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Complete Pvp Ww Assassin Guide


Yo... In light of all the conflicting advice I have seen been given out on forum lately about WW sins, I thought I would make a guide to try to help people get on the right track. I keep hearing about how WW Sins are so weak, and can't kill anything. I'm here to help you make one that will surprise the hell out of those same people as they go pick up their body and then say "Holy [email protected]%, nice sin, can I see your gear pls?"

I will also just do an ideal build here, and then on the following replies to this, I have done a Short Gear options guide. I don't play ladder, so there aren't any ladder items listed. If you are ladder, please feel free to ask any questions, and I will consider the item, and let you know my opinion on it. I do think however, that aside from the charms, and maybe the boots, it will be the same build.


1) No matter what people tell you, there is only ONE speed for WW. No amount of ias, or faster claws will do anything for you, and that includes Bos. You will never be able to speed up your WW, so don't bother.

2) The use of Poison sc's. What happens with poison sc's is the following. Since they have a time duration, lets say for simplicity of 5 seconds. But your venom skill has a duration of 0.4 seconds. Every poison sc you wear is converted into the same time duration as your venom, of 0.4 seconds. So, a 100 Pdsc over 5 seconds will actually only add 8 damage over 0.4 seconds. So you can see how useless they are to use. Even 290's add almost nothing. So don't bother with any of them.

3) Dragon flight casting delay. This in actual practical dueling doesn't even cross my mind. Dragon flight is one of the best ranged attacks in the game period. A teleport that hits, what more could you want. You can WW almost immediately after the dragon flight. Where you will notice it, is in re casting dragon flight. Thats where the delay occurs the most. But since your already on top of the guy, what does it matter. You dragon flight / WW, and repeat. So like I said, you will only notice it if your trying to chase someone with continous dragon flights. There will be a delay involved in that.

4) Stackability of Fade, BOS, Venom. Venom is independant of both, so you can have venom on all the time. You cast it once, and your attacks have poison damage. BOS and FADE exclude eachother, so you can only have 1 on at a time. So Fade + venom works. BOS + venom works. BOS + Fade doesn't work though.

5) Weapon block. Simply put, it blocks absolutely everything at the same rate that you have no matter what you do. You can stand still, run, attack, dragon flight, and during all of it, you will block at say 59%. That 59% applies to everything also: Arrows, sword attacks, fireballs, blessed hammers, FOH attacks, blizzard, traps, EVERYTHING... only thing you can't block with it is residual spells that are on the ground. Such as the fire after meteor, or firewalls. You can't block those, cause they are duration spells on the ground.

6) Fast hit recovery. Many people think that because WW is an uninteruptable attack, that fast hit recovery isn't important. That is false. It is important. When chasing down Bowazons, not matter what you do, your going to take a hit or 2 at least, so fast hit recovery comes in very handy. When dueling fire sorc's and bone necro's, they also will likely hit you, so if you recover faster from the hit, you can dragon flight quicker, or WW quicker then if you didn't have it. I don't think you need to sacrifice gear for it, but over 45% fast hit recovery would be benificial. Bramble has 50% and verdungo's has 10%. Thats enough, but if you want to try to reach the second best break point, its 86%.

* more to come as I see them being discussed

Ideal GEAR:

* I decided to go with gear first, because I feel you need to know what your going to be wearing before putting stats and skills in your character. If you don't have your gear yet, then at least put it all down on paper, along with str and dex requirements, so you can plan ahead and make a perfect character the first time. No need to remake them all the time like I had too...

'UM' Shako helm
40%+ Bramble armor
13%+ Verdungo's belt
Trang ouls gloves
Gore rider boots
2 x Raven frost rings
Mara's Amulet

Chaos Suwayyah
Fury Suwayyah

Cta flail / lidless shield on switch

Gear you will keep in chest:

* keep an angelic ring and amulet in chest for duels vs high defense characters like Barbs and paladins.

* keep a demon limb in chest to enchant yourself when you feel you will need more AR. I do it before duels vs Barbs and paladins only.

