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Pvp Bowzon Guide!

*Notes about the guide:

*I'm writing this guide mainly because.....there are no PvP bowzon guides up right now (go figure )

*When writing this guide, I did not take ladder into account, so feel free to ask questions.

*I glanced at u-gods ww assassin guide, so the order is kind of based on it.

*It's my first guide so if the layout blows(prolly does), bear with it.

Notes about the Bowzon:

*In my opinion, they are a lesser played class because so many other classes, when built properly, can beat them easily.

*On the contrary(^^), bowzons are a fun class to play with, and can hold they're own in "bm" duels.

*Every point in dex is 1% enhanced damage.
Enhanced damage only effects a weapons base damage, not damage after existing ed.



20 Guided
20 Critical Strike
10-20 Dodges*
1 Pierce (optional)*
1 Valkyrie*
1 Jab*
1 Pre-reqs

*I chose to put as many into dodges as I could, there was no other place to put my points.
You COULD try to go hybrid, only putting 10 on each dodge saving 30 points, allowing you to get to and max LF. That way, you can have a chance to block as well as dodging.
Handy for Zon vs. Zon and sometimes barbs.

*Not something I cast more than once in a duel due to low mana, I reccommend it, it can draw away a few spirits, block a fireball or two ect.. I still sometimes question it's usefulness.

*1 in jab if you plan to use Titans and a Shield to chase down certain players.

*If you choose to go hybrid, here is you're point in pierce.

*I reccommend getting SLow Missles, it will help out a LOT in duels. Especially the BM pubby duels.


As low as possible, I can't tell you an exact base, it depends on you're gear. Try to put no more than 110 in strength, anni adds 20, so dig for 4 more.

Everything else goes here. Unless....

No more than 50. This is to achieve reasonable base vita for a nice boost in life with cta.



*Unlike some other classes, gear makes or breaks the bowzon. I will not reccommend many poor man options, because many poor man amazons will usually lose. Correct me if i'm wrong.

*Make sure you calculate all of the +strength you get from gear, you want the lowest base strength possible. I can't tell you what it should be at, it depends on you're choice of gear.
Try to keep it below 110 if possible.

*Gear is not listed in ANY order, if it seems so, it's purely coincidental.

*You will look like you're throwing arrows to other people. (had to add that)

Socketed with a 40/15 IAS jewel. Useful mods are 2 skills and the life and mana, mana which comes useful if you spam multi or plan to summon valk/decoy more than once in a duel. The skills help the dodges and BO if you use cta and not jav shield in ZvZ.

08 Gaze:
Socketed with a 40/15 IAS jewel. Only if you want the damage reduction, combined with perfect verdungos thats 45% damage reduced with 8 frame attack. Pretty good for a zon, but not really reccommended, as DR is the only useful mod.

Get one with as much life as possible. Still may want to use shako for the skills and mana, credit to Marvel. for mentioning why. It's uses are otherwise obvious.


No other option, get one with as much life as possible. Don't need a reason for this armor, it's you're only option.


Cats Eye:
Faster run/walk, ias, and dex. No reason not to use this amulet unless you want resistance.

The reason you aren't using cats. 2 skills and 30 resist all gives you positive resists and another +2 to warcries if you use them.

I question it's usefulness, deadly strike doesn't work in PvP i've heard. Besides, you have deadly strike at 70+%. Still an amulet to use if the very odd occasion calls for ias and lit resist.


Raven Frost:
Two of them, 20 dex, cbf, 40 mana, cold damage, cold absorb. This ring is packed with useful mods, 40% enhanced damage with 2 of them at 20 dex. (try for 20 dex, it isn't hard)

Wisp Projector:
The only useful mod would have to be the oak sage charges, might do nicely ZvZ in nightmare where oak is PI as well as poison immune.


08 Windforce:
I should have put this at the top I guess. Anyway, if you cant get an 08 version, settle for an 09. Or 1.10. ^^

A fools rare could possible be the best bow you could get. Unfortunatley, the perfect bow has yet to be found. Try to get one with 300+ ed/max damage on lvl amd capable of hitting 7 frames. Weather or not a cruel is better than WF is up to you, I doubt it, but it's really up to you.

What a joke. Very overpriced bow, and not very useful in pvp.


Bugged nos:
Europe only, if you are europe, this is self explanatory.

40/15 if you can. Again, self explanatory.

If you can craft a belt with dex, hit recovery and resist, it would be perfect for a damage queen. >_< (writers block)>_<

Regular siggards/nos:
Simply hit slows target. I mention it because it has it's uses. Even so, clegs may still be a better choice.


20 IAS, resist, dex gloves. I have a pair with 30 lit resist, 17 dex, 27 fire resist, 20 ias. A good choice if you don't want the 5% lifetap chance of dracs.

Helps out with base str, open wounds, lifetap. I would rather use the gloves above, you're choice.

Slows target is the only reason for these.

*If you have another viable choice, tell me.


War Traveler:
Helps base str by providing 10, faster run/walk, and a very nice damage boost.
You may want boots with resist and a dex bonus enstead.

Duped Rares:
Self explanatory, ones with faster hit recovery may help, but run/walk and resist are key.

Hot Spurs:
Not bad, the +max fire resist is useless unless you have a lot of fire resist, and with a normal setup, you wont. It isn't needed. The 45% fire resist is really helpful though.

*Got another suggestion? Tell me. I never put much thought into boot selection.


Call to Arms:
Selp explanatory.

Eth Titans/Stormshield(hel'd):
Useful aginst other amazons, run up close, while they run away, switch to bow and kill.
You're choice of course.


25% enhanced damage in a box.

30 x 3/20/20s:
The lungs of the build, this is a lot of life and each 3/20/20 will add about 30 damage to guided.

