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 Diablo and Hellfire


New Unique Large Charm: Hellfire Torch

It gives the following stats:
25% chance to cast lvl 10 firestorm when stricking
+3 to random character class skills (like +3 to amazon, +3 to sorc...)
+10-20 to all atributes
+10-20 to all resistances
+8 to light radius
lvl 30 hydra 10 charges

I think it will only be dropped by new super-unique: Lilith

Here are some screens:
screen 1
screen 2
screen 3

New Runewords

These two are old, but they are being listed regardless of that fact:

New Areas

Yep, that's right. Remember good old cow level? Well, Blizz added 2 new areas like this. Pandemonium 1 and Pandemonium 3. Here are the entries from lvlmaze.txt:

Act 5 - Pandemonium Run 1, lvl 133, rooms 12, rooms(n) 24, rooms(h) 36, size = 8x8
Act 5 - Pandemonium Run 3, lvl 135, rooms 3, rooms(n) 3, rooms(h) 3, size = 24x24

Levels for monsters in those areas are 133 and 135, so it looks like this will be better than hell baalruns.

To get to the Pandemonium 1 level, you must use this cube recipe:
Key of Hate + Key of Terror + Key of Destruction
Seeing how the names correspond with the 3 brothers (Mephisto is the Lord of Hate, Diablo is the Lord of Terror and Baal is the Lord of Destruction) I think this items will be dropped by them.

Here are some screens of those items:
screen key1
screen key2
screen key3

To get to the Pandemonium 3 level, you must use this cube recipe:
Diablo's horn + Baal's eye + Mephisto's brain
I have no idea where you get these items, but here are some screens
screen eye

New "Thing": Standard of Heroes

This is something I have no idea what it is. It looks like a potion, or a charm... Here's a screenshot, you can also see Mephisto's Brain in the screen.

screen standard

New Super-Unique: Lilith

Taken from bnet:

Lilith (Demon)

Spawned to enact a blood vengeance for her sisters' death. Those few heros who venture into Hell to slay the greatest demons and come across her, will bow down before her in a bloody mess!

Lilith only roams the Battle.net Realms. What could stir her to come forth and avenge her sister? Could it be something to do with an artifact her lover drops? Fore Lilith be not a Lesser Demon like thy sister was - she be mixed with the greatest of all the Demons.

Tips and Other Additional Information
Absorbs magic and few elements hurt her. Beware her Poison Nova.

Ok, it talks about her sister, seeing how she looks like Andariel, I would say that's her sister. And her lover... well, it talks about an artifact so my guesses are either Diablo Clone or Mephisto, for they drop Annihilus and Soulstone. So to get her to come you have to do something with one of those items...

by TheAce

See also Unique items like Merman's Sprocket

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