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by Gabrial Scholz ([email protected])

This is an autoit enchantress bot mostly for HC mode. Leave this parked at the edge of town and let people feed off of you. :D

-'Dual Screen Mode' so that you can play the game and have an enchantress going at the same time (Extremely buggy right now).
1600x1200 display is a REQUIREMENT for this mode.
-If the auto_bot option is on, it will create it's own games, find out where the edge of town is, wait there for X amount of seconds, etc.
-Someone typing $chant over their head will make you to enchant them.
-Someone typing $party over their head will make you party everyone in the game.**
-Blocks $chant & $party if they are not overhead.
-**Doesn't try to party people who have hostiled you. :)
-**Won't 'un-invite' anyone who's already been invited.
-Gives instructions when the bot is turned on and whenever someone joins the game.
-Customizable cool down times for enchanting and partying.
-'END' exits the program.

To Do:
-More detectability for failing to log in/join games
-Fix Dual Screen

Installation Instructions:
-There is a mod included for whoever is running this so d2loader is a REQUIREMENT.
-Remember to put the 'data' folder directly into your Diablo II folder.
-Your Diablo II shortcut should have '-direct -txt' in the target parameters (only really matters if auto_bot=false).
-Your Diablo II in game display MUST be atleast 800x600.
-I highly recommend that your display be atleast 1024x768 and 32 bit colours. Errors may occur if the setting are not to this.

-You can no longer select the name of the window for auto_bot mode.
-Able to change/disable join game intros.
-Dual Screen Mode works now. Extremely buggy though (might just be my slow computer :P).
-Added Onlyer's CD Key Changer kit and Nov 11 2005 version of D2loader (extras folder).
-Fixed a bug that would screw you over if you had exit_bridge=true.
-Changed exit key to 'END' because it seemed to suite it more.
-'HOME' key now locks the script until you press it again.

-Updated readme so it doesn't look so chunky.
-Changed security. Bot should work for 64 Bit Windows now.

-Severely shortened script for party up function. Fixed stupid bug for it. Now it works like it's supposed to.
-'HOME' now exits the program.
-Bot will now create games, find out where the exit to town is and move towards it (act 1 only).
-Changed readme file to .exe for security and coolness reasons.

Chantbot v1.3
Chantbot v1.1
Chantbot v1.0

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