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Fireball/meteor Sorc Guide

Fireball are one of the most cookie cutter builds out there today and if you havent made one yet you should probly give it a try since they are preaty fun and helpfull

I sugget the fallowing items listed below for using if your gona lv your self the old fashon way.. just like when ladder started

Lowest>Higher>Recomended at high lv
Items for lving

Helmets-(Ruby/sapphire Helmet) > (Pesant Crown/3+fire circlet/ort+sol helemt) > (Shako)

Armors-(Silks of victor/The Spirit Shroud) >(Vipermagi/skullders/que hegans) > Viper//coh//enigma//valor

Weapons-(Tir+ral staff (recomended in +fire ball/meteor/fire mast 2xsock staff//any orb with +fireskills//) > (The Salamander
occulus) > (Occulus is still good alternative at high lvs// Eldritch Orb (20%fire/3+skill))

Shields-(none because you should be using a staff) > (Liddles) > (Storm Shield (um/pdimond/15+/-15 jewel)// Head Hunters Glory (3xpdimond)//Ko+Ko+Mal Shield)

Belt-( LeyMo Sash//and nice magic/rare belt with +mana/life) > (Glooms Trap) > (Archnids///Tgods//Verndago)

Boots-(Imbue/rare boots with decent mods) > (Same as listed b4 )> (Waterwalk///sandstorm trek)

Gloves-(Blood Fist) > Magefist///Blood Fist///Frostburn > Same as listed b4

Amulet-(Any possibel amulet with +mana/life///The Horodric amulet ) >(2skill amulet (magic/crafted/rare))///(3+fire skills///The Eye of Etlich///The Rising Sun) >(Maras/// Godly Crafted Sorc Amulet)

Rings-(Rare/Magic Rings) (can normaly find a decent 1 with fcr/mana/life) >(Dwarf Starts///Raven frosts )>(Same as listed b4///SOJS)

Charms-(9-13life sc's) > (17-18life sc's) >(20life sc's///fire skill gc's///anni)

Yes there is alternative items such as major duped/hacked items but im going by ladder only items

Firebolt- (you should start puting pts into this till you hit fireball)
Fireball- (you should start investing the rest of your points into this until you hit meteor)
Meteor- (put pts in this till you hit 30 then put a pt in fire masterey)
Fire Masterey- (mess with this skill last)

so basicly put a pt in warmth at start and the rest of your points in firebolt
once you reach the req lv for fireball start throwing your points into this and use this for killing
then you will hit meteor and do the same proccese of pts till you hit 30 then put 1 point in fire masterey

then soak all the rest of your points after into
Fireball then Meteor then Firebolt then Firemastrey
but dont forget to have a pt in tele while lving so it can make life easyer

and the end of lving you should have
Firebolt (20)
Fireball (20)
Meteor (20)
FireMast (20)
Warmth (1)
Teleport (1)
Energy Shield (1) up to you but i find this skill a life saver (most argue that its a waiste so its up to you)
and extra points you have left i suggest you toss into warmth/inferno
Str should be enough to use all gear ( i suggest useing str charms until your high enough to put only the min points needed for gear)
dex should be enough for max block if your gona pvp or base for pvm
energy should be up to you... i like to have 600-800 mana so w/e u can get with gear (cta/shako/liddles..etc)
vita will be w/e points you have left of course [/b]
Final Note- I understand this is not the most preatyest or most helpfull guide out there but it can help you build a firesorc if needed

Mf Guide
Best Gear
Shako (ptopaz)
Skullders (ptopaz)///Enigma//Tals Armor
Occulus (ist)
Rhymes (sheal/eth)//4xist Monarch
Tals Belt///GoldWrap
Mf Chancys///forstburn//Mage Fist
Tals Amulet//Mf Amulet
Nagel Rings
War Travs
Pindle (use merc and just keep shooting fireballs)
Meph (stay by moat..lower meph near by but keep distance and cast lr with a wand then meteor)
Countes (static and kill of near by monsters..let merc kill her)
Baal (Meteor your ass off )
Pits (kill evreything non immune with fireball... let merc finish off immunes)

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