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Amazon | Assassin | Barbarian | Druid | Necromancer | Paladin | Sorceress
Faster Block Rate | Faster Cast Rate | Faster Hit Recovery

The Ghost-ww Assassin Varient

I. -Introduction
II. -Equipment
III. -Stat points
IV. -Skills
V. -Charms
VI. -Strategy

Hello, my name is koda, and ww assassins are my specialty.

This guide is meant for public and private duels against some of today's most
common enemies, and if you follow the guide exactly, you should be outside
town guarding the bodies of your foes in seconds.

This build utilizes some of the untapped potential most other ww assassins overlook, including teleport,
faster cast rate, and stacked resists without changing gear.

This Assassin is VERY expensive to make and is NOT for beginner ww assassins.
If you cannot afford it, that is simply to bad, if this is your first ww assassin, go follow voide's guide,
you won't be able to use this assassin effectively.


You will need this gear exactly, and I will not provide poor man's versions or ladder versions.
If you want to try this build with different items, use your brain and figure it out yourself.

Claw 1:
Fury Feral Claws- Try and get a +3 venom version.

Claw 2:
Chaos Runic Talons- Try and get a +3 venom version.

Enigma Breast plate- No nats, no bramble. This is the only armor suitable for this build.

Shako- Use this helm vs. melee

.08 Valkrye Helm- 30 fcr, 30 runwalk, 30 ias, 30 fhr. The staple of the Ghost, this helm
combined with arachnid allows you to reach the 65 fcr breakpoint, grants enough runwalk to escape Bone spirits when
golem slowed, gives you fhr needed toe scape mb lock, and let's you cast traps at the maximum cast speed while in fade mode.

Storm Hide duped assassin ammulet

Trang's Gloves

Perfect Verdungos- The new string of ears. Use this for max DR against druids and melee.

Arachnid Mesh- 20 fcr.. use this in conjunction to .08 Valk for 70 fcr.

Thunder Gods- +10 max light resists and 20 lightning absorb. Always use against trap assassins, and when needed against
Lightning sorceress.

Dual perfect Ravenfrost rings- AR, Dex, cold absorb.

Soul Shanks- about 50 to all resists except poison. More stacked resists the better against facets and anya bug.

Hotspurs- Most fire sorcs are easy, but if you encounter a good one, use these boots to even the odds.

::NOTE:: Many people will complain about the t-gods, ravenfrosts, and hotspurs. If someone starts crying, here is what you do.
1) Squelch them, they are noobs.
2)Calmly explain to them that 1 piece of absorb/stack resists is GM (good mannered) and allowed in legit duels.
For the dual ravenfrosts, just say you need them for dex/AR, which you do.


Stats. Follow this exactly and you will have no trouble with body popping and you will reach 460-520 vitality.

Strength: You should have BASE strength. Not a single point in here, it will go to waste.

Dexterity: Naked you should have 40 dexterity points. DONT PUT 40 INTO DEX, you want 40 dex altogether. Anni will bosst to 58, and both ravens will make it 88.
Storm hide gives 17 dexterity, knocking it to 115, the dex needed for your claw. Use your brain for the anni/dexterity input.
a 15 stat anni requires 43 dexterity, while a 20 stat anni requires 38 dexterity. Don't be stupid and pop yourself.

Vitality: EVERYTHING else. With shako and verdungos at level 86, I have 500 Vitality.


Skills. Follow these skill points exactly.

Claw mastery-20
Mind Blast-15+
Claw block-10
Wake of fire-1
Lightning sentry-1
Dragon flight-1
Blade fury-1


Use 10 shadow Discipline Grand Charms with 30+ life.
Anni with 18+ resist.
9x 20 life 5 resist sc's. I use 2x 15/70 Bug mana sc's so i can catch defensive teleports, 3x 20/5, 2x 5 res 5 fhr,
and 4 plain 5 res sc's currently.