* keep a Jade talon claw in chest for duels vs bliz sorc's and foh'ers. I will explain more below.

* keep 6 x 11% light resist sc's in chest for duels vs foh'ers. I explain below

* keep a pair of rare boots with resists in chest for duels vs casters. If your non ladder, the duped rares are awesome for this. I have a pair of imp shanks in chest for caster duels. If your ladder, or against duped items, then try to get your hands on a pair of rare boots with some nice lightning and fire resist. The other mods are less important for a WW sin then most other classes, so don't worry about the fast run, or fast hit too much.

* I upgraded them to boneweave imp shanks also, to help my kick damage, and I put some points in dragon flight. You will see this explained later on as an option for remaining skill points.

* for melee duels, your resists won't matter, so don't worry about it.

* for caster duels, you will need 75% max resists in hell.

30% from anya quests
10-20% from annihilus charm
20-30% from mara's
15% from um in helm
65% from fade
the remaining will have to come from boots, and charms.

If you have good resist boots, and good stat gear, you won't need any charms at all of course. In the event that you don't have max resists, carry a few resist sc's in chest, and put them on when dueling public games, and caster duels.

STAT placement:

I should mention, DO NOT place your final stats without considering that at certain higher lvls, you will have your final gear on such as annihilus. I recommend carrying str and dex charms until then in the equal amount of your annihilus's and final gear's +stats. That way, you won't waste any points at all.

STR - enough to hold your chaos (99 str with items and charms on)
DEX - enough to hold your chaos (99 dex with items and charms on)
EGY - base energy. You won't need any
VIT - everything else goes here. Goal is to get it well over 425

* when doing dex, bear in mind that your best raven frost will always stay on, but you need a free ring hand for other duels. So only wear 1 raven frost when placing your stats.

SKILL allocation:

20 Venom
20 Claw mastery
1 Fade (end fade lvl depends on gear)
1 Weapon block (end WB lvl will be 23)
1 cloak of shadows
1 blade fury
1 blade shield
1 mind blast
1 dragon flight
1 shadow master

* ideally, you will have dragon flight on one of your claws. It will save you 4 skill points.

After that is done, you will need to place points in weapon block. If you have all your gear and charms already, put them on. If you don't, get out some paper and write it down what you will be using. Pump weapon block until it is lvl 23 with gear and charms on. Lvl 23 gives you 59% block rate, which is plenty. After that, it costs too many points per 1% block to make it worth it.

* Don't forget that battle command gives 1 skill lvl, so if you have CTA, you only need lvl 22 weapon block with gear and charms on, and after you BO yourself, it will be lvl 23. Also remember you will need lvl 23 with angelics on for melee duels. With mara's set up, it should be lvl 25.

* Now you will need to do your fade. Again, if you have gear and charms on, pump fade until you have 50% DR. If you don't have your final gear yet, do it on paper keeping in mind what you will eventually wear including the annihilus and shadow gc's. Add up your shako and verdungo's DR, and subtract from 50 and minus 1 for Battle command again. Thats the level of fade you need to have. Pump fade until you hit that lvl of fade. Chances are it will be about base 15, making it the right lvl after battle command.

* don't forget, your not going to be wearing Mara's in melee duels, so don't use that +2 skills when doing your Fade lvl. You will have 2 lvl's to many when wearing mara's, but when wearing angelics, you will have exactly 50% DR

Once you have completed your weapon block and fade, then you have a choice where to put the remaining points. There are only 3 choices here:

Cloak of Shadows: Reason for this is that WW barbs and smiters will be a tough match up for you, and anything you can do to lower their defense will help you get more hits in.

Dragon flight: A strong dragon flight can be a really good thing, but then don't forget, your going to have to wear a decent Kicker boot, and that will require more base str to equip. So if you go the dragon flight route, bear in mind your life will be a little lower. But a good dragon flight really helps out in duels vs casters and teleporters.

