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Amazon | Assassin | Barbarian | Druid | Necromancer | Paladin | Sorceress
Faster Block Rate | Faster Cast Rate | Faster Hit Recovery

PVP Hybrid Assassin

Assassins have always intrigued me because there are so many ways to build and play this character 
class. Since unlike most other classes almost every assa player has his own build based on not much 
more than guessing what will work good, I decided to give you a little insight in my build and 
playstyle. I can’t guarantee it’s the perfect build but it served me well giving an at least average 
chance vs every single class in the current rules setting of www.euro-pvp.net.

A hybrid assassin in 1.10 makes use of the runeword claw Chaos which makes you able to use the 
barbarian skill Whirlwind. What makes hybrid better over trapper you might ask. The equip is quite 
expensive and will it really add anything? I have played trapper before and the problem was I had 
little to no chance to beat amazons. I felt a hybrid build could turn this matchup around in favor of 
the assa and the bet paid off as I managed to beat every ama I played in league with this build:

Claw Mastery:
top priority. Next to dmg/ar it also adds very useful chance to hit critical.

Burst of Speed(BoS):
more would be nice, but no points to spare and 1 does the job

Lightning Sentry(LS):
your kill vs every class but ama

LS Synergies:
50 - 60
max would take level 101 unless you get your hands on a chaos claw with dragonflight and/or shadow 

Weapon Block:
useful skill vs mages. 1 point can give 56% block with a few Shadowcharms

Shadow Master:
Better than warrior in my opinion, because the master makes Fade/BoS and Traps on his own, whereas the 
warrior needs a target on screen before he casts any skills at all.

0 - 1
This skill doesn’t only add resistance as is shown on your screen but it has a hidden bonus of 1% 
damage reduce(dr) per level. This is needed to get 50% dr vs pala and hybrid assa, while using two 
claws for blocking Fis of the Heavens and traps. Fade can be casted from weaponswitch, unlike Shadow 
Master/Warrior, which disappears as soon as u switch back.

Dragon Flight(df):
Most valuable skill vs amas. Because it has three useless prerequisite skills try to get this one on 
your Chaos claw.

Mind Blast(mb):
When using traps, this will increase stun. Also a nice way to finish off people who got down to 1 life 
as a result of open wounds.

Equipment vs. Amazons

* Harlequin Crest (40ed/9dex jewel)
* Enigma Breastplate
* Chaos suwayyah/sciccors suwayyah
* Stormshield (40ed/9dex jewel)
* Steelrend
* Gorerider
* Crafted Blood belt with open wounds, str., life, fhr
* 1.08 Highlords Wrath
* 2x Ravenfrost
* Charms(ideally): Annihilus, 1x 5run/3max and 38x 3max/xx/20life

I chose to use 110 run vs. amas and thus forfeiting the right to make traps(max run on assassin who 
makes traps: 90), since traps are useless vs amas anyway, they just run away and leave you with no mana 
to continue pursuit. The second raven would ideally be replaced by a crafted or rare ring with lots of 

Equipment vs. Barbarians and other pure melee chars

Same as vs. ama but replace highlords for an amu with +2assa, 20dex.
With this dex u can replace the 2nd raven for a Soj and get a little better trap dmg which u need will 
need here.
Get 10% run from either amu or charms to reach 90.

Equipment vs. Mages

Weaponblock blocks fireballs, bone spirits, blizzards, traps, fohs, frozen orbs, anything! Use two 
claws and some Shadowskillers to get a respectable chance to block and always get max res. If you find 
yourself camping, toggle on walkmode to maximize block.

Be prepared that some players will play defensively and may try to throw you off your game, forcing you 
to play aggressive. Don’t play along, you will only get yourself killed by chasing a sorc or pala. Just 
use 20 replenish life and be patient.

That’s it.

With these guidelines you should be able to make your own equip choices vs each class I haven’t fully 
covered. Hope you enjoyed reading and maybe got some inspiration to start your own hybrid.

Guide by Allexander Witt

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