % to cast amplify damage and +deadly strike, upgraded gives it a nice tight damage range.

This has less damage compared to the above, but some people like it since it has the ITD (ignore target defence) mod.

Lycanders Aim:
Very nice bow to use while leveling.


Cats Eye:
Gives frw, extra ias and a nice dex boost.

Gives +skill, some deadly strike and some ias

Atmas Scarab:
Has a % to cast amplify damage, useful for those physical immunes.


Use 2 if possible, these provide an nice ar and dex boost, along with the cannot be frozen mod, also adds some nice cold dmg ?

For some extra mf if needed.

Rare Dual Leech Ring:
Depending on the equipment used, this ring might come in handy.


- Charms that give max dmg, ar and life are nice to have
- Some 7% mf sc’s
- Gheeds GC
- Annihilus, always a nice charm to have in your inventory.

Note* - using all 3 of tals items will give an extra 65% mf.


Get an Act 2 NM Might merc and then equip him with some gear to help him out while leveling, it should be fairly easy to level him if you’re using a bow with knockback (eg: WF), he should rarely get hit/crowded by enemies. At higher levels his might aura will give both you and your Valk a nice damage boost, so the results after leveling him are well worth it.

Andariels Visage, Vampire Gaze, Crown of Thieves, Shako

Eth Stone elite armor, Shaftstop, Leviathan, Duriels shell

The Reapers Toll (recommended to help to deal with Physical Immunes), Tomb Reaver, Bonehew

Low Leveling Tips

Try to get a group together and use an enchant sorc to enchant the whole group, go through the acts and there shouldn’t be many problems killing monsters with a decent enchant level. Once at level 20 make some cow games and then level to lvl 24, once there complete the ancients quest and it’s off to normal baal games, from then on it’s pretty easy.

General tips

When entering new areas, hold down the shift key and fire off a Strafe arrow, if multiple arrows fire, keep on firing until it stops. It’s a great skill since if enemies are close by it will unleash a barrage of arrows at each enemy, also less wasteful compared to multiple shot, since each strafe arrow is a precision shot and its mana cost is always 11. Also casting decoy where needed to help position your enemies, your Valk and merc should be onto your enemies by then while you’re standing back dealing the damage ?

Some of you may be concerned about resists in hell, but in areas like the pits it isn’t really needed since you’ll be standing back from the action and letting strafes auto-aim and your minions do most of the work.

My mf runs with this amazon normally consist of, taking the frigid highlands wp then quickly kill Eldritch and then proceed down to Shenk, letting strafe deal with all those monsters that surround him. After that it’s killing Pindle and a matter of taking the wp to the outer cloister and working my way to the pits.

The pits can be found by working your way back from the outer cloister and then following the path, once you reach a fork where the path splits, simply choose one and follow it, that will either lead to the Pits or to the Black Marsh entrance, if at the Black Marsh entrance, then simply backtrack and follow the other path back to the Pit entrance.


The strafezon has been one of the most enjoyable characters I’ve made, it’s certainly a change from all those sorcs and hammerdins around B.Net at the moment, and she certainly won’t have problems dealing with elemental immune monsters.

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