Shadow Master: I personally don't recommend it, because your shadow isn't as useful to you for a WW'er as they are for other MA builds. But a strong shadow master has its uses vs sorc's, and especially vs bone necro's. You can take advantage of the shadow master bug that way. Dragon flight to the necro and use dragon claw. All the bone spirits will hit your shadow master and none will hit you until your master dies. Your dragon claw will be lvl 1, but its very effective still vs low defense characters like bone nec's. So shadow does have its advantages.


1 x annihilus
5-10 x Shadow Discipline GC's
The rest should be Max/AR/Life charms

* I find the ideal number of shadow gc's to be 5, but thats because my sin is lvl 89. If your not planning to lvl that high, you may want to wear as many as 10 of them.

Just remember to decide on this BEFORE you skill your character, because your weapon block and fade lvl depends on how many shadow gc's you will be wearing.

If your on ladder, then you will be trading for SHARP GC's, which have max damage/AR/life on them. For your sc's, you can fill it out with life charms, or some resist sc's if you lack resists.

If your non ladder, get as many 3/20/20's as you can. if you have a problem using dupes, which those are, then just get the best legit ones you can find.

GEAR options for the not so rich players.

I think ideally you should create your characters with your final, IDEAL gear in mind, and when you use stat points, skill allocation, and such, you should do it based on what you will eventually be wearing.

Theres nothing worse then having to remake your character as you get better gear. Just build it with the best gear in mind, or the best gear you think you will be able to get eventually, and then skill it accordingly. This may make you a little weaker for a time, and may make your build not so ideal, but once you put on your best gear eventually, your skills and stats will be perfect, and none wasted.


Shako - not only the best helm, but a very affordable one also. I think every WW sin should use it. I won't mention any more helms, cause shako is cheap to get. Um it for resists, or if resists aren't a problem, you can put a 5/-5 poison facet in it.


Bramble - The best armor for a WW sin if the poison % is high. Anything over 40% is going to be your best option. Don't pay any attention to the thorns when trading for them, cause its negligable anyway.

Nats armor - A good cheaper alternative, but then remember your going to have to put 3 poison facets in it, and that will cost you. Nats will end up being just as expensive as bramble in the end. It will also require more str to use, so keep that in mind.

Arkaine's Valor - Skill lvls and lots of added life. A decent armor if the first 2 aren't options

Lionheart runeword - good resists, str, vit, dex, and lots of life. Excellent armor to get you started because the runes to make it are fairly cheap to attain.

Shaftstop - Good Dr, and added life. With the 1.10 patch out, shaftstops are virtually free these days, so if you have nothing else, get a shaft.

Duriel's Shell - Good resists, 15 str, and added life. Again, a virtually free item that has some very useful mods.

Enigma and COH are worse then bramble or nats, and more expensive then both, so I see no reason to mention them. Don't use either of them under any circumstances. There is just no point.


Verdungo's - obviously the best. Tonnes of vit and Damage reduced.

String of ears - Still decent, due to the Damage reduced, and since its so cheap these days, I won't recommend lower belts then this


Trang Ouls - By far the best, and so cheap, so no need to add any more options here. Use trangs, no matter what.

* for those who don't know, life tap doesn't work with WW, so thats why draculs are not recommended here. They don't work with WW sins. Neither does leech in pvp by the way, so basically their gloves with str only.


Gore riders - Best boots due to the deadly strike and open wounds. Also since there dirt cheap, not much point mentioning too many others.

Rare boots - the common dupes are awesome, but if your on ladder, or a legit player, then try to find some rare boots with resists. You can live without the fast run and fast hit, so don't worry too much about that. Just find the biggest resist you can, and str or dex is a nice bonus. Also, lightning and fire resist are the only 2 you should really worry about.


Raven frost - even bad raven frosts are still your best choice. Wear 1 at all times in your right hand. Again, too cheap not to have at least 1 of them.

Angelic ring - if you have the amulet also, this adds 10 dex, and an insane amount of Attack rating. Carry a set of ring/amulet all the time, cause you will benifit from it in certain duels that I mentioned above in the dueling section.


Mara's - best amulet you can get, due to the 2 skills, resists, and 5 stat points in all. Go for a low resist one to save money, but get a mara's forsure.

