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AutoIt Bot

Clonehunter v3.07 (1/18/2006)

Makes games and checks for your IP matching to one in your list. Once it finds an IP it idles forever.
Notes: This program will NOT help you find hot IP's you must do that on ICQ or blizzhackers or some clone finding forum. It will however keep trying your specified hot IP's once you get them. Version 3.x's files are not compatiable with any previous clonehunter versions.

AutoIt Version: 3.x converted from old 2.x version
Language: English
Platform: Win9x/NT
Original Author: PlanTXFooD [[email protected]].
Edited by: Snarg [[email protected]]
Furthermods/A3 conversion by: Snipeye [[email protected]] This bears little resemblance to the original version

1) Decide what you want to key in each run and change keyindata appropriately:
A=account info only, I=IP's only, B=Both account data and IP's, N=no keyin
2) Depending on your choice add your account information to account.ini
2) If not keying in IP's edit the file ipsearch.txt and add the IP's you want
3) Edit/examine clonehunt.ini for the following entires:
RealmSelection= west, east, europe, asia for your realm
Difficulty = (H)ell, (N)ormal night(M)are, but why do anything but hell
GameName= Put your desired game name prefix, a random number will be added to the end
GamePass= desired game password, null/blank will create public games
If you use maphack set up MaphackPath, MaphackExecutable, MapHackcfgfile to your stuff
If you want to change game lengths, edit GMinDelay and GMaxDelay, the defaults of 180/185 will give you a game between 180 seconds and 185 seconds
4) Edit IdleAction to your function key that will provide an idle in town
5) Edit IButton = (R)ight or (L)eft for which button will be used to idle
There are other things you can change, see the ini file, but this is the minimum.

Note: If you hit <ENTER> for any keyin entry it will default to what is in the .ini file.
Exception: If you manually enter the first IP it will not use any IP's in the .ini file.
If you tap <ENTER> for IP1 it will default to all 5 IP's in your .ini file.

Misc Notes: You really can't use your computer while the bot is running.
It will likely mess up the sequence of keystrokes/mouseclicks.
If you do anyway be aware the bot will probably get out of sequence and fail.

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