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Elemental Druide Guide

Introduction..... Elemental Druids Where Laughed at during .9 and rightly so consider the fact that they could not kill shit.. but as days passed by blizzard worked up the never to make a patch which made the foundation of synergies which makes majority of the .9 builds shit and made the new laughed at builds such as a elemental druid Rule.

I will list The Most Recommend Gear and the not so great but so can do ... gear to surviving

Elite Mans Gear/Next Best Thing/The Items I could find

Helmet [Shako,Ravenlore,Delerium (in a sweet skilled druid helmet]
Armor [Enigma,Chains of Honor,Valor]
Weapon [Hoto] [Call to Arms] on weapon switch
Shield [Storm Shield,The Ward] [Liddles] on weapon switch
Gloves [Mage Fist,Frost Burn,Blood Fist]
Boots [Ethereal Sand Storm Trek,Non-Eth Sand Storm Trek,Waterwalk,MarrowWalk]
Belt [Archnids,Verndago,Tgods]
Amulet [Maras,Seraph's Hymn,High Lords]
Rings [Sojs,Bk Rings,Raven Frosts,Mandals,mana/fcr/resist rare rings]


Str [Depending on gear ,you can go as low as no str with Enigma Breast Plate] [103str -anni/shako/maras for a Chains of honor Archon] or [Valor which is 165str ]
Dex [My druid has around 200dex at lv85 for max block on storm shield ...which i suggest be the only shield u use if your going to max block]
Energy [Base,due to the fact that with a High +Bo Cta +items such as ,sojs,shako,maras,frostburn will boos your mana sky high] [50-100 energy if your stuck with shit gear and need mana] or [just stick with base and use shitload of mana pots]
Vita [The rest of your points should go in here because you need life to survive ...Duh!!]


These are the recomended skill choices to put your points in to suceeding with killing

You should have 96points to use at lv85 after you have completed all your Skill Quests (Den of evil,Radaments Layer,Izual)

Tornado [20pts]
Cyclone Armor [20pts]
Twister [20pts]
Hurricane [20pts]
Oak Sage [15pts]

You should have that many pts in each skill at lv 85 as long as you do not Fuck up

Tornado-Your main attack which should be set always to your left clicker (hold ctrl) and click to use the attack if your a major nube
Hurricane-A niced added dmg, which can slow down most of your enimies and add the littel punch to kill
Cyclone Armor-A shield that is used to absorb major elemental damage (fire,cold,light) not (poision) which can keep you alive long enough to take down the pesky duler/monster
Twister- Just a simple synergie to add dmg to (Tornado,Hurricane,and absorb to cyclone armor)

Player Vs Player
Dont no.. jack shit about pvp tatics cuz i hardly ever pvp ..Im A True pvm'er so your gona haft to test this shit out for your self

oh almost forgot

10xElemental Druid Charms of your choice
9xSmall charms (3/20/20) or (20life) or (20life/15mana) depending on if your rich/your on ladder/non ladder
and of course a anni

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