I will go in depth on how to duel each respective common 1.10 dueler.

f3-Shadow Master
f5-Dragon Flight
f6-wake of fire
f7-lightning sentry
f8-mind blast
f10-Battle Orders
f11-Battle Command


Bow: Wear .08 valk, Verdungos, and cast shadow master. Teleport zig zag to the ama, dodging arrows and preventing a guided to lock.
When ama is on your screen, click her name for teleport and pull a short ww... Chances are she will dodge and circle you for a few shots.
If she is on screen, dragon flight/ww her, but if she is running off screen, namelock ehr with MB, lay one Lightning Sentry and tele/ww her.
Most Bowazons die one hit, so after she takes dmg, follow up with a MB until she dies.

Charged Strike: You may need t-gods for this duel, depending on how strong her lightning is. The crappy ama's you can usually just tank with ww,
but against skilled ones you may need to stun them. To do this, teleport a little offscreen, set wake of fire inbetween you and her,
and MB her when she is in the center of the traps. She will be stunned so give her a few short ww's... 3 or 4 should prove sufficent.


Trapper: Most of these guys will be easy, unless you fight people who played trappers in 1.09. You can block their sentries, and tgods should soften the damage so you survive. Most trappers will hide behind their traps, and not know what to do when u get in their face. Run around the traps, look for an opening, dragon flight in, ww and run away before you are locked. A good trapsin will take over 6 whirls, so be careful. When they have 1 life left, set traps of your own to finish them, as they only have 1 life left.

WW sin: If they are bramble and you are enigma, your going to be fighting an uphill battle. If they are good and built their assassin right, the bramble build will always win. One execption to this, is if you are a level mark above theirs, such as 80-89, or 90-99. These breaks will signifigantly increase open wounds damage.
Try and ww them when they end their ww's, and be sure to use traplock and MB to mess with their ww's. If you think u can do do it without being dragon flighted, launch some blade furies at them.


WW Barb: You cannot beat a good ww barb. These guys can definatly outwhirl you, out tank you, and kill you. Just hope the barb your dueling is not very good.

Conc barbs: Treat these guys like you would other melee. Triangle ww them, and don't let them outrange you.


Melee: Same as Conc Barb except triangle WW is needed to beat them.

Wind: Anywhere from hard to easy. I find them very easy if you just approach them with wof and light sentry.
If they decide to teleport on you, ww away and mb them followed up with a wof and another mb. ww them and make sure
the spirit died. if you open wound a druid without it's oak, they are basically screwed.


Bone: I used to find these guys VERY hard, but recently I have been doing alot better. Equip arachnid and .08 valk, cast shadow master,
then teleport like mad. dodge the spirits, never stop moving. DO NOT try and tank them unless they are a shit necro... Quick teleports
and short drive-by ww's are how you win.

Psn: I recomend going defensive due to their poor range. surround yourself with 3 LS and 2 WoF traps, and the moment he comes in to psn nova you,
MB him. You will be taking a psn nova, but you will also traplock him. ww 2-3 times and you should win. If this does not work, pursue with drive
by ww techniques.


Zealots: triangle ww, treat them as conc barbs of druids. Only the godliest will defeat you. Before duel use enchant, as this build cannot use angelics.
Smite: Easier than zeal, you can tank these, once again use enchant.
FoH: Very hard duel if they know what they are doing. You will need a +3 ort helm and tgods definatly. Fortunatly you can block FOH, so you have a decent chance if the paladin is inexpierenced. Just be sure to d flight and ww as often as you can. You cannot traplock charge.
Hammer: This is where max mb comes in handy. First off, use enchant, second off, wear arachnid and .08 valk. Just MB them, it will do decent damage as most hammerdins have 18 or less DR. If they try and tele-hammer you, just ww away from the hammers and MB more.

Blizzard: Chase them with teleport and dragon flight, If you have trouble hitting them, namelock a MB and follow up with one Lightning sentry, another mb, then WoF traps. Hit f9 for namelock teleport then ww them back and forth.
Fireball: Wear hotspur boots and just Dragon flight them when they fireball you, if you need trouble catching them, try and catch them with traps.
Light: Wear T-gods if needed, and just tank them, fairly easy duel but treat like FB sorc.

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