2 x Fire Damage sc's(13+dmg):
Used to achieve stun.

20/5 resist all sc's:
This will bring you're resists close to positive. Try to get the resists you think you need, 75% or not.

*Feel free to fool around with charms, I did, and found the combo that worked for me. You might want to use 39 x 3/20/20s if you just don't want to think about it.


Dueling Strategies

*You rely on stun, speed and damage to kill.

Spread out: Both players are off of each others automap range, or just visible on the edge of the automap range.

General Direction/area: Player is just visible on automap, or a screen away from you.

Close: Player is just out of range, or on you're screen.

*Invisable Guided Arrows: When you shoot at someone while they're name isn't displayed on the automap, you're arrows fired towards them will be invisible to them.
Use this to you're advantage. Correct me if i'm wrong.

*75% max resistance is not needed for any duel, of course if you follow my advice on charm selection, i'm sure you'd figure something out.

*Slow Missles is BM, and I will only mention it in certain situations. Otherwise, exploit it to the fullest.

Fire Sorceress:

If they don't use 15/70's, expect an easy win aginst the pubbies. You will be able to take at least 1 fireball without dodge, and you don't even need that. Basiclly, just start shooting in the general direction. When they come closer to fire off fb's, you will have hit them. They can't take much more than 1- 4 arrows, and the non e-shield ones are so easy I can't think of a strategy.

*Gear to fool with: Hotspurs, Maras, dwarfs.

Blizzard Sorceress:

Resists won't matter. Same as fire sorc, except they have a casting delay. While they are at a distance simply spam guided in the general direction and when they come in to blizz, get ready to run and avoid it. After they blizz, immediatly try to get a namelock, from there it's pretty much a win. If they AA, make sure you have enouph speed to avoid blizz before it hits. Chase them down and lock them when they miss. If you can't get them on screen for a lock than spam guided where you predict they will tele, or simply pull out you're AA.

Lightning Sorceress:

They will usually let off lightning from a distance, all you do is shoot, run, and while the arrow(s) stun them, namelock them. If they come up too you full throttle, use slow missles. Make sure you can take a hit or 2.

*Gear to fool with: Soul spurs, highlords.

Wind Druid:

Can be hard or easy, depending on the type of duel. GM will be hard if they have summons, you're best bet is to spread out at first and try some iga, then multi. When they get close start spamming guided in the general direction. When they get closer, guided will likely hit. If they get hit and get stuned, proceed to namelock. You can try a namelock even if you miss, but aginst a good druid, you will die. Slow missles will cripple a wind druid, if you choose to go bm, be careful, they could have sanc as well.

Melee Druid:

Stun is key. Start in the general area, proceed to spam guided.


Can be easy or very hard. Good night if they AA. I never play offense, and usually stay spread out or in the general area. IGA will be very helpful here, as well as slow missles if you bm. Cleglaws and/or nos comes in handy, as it slows their attack speed and movement.
I can't give many pointers, it really comes down to skill. Duel and learn.


Pretty easy. Start in the general area and spam guided. Make sure you namelock them as soon as they get on screen. This will stun them in for a world of hurt, by the time they reach you, they will be in critical condition and most will have died. Only the very good ones will be able to make it to you, even then, you can run almost as fast as they can if you planned you're charms.

FoH Paladins:

Easy, sometimes even sad. Start in the general area and spam guided. You wont die in 1 foh and you will have a 60% chance to dodge. You will be stunning them with more guided arrows than they can FoH.


Can be very hard, or very easy. If they charge you and zeal you, it's over. Start in the general area and spam guided. If you have clegs/nos it makes it that much easier. If you get a good lock in, you will usually be able to stun and kill them before they reach you. DON'T let them reach you.


Same as zealots.


Easy. You have enouph speed to avoid a tele/hammer rush. Simply spam GA every time you aren't running from the teleport. A namelock is preference, I only do it aginst the easy ones with low life, they usually die once they're locked.


Extremely hard, if not impossible. I've yet to defeat a really good one. Most are ww, if they don't tele, then spam in the general, and namelock when they get close. When they attemp to ww, run like hell. Clegs/nos can be of use here, but aginst the teleporters, try everything you have. >_<

Cry barbs:

No shield, next?

Poison necromancers:

You can dodge nova, use deaths gloves and maybe even slow missles. It's mostly an easy duel if they don't have many summons, there just isn't anything to worry about since you can run faster then they can tele and cast nova on you.

Summon necromancer:

Get another character, or leave the game entirely. Better yet, party with him.

Bone necromancer:

The reason people don't make bowzons perhaps? Anyway, start spread out, and try IGA at first. Slow missles can help a lot. If they have summons, you will likely lose.

Aginst most pubby neks a few good hits will cripple them, always keep on the move and if you see spirits tracking you, run. If they just use spear and not spirit, simply shoot, side step, and namelock. This is a very hard duel if you face a good one, you have bonewall, prison, decrepify and golem to worry about. If you have trouble, post.


Usually easy. Spread out, if they are the cowardly type, you will pick them off with IGA's while they call you a hacker. If they AA, AA back is all I can say. They wont usually get close enouph to get a mindblast lock once they see you're damage, so keep spamming and moving back. Don't go foreward too often, they have traps set of course. If they tele on you're screen, namelock them if you can, if you find that you can't, then shoot them a few times then run off screen.

WW assassin:

Can be easy or hard. You have enouph speed to avoid a ww. Spread out and IGA, when they get close, namelock. Make sure you multi to kill off the shadow beforehand. If they manage to flight you, run immediatly offscreen if you can. If not, then shoot while sidestepping. The weak pubby assassins will drop easily, the others will pose problems.


Mostly the same for each.

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