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Beyounds Hybrid Ama Pvp / Tactic Guide

Nice Hybrid ama for TvT or. just duel. Its little expensive

BeYound's Hybrid Ama

1# The Skills
2# The Eq
3# The Stats
4# Tactics for 1v1
5# Tactics for TvT
6# The Frame Table is coming soon

The Skills

[Bow & Crossbow Tree]

Magic Arrow: 1 point
Multiple Arrow: Between 10-15 points
Guided Arrow: 20 points

[Javalin & Spear Tree]

Jab: 1 point

*You can use either lightning bolt of lightning fury as well, imo I would go for lightning fury, it helps against paladins and other amazons at close range.

[Passive & Magic Tree]

Inner Sight: 1 point
Slow Missiles: 1 point
Decoy: 1 point
Critical Strike: Between 15-20 points
Dodge: 20 points
Avoid: Between 10-15 points
Evade: 15 points
Penetrate: (whatever skill points you have left go here)
Pierce: 1 point

The Eq


Well I think we all know what the options are going to be here

Botd Crusader Bow

The most obvious choice to make with quite nice damage, +30 to all stats, nice life and mana leech and its very cheap even for a 41x% so if you donít want to be spending too much on a bow then this is the one for you.
*FAQ crusader bow is better than hydra bow because they have the same average damage but hydra bow has much more strength required so the points you save in strength you can put into dexterity and you have more damage with crusader.

Cruel Grand Matron Bow of Alacrity/Evisceration

In my opinion this is the way to go if you can afford one, good ones can have up to 70-39x damage and with the same base speed as a crusader bow you only need 147% increased attack speed to have reached the 8 fps breakpoint, these bows also come with 1-2 free sockets and +x to bow and crossbow skills, if your using a shako and looking for more speed in the bow then go for cruel GMB of alacrity, but if you have the 147% increased attack speed breakpoint then by all means go for evisceration and have more max damage.

Cruel Matriarchal Bow of Alactrity/Evisceration

How could I forget, if you can afford one of these it is a very good bow to use against sorceressí as it has a 7fps breakpoint at only 142% increased attack speed, these can have a nice maximum damage of 26x which can still give you a nice 3.2 - 3.8k damage with the right items. A good choice for a bow if you looking for speed.


The obvious choice:


Skills help you with dodge, VERY nice bonus to life and mana, which you will need to spam multiple arrows and best of all, 10% damage reduced, if your using verdungoís with 15% damage reduce then this is the way to go to get your 25% max damage reduced.


I would only really use this if it is amazingly good, otherwise go for shako, this is the rich mans choice.
Good stats include +2 Amazon skills, 30% faster run/walk, 40+life, 40+mana, and nice resists, they also have 1-2free sockets in which to put ed/ias jewels
120/45. Only use one of these if it has a nice bonus to life or 30% faster run/walk and you really need the increased attack speed to get your breakpoint for 7-8 fps. A good choice.

*You can also put39 - 40 ed/9 dex jewels in these helms if you already have the breakpoint for ias and need more damage.


The Cats Eye Amulet

A very good amulet for amazons with bonuses to increased attack speed, faster run/walk and its best feature, +25 to dexterity for great damage. A good choice if not the best

Highlords Wrath Amulet

The deadly strike on this amulet is very nice bonus, which in effect adds a lot to your damage, 20% increased attack speed for when you need to reach the breakpoints, a good choice for an amulet.

*If you have the 142-147% increased attack speed without the use of an amulet then get a 1.08 highlords amulet but warning they will disappear in time.


There is only one real choice for this

Ed/Ias Armour

If you want to be legit then go for archon plate with 9x life and 4 ed/ias jewels in that are legit, but seeing as how duped 40/15 ias jewels arenít banned in e-pvp and cost a lot less the poorer people should be looking for a nice armour with +9x life and 4 x 40/15 duped jewels with a blue skin.


War Travellers

Nice bonuses to vitality and strength with faster run/walk and very nice 15-25 damage added, with enhanced damage jewels in your equipment this can add an average of 200 damage to your attack.

Gore Rider

Use them only if your looking for open wounds to be added to your attack, still very nice boots.

Demon Track Dupe Boots

Use them against assassins for the extra light resistance and nice faster hit recovery with a nice bonus to dexterity.

Storm Track Boots

These are also very good boots with strength dexterity and really nice resists, use these if you need an extra boost on res against mages.


Rare/Crafted Gloves

The only way to go, get some with +2 passive and magic skills, 20 ias, +1x dexterity with some nice resistance and your good to go.


Raven Frost

The best ring to use, use 2 if you can, nice +20 to dexterity, attack rating and cannot be frozen makes this one of the best rings for an Amazon.

Wisp Projector

Keep a 20% one in the stash for when you against assassins or FoH paladins.

Rare Ring

+1x to resistances, some life and mana leech, with a bonus to strength/dexterity, if your using a GMB or Matriarchal bow then use one of these.



Nice bonus to vitality and 15% damage reduce, you canít go wrong with this.

Crafted Belt

These can be very good against sorcs, if you get one with a nice boost to life with open wounds resistance and nice faster hit recovery also if you get one with mana it can help when spamming multiple arrows at sorcs.

Items On Switch


Upgraded Ethereal Titans Revenge

Use this to get close to other amazons and jab them, nice damage, reachable ias frames, life leech with bonus to dexterity and strength, the only javelin to go for.


Blackoak Shield (Luna)

In my opinion itís the best way to go, dexterity and life with 50% faster block rate, perfect for duelling melee chars but you cant use it against characters with cold damage (orb/blizzard sosoís) *put a jah rune in it for extra life

Lance Guard

This is also a very good shield us this with a jah rune in and gives 100 life with nice faster block rate, good for vs sorcs too.