Angelic - again, coupled with the ring, a great set that gives massive AR

Highlords - not as good as the other 2, but worth a mention. 1 skill, light resist, and deadly strike. 34% deadly strike at high levels, which adds a lot of hidden damage to your WW.

CLAW OPTIONS: (besides chaos suwayyah of course)

Fury Claw - your best choice on your second hand. 66% open wounds, 33% deadly strike... wow. The damage may not be very impressive, but with those extra modifiers, its the highest damage claw in the game hands down.

Chaos Claw - if you wear 2 chaos claws, you will lose the 33% deadly strike, and 34% open wounds, but what you will gain is more damage, and 471 Magic damage. If you don't have a fury, another chaos might be a good option until you get one.

ETH Bartucs - not nearly as good as fury, but not to bad. 2 skills, 1 ma skill, dex/str, 20% AR bonus. There definitly nice claws. Only problem I see is to put zod in them is costly, so why not just get fury claws. But if you have a pair lying around, you can use them in the meantime.

Jade talons - I keep a set for a couple match ups, but you could also use them exclusively until you get a fury claw. 2 shadow and ma skills, and huge resists. There not too bad. Again, the eth problem. ETH is much better, but then you add the cost of Zod to them, making it more or less the same price as fury. Seems pointless to me, but its an option


I recommend 5 shadow GC's, and the rest max/ar/life charms. Reason is because max/ar/life charms add by far the most damage and attack rating to your sin. Skill lvls from gc's add less then you would think, and are really only good for increasing your weapon block, or fade level to save you points. However, if your planning to lvl over 85, then you won't need it, because you will have enough points in the end. So the number of shadow gc's will depend on what lvl your going to go up to.

If you can't get max/ar/life charms however, then simple charms can do the trick.

life sc's
resist sc's (mainly lightning and fire)
AR grand charms

Or, since shadow discipline gc's are relatively cheap, even if you go to high levels, you can still just use 10 of them and some life and resist sc's in your bottom row.


Quite frankly, WW sins are pathetic in PVM. They kill slow, they are vulnerable to attacks from ranged and melee characters, and it costs a fortune to keep repairing your claws. Of course you will be using ort runes to do that, but it will take a full inv full if you were to play through the game.

However, if it is your goal to play the character through the game, and not get rushed, here is what I recommend.

Put on str charms in the amount of 45. That along with the 20 str that you start the game with, will give you 65 str and you can wear sigon set. Use sigon set for quite a while, until you can start replacing the pieces with better gear. I would say around lvl 30, your going to want to start replacing it with better gear.

Remember, do not put too many points in str to wear better gear early on. You don't want to have wasted any by the time you hit lvl 70 for your annihilus. I recommend you caclulate on paper exactly how much str and dex you will be adding to your character with your ideal set up in mind. That way, you can afford some str and dex early on to help you wear some gear. But make sure your math is correct... You will be very upset if you screw that part up, and 80 levels later you realize you made a mistake

Since I rush my pvp characters and leech in baal games, I really can't recommend too many low lvl items that help you out. I suggest you check out arreat summit for a complete list of all items in the game.

Since you won't get WW until lvl 57, your going to be stuck with just Dragon Claw and Blade fury to get you there. Its going to be a hard go, but it will be well worth it when you complete your perfect dueling character without a single point going to waste.

You can go ahead and pump your Vit early on so you will have more life to help you survive. And thats exactly what you will be trying to do with a WW only character that has no WW until lvl 57. Survive... do your best, but its a hard go forsure


Your main attack is of course going to be WW. You will use it in every duel forsure. But don't discount your other attacks you will have. Blade fury comes in very handy at times that I will explain. Also, Dragon claw is a nice thing to use vs a few characters, so you should hot key that aswell.

I'll go through each duel you will face one by one, adding to it as I have time. I will also state whether the duel will be an easy, medium, or hard duel for you.

* I should also mention that I believe Blizzard messed up when making the absorb items work in PVP. So having said that, I choose to only use 1 absorb item at most in any one duel vs characters. My dueling strategies will never include using guardian angel, t gods, 2 wips, and stuff like that. A good character will only need 1 absorb item. The reason for using 1 item, and not none, is simple. Blizzard also messed up in the over powering of certain caster characters. I feel to even the score, 1 wisp ring vs lighting casters, or 1 raven frost vs blizzard sorc's is more then fair.

Set up for Public Games - Since you don't have time to go back to chest every 2 seconds in public games to change gear, I suggest you use your caster set up at all times. Make sure your resists are maxed at 75%. You will be slightly weaker vs other melee characters, but you will be able to fight anyone that comes your way. If your doing one on one duels, then do the following:


- easy duel. Make sure you have your resist gear on. Wisp ring if their lightning sorc, Dwarf if their Fire sorc, and to be fair only wear 1 raven frost if their cold sorc's. Technique is simple. Run diagonally towards the sorc and when there within range, dragon flight them. As soon as you appear next to them, WW downwards, because dragon flight will place you directly above the player. Many sorc's will try to teleport very very quickly around you and try to shoot from a distance. All you do is wait for your opening to dragon flight them. Sometimes they teleport away before you get a WW in, but no matter, because your dragon flight will hit them because their defense is so bad, and your venom and open wounds will really hurt them. As long as they are teleporting like a mad man, they can't stop to shoot more then once. VS fire sorc's especially though, use the diagonal run towards them, cause the worst thing you can do is run into a stream of fireballs. There so easy to dodge and it takes quite a few of them to kill you cause you block so much, but still, be a little careful.


- easy duel. Use resist gear for this duel. Basically, dragon flight and WW back and forth till there dead. They simply have no chance vs you. You may get the odd guy try to teleport around you, and spam tornado's while trying not to get hit by you. These are the good duelers, but it won't make any difference anyway, since you can just casually walk around picking your spots to WW through them.


- easy duel. Gear won't matter, cause they can't attack fast enough for you to worry about this match up. Cast Cloak of shadows and then just start WW'ing them. I would be surprised if they hit you more then once before dying. Its too difficult for a melee druid's to hit you when your WW'ing back and forth on them.


- easy duel. Put on resist gear. Run right at them, and dragon flight first chance you get. WW straight downwards and repeat the process till their dead. You will be getting hit continuously throughout the duel, but the damage will be quite low so don't worry about it. Just attack the druid constantly till he's dead.


- easy duel. Melee gear and angelics. Basic strategy here is just stay on the druid and WW constantly. Your aiming for the druid of course, but even if you miss, its fine cause you will be hurting his bear and wolves. Raven's don't do jack, so ignore the annoying pecking. If you stay on the druid and WW constantly, you won't have any trouble at all. Don't Dragon flight however, because you will leave yourself open for the bear to attack you while your casting delay wears off. Just walk right up to them and start WW'ing.


- medium duel. Put on melee gear and cast BOS. Your DR will be lower, but you will need the run speed for this duel. Run in a semi-circle around the bowazon. Arrows will be following you the whole time. Once you get a chance, Dragon flight at them and WW in the same direction that they were running in when you dragon flighted them. Chances are, they will continue in that direction. You WILL get hit, there is no getting around that. Chances are, you will dragon flight and WW kill them long before your hurt too much, but if you get knocked back a few times, the arrows following you may catch up and shell you. Its rare to die from a bowazon if your careful, but don't discount the amazingly annoying knockback of guided arrow. Be careful. Do not run towards them. You must use the semi-circle technique.


- easy duel. Put resist gear on, and also throw on a Wisp ring. Cast cloak of shadows on them and then basically just trade shots with them. WW back and forth till one of you dies. It will always be the javazon. Just make sure that your WW's are as SHORT as possible. Don't do the long back and forth WW's. You will leave yourself open to more attacks and you will probably die. Just keep them really short, and stay on the zon. You will win.