Shield of Deflecting/Life

A shield with nice defence 2-3 sockets with either 20/30 or nice bonus to life, socketed with ed/ias jewel, jah rune and if you need it a shael rune, if not then go for another jah rune.



8 x 3/20/20 or. more ur choice
Annihilus with good attri / res
If you need resistance then use 20/5 charms
Max/ar/fhr and some max/ar/frw charms
For the rest use max/ar/life charms

The Stats


Least amount of strength so you can use your items. or. make bug str so nice


100 points in here, you can put more if you want but 100 is nice


No points here


All the rest of your points go here for damage.

Tactics for 1v1


Difficulty: 6/10

These will be one of the harder opponents for 1v1 but the fact that they cant tele makes it a hell of a lot easier, basically shoot guided arrows in the general direction of where they started, you should hit them 4 or 5 times which will be indicated by the mana leech symbol over your head, when they appear on your screen dont let them get close, by now they should have half - 3/4 life and will start coming close to you, switch to javelins and throw them around in their direction, as soon as they whirlwind, run out the way and you should have time to shoot 3-4 arrows, repeat this process and you should find it easy to win, also if they are whirlwinding in you r direction and you dont have time to run, switch to your shield and with your combined 7x% chance to dodge and 75% chance to block, they shouldnt hit you.


Difficulty: 3/10

Trappers will be one of your easiest opponents, use a 20% wisp and spam guided arrows in their direction and if a trap comes near you then run like crazy until your out of its way, switch to your javelins for extra life and faster run/walk and spam multiple arrows when you can see them on your map, the more faster run/walk you have here the better and also try to get as much light res + fhr as you can, i reccomend demon track boots here.


Difficulty: 5/10

I find these rather easy but other people disagree, best way is to spam some guided arrows in there direction, whenever your running you should have javelins/shield equipped to block those nasty invisible arrows, when you see them on your auto map, spam multiple arrows and run at them with javelins, if they are using a bow when your running then jab their ass and its simple, if they also use javas, run and throw/shoot, which ever one you feel safer doing, i usually throw, its less damage but block saves your ass, use 25% damage reduce here.


Difficulty: 8/10

Try to get as much resistance, absorb and faster hit recovery you can without losing too much damage and still sticking within the e-pvp rules, most sorcs play offensivley and will teleport straight to you not giving you much time to act straight away, when you have both said go fire multiple arrows in their direction, if your lucky 1-2 should hit, then you should be running away from the and their firebaals/orbs/blizzards and whenever you get the chance shoot a guided arrow, if they teleport away then you will have another chance to shoot 1-2 multiple arrows in their direction and continue running when they get too close and then shooting guided arrows, sorceress' can be very hard but if you play right you should be able to win fairly easily.

Ele Druid

Difficulty: 8/10

Get as much fhr here as you can, use bloodfists, spam guided arrows around and when they come near spam multiple arrow, you should hit them once or twice but easily kill all of their summons, they usually try to rush you and tele on you so the answer is, faster run/walk run away when they tele on you and throw a java or if you feel lucky shoot a guided arrow at him, druids will be one of the hardest characters you will duel but luckily there isnt many of them around on e-pvp.

Hybrid Assassins

Difficulty: 4/10

These are quite easy but not as easy as trappers, take into account that amazons are the hardest opponents for hybrid assasins so they will be intimidated, spam guided arrows around the place and as soon as theyre near you, multiple arrow them, when they can see you they will lay traps maybe mind blast you a couple of times so make sure you have enough faster hit recovery here then they will dragonflight you and whirlwind so dont forget your trusty shield, throw a few LF at them while they whirlwind and run and shoot, these are rather easy. (use a 20% wisp)

Rabies Druid

Difficulty: 3/10

These are quite simple and there aren't many of them around, spam guided arrows in their direction and if they get too close switch to your shield straight away as not to let them hit you, if they do then your pretty much done for so run,shoot and block.

Fury Druid

Difficulty: 6/10

There aren't many of these around but when you duel them you should use 25% damage reduce for sure, spam guided arrows everywhere possible and when theyre in sight multiple arrow them, if they get too close switch to javelins then run and throw, when you get enough distance to shoot 1-2 guided arrows and switch back to javelins and repeat as needed until they're dead.

FoH/Smite Paladin FoH / Smite Paladin

Difficulty: 10/10

These are the hardest out of any of your oppenents, use a 20% wisp and as much lightning resist as possible within the e-pvp rules, spam guided arrows at them and look out for when they charge at you, multiple arrows help out alot here but your shield cant help you here, my option is to run, fire and dont let them name lock you.


Difficulty: 6/10

Necromancers are quite tricky, try and get a nice ammount of faster hit recovery and spam guided arrows everywhere in their direction, you should hit them a few times before they come close to you which with their bone armour shouldn't knock too much health off but will give you the advantage, when they come near they will cast a few bone walls and spam bone spirit/spears in your direction, as we are dueling in normal one shot can destroy a bone wall so if you see them on your screen spam multiple arrows at them, you will destroy the bone wall and make them back down giving you more chance to spam guided arrows, repeat as needed until they're dead.

Tactics for TvT

Try and get a support paladin in your team and a sorc or trapper,dont forget to stack arrows in the field and just generally spam guided arrows everywhere in their direction, if anyone comes close to you use multiple arrows, if they have an amazon on their team try and eliminate them first by rushing them when theyre alone with your support pala and jab, then multi arrow the rest of them, use absorb + resistance + faster hit recovery to suit the team who your up against, damage doesnt matter as much but still try to get a nice damage/ias ratio.

Hope you have enjoing my guide very well and gl to all thoose there is gonna make the ama...

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