- easy duel. Put resist gear on aswell as 1 wisp ring. Throw on a jade talon instead of your fury claw, and put on your 6 x 11% resist sc's instead of 2 of your Sharp GC's. Your now ready to go out and destroy. They can no longer hurt you, so just cast cloak of shadows and dragon flight / WW till there dead. You can fight this duel fairly easily without changing all the gear too by the way, but the gear change just makes it easier for you. Remember, you will block 59% of his foh's on average, so he will be dead before he gets enough hits on you anyway.


- easy duel. Same thing as Melee druids, they can't hit you enough to kill you. Some of the very best ones will get you down to about half life if their lucky, but you certainly won't die. Cast cloak of shadows and then just WW their ass. Keep your WW's short again, and you will have no trouble at all here. If they have life tap, it won't save them cause they won't hit you enough to make it matter.


- medium duel. Use melee gear, and cast cloak of shadows on them. Make sure you have a shadow master out to annoy them a little. Your basically going to be trading WW's with his smite. If their life tap doesn't trigger, there deader then dead. Smiters will die faster then zealots if life tap doesn't trigger. If it does trigger however, your going to have to run. Run away from them, and mind blast them and throw ninja stars until the life tap goes away. It won't take long, and smiters are very easy to keep away from you if you use mind blast. Once its gone, just go WW their ass again.


- easy duel. Melee gear, angelic set. Not really worth a mention on tactics, cause a charger will never kill you. Just keep WW'ing and the duel is over. You can even WW away from them in the other direction, and they will keep charging into your WW.


- medium duel. Use melee gear, because hammers are magic damage, and also cast BOS instead of fade, cause you won't need DR or resists. Cast cloak of shadows before the duel starts and then use the following technique. Stand still and throw ninja stars at them from a distance. hammerdins have to teleport right next to you to hit you, and once they do you got em. As soon as they teleport next to you, WW straight Downwards. A good hammerdin will teleport directly below you, cause thats his kill zone with his hammers. He needs you above him to hit you. So you use the WW down technique. He will teleport below you again, and you once again, WW straight downwards. DON'T EVER use dragon flight vs hammerdins, because you will appear above them and thats their kill zone. DON'T EVER WW more then once vs them either. Have patience, use ninja stars to force them to teleport on you, and once they do, there dead. If they don't have enigma, which some don't, then instead of the WW down technique, your going to use dragon claw. First, hit them with some mind blasts so there are holes in their hammer storm, then once you get your chance, you simply run at them FROM BELOW and dragon claw them to death. As long as you are directly below them, or directly to the right of them, they can't hit you with hammers. Just remember, they know this as well as you do, so its sometimes a battle for position to see who can stand below the other guy. Take your time, when you see your chance, go for it. Use mind blast to create the holes.


- easy duel. Caster gear, and a wisp ring. This is going to be quick. Stay on them, dragon flight / WW and its over. Their shock won't hurt you much, and their elemental attacks will not only not hurt you much, but won't hit much either. Keep the pressure on and you won't have any trouble at all.


- easy duel. Melee gear, cast cloak of shadows and WW their ass till they die. If they don't WW you back, they can't possibly win, so be prepared for them to start WW'ing you right back cause they know they can't hit you if they use frenzy, berzerk, or concentrate. See below for what to do if they ww.


- hard duel. Actually, impossible would be a more appropriate word. If they have the top gear, your dead. WW'ing a barb thats WW'ing you is an exercise in futility. They have more damage, more defense, higher Attack rating, and more life. Do the math, it adds up to a dead assassin unfortunetely. Things you can do to try to fight back... Use mind blast and use your ninja stars. They don't hit very much, but if your good, you can get some outside hits with them to even the score. You can mind blast and shadow master them. When a barb ww's you with your thorns from bramble, it doesn't hurt them much at all because of the pvp penelty. But when they WW your shadow master with your thorns on your shadow, it does significant damage to them. Mind blast them, side step their WW and try casting shadow masters in their path. 1 hit kills it, so cast another, and another, and occasionally WW them. You can win with this technique, but its very hard...


- easy duel. Melee gear and Angelics. Since singers rely on the stun effect from their shout, just WW. WW is uninteruptable, so no matter how good their shout is, you won't be stunned. This is the only duel in which your going to want to keep your WW's a little longer then usual. There are 2 reasons for this. First, shout has a small radius, so you can stay out of it with longer ww's. Second, it gives the barb more time to burn up his mana if you make him miss more often. But this duel won't be too tough, so not much to worry about here.


- easy duel. Caster gear. Since your poison resist is way over maxed due to bramble armor, they won't hurt you much at all, even if they lower resist you. Just dragon flight / WW till they die. They have to be next to you to hit you, so it will be a breeze to kill them.


- hard duel. Caster gear, and I recommend putting on a wisp. Technique here is simple, wait for them to teleport on you cause they do it every time. When they do, cast Cloak of Shadows on them. This is a technique told to me by SmokeMan on this forum. Once cloak is cast on the skellies, they won't attack you cause they are blinded. From there, its simple, BE CALM !!! take your time, and try to recognize who the necro is. Once you see him, WALK towards him and WW. Or, if he's close enough to you, WW towards him. He won't be able to see any better then you, so chances are he won't see you coming. If you pick him out and WW the nec effectively, your going to win. If you miss a few times, or try to take out some of his skellies, you mightl lose. Thats why I say be calm, and find the necro. Cloak lasts about 20-30 seconds, so you have some time. Also, skellies don't have big damage, so you will have a few seconds to spare if they do start attacking you. Also, when looking for him, look towards the centre of the mess of revives, because thats where he will be after the teleport. You can WW through the centre of the group and hope for the best. (thx Smokeman, The cloak trick is one I never knew)


- Hard duel. Melee gear and again cast BOS instead of fade, cause you won't need the DR or the resists there. There are 2 types of bone necro duelers. Those who try to tank you, and those who are mad teleporters. The tank boners are super easy, because you can use the shadow master bug and dragon claw them. As long as you have shadow master out, their bone spirits won't hit you, it will hit your master. If you see that they are using bone spear instead of spirit, just simply WW back and forth and they will die. Keep them short though. If your up against a mad teleporter, your going to have to dragon flight them to death. Follow them around, dragon flight, dragon flight, dragon flight. Venom and open wounds should do the trick. Bear in mind its one of your hardest match ups, so be careful. Don't be afraid to run away from the trail of bone spirits and regroup. If your careful, you can win vs the teleporter types also, but its going to be hard no doubt.


- easy duel. Caster gear and 1 Wisp ring. Run in a big circle around the trapper and his traps. As long as your on the move sideways, traps won't be hitting you. Once your close enough, Dragon flight and WW. If they try to mind blast you, there dead. Just WW right through the mind blast right at them, and they get hit every time. If they try to run around dodging your WW's, anticipate. Don't WW at them, ww above or below them. Your blocking a lot of the traps hitting you, so you have time here. Take your time, make sure you don't waste any ww's, and the trapper will die pretty easy.


- easy duel. Melee gear. They can't get nearly enough hits if you WW, so just dragon flight / WW till they die. They will be trying to stun you with traps and mind blast, but it won't be very effective since WW is uninteruptable. When you win, and you most certainly will, be polite on the GG. You gotta respect someone who not only uses assassins, but chooses to play the most difficult ones to use in pvp. I always feel bad killing them, cause I have one too, and I know how frustrating it is


- easy - hard duel. Melee gear. Cast cloak of shadows before the duel starts, but don't EVER use dragon flight vs other WW sins. You can trade shots for a few to test his gear out. If your better, then just continue to WW. If you notice that the sin your dueling is also quite good, then you can mind blast and ninja star them from back a bit. WW sins have terrible defense, so your ninja stars will hit almost every time. I mind blast, throw 2 or 3 stars, and then WW through them. When their ww is done on the other side of you, mind blast, throw some stars, and WW again. Its mostly gear, but technique can bring you over the top if his gear is better. Remember that WW is uninteruptable, so if your mind blasting him, you also have to sidestep his ww, cause he can tank right through the mind blast.

*** Same build duels are often times the most fun match ups, so when you see another WW sin, maybe make a private game and have some fun

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