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Concentration Axe Barb Guide


This build requires Level 93 To Complete.
This build is not meant for the "Poor Man."
This build is for Melee Dueling, Barb Vs. Barb.
This is my first guide, so plz critique/question a lot.


Concentration - 20
Axe Mastery - 20
Battle Orders - 20
Iron Skin - 20
Shout - 20
Battle Command - 1
Howl [PreRequisite] - 1
Bash [PreRequisite/Syngergy] - 1
Stun [PreRequisite] - 1

Bash is another Synergy of Concentration, along with Battle Orders, however I did not choose to Max it, but instead went with Iron Skin / Shout for the Defense.
If you wish to do more damage, and go beyond level 93, you should invest points into Bash.


Strength - 100*
Dex - 180**
Vitality - Rest
Energy - Base

* - In order to have 100 Base Strength, you must have a 20 Stat Anni, as well as 20 Strength SteelRends.
** - 180 Worked Well For Me, But You May Want To Go Anywhere From 180-190 Dex.


Helm - '40 Ed/15 Ias' Arreats [Try For 200/6 or Eth Glitched, Depending on Your Funds]
Armor - '40 Ed/15 Ias' Ethereal Steel Carapace [Try for 220%, Depending on Your Funds]
Weapon - Ethereal 'Botd' Zerk [Try for 400+/15, Depending on Your Funds]
Shield - '40 Ed/15 Ias' StormShield [Try for Perf 148 Base Def]
Switch - 2x 'FalFal' +3 Warcry Weapons
Gloves - SteelRends* [Try for 50+/20, Depending on Your Funds]
Boots - Gores [Try for Upp'd, Depending on Your Funds]
Belt - 38+/15 Dungos [Try for 40/15, Depending on Your Funds]
Ring1 - 20/240+ RavenFrost [Try for 20/250, Depending on Your Funds]
Ring2 - 20/240+ RavenFrost [Try for 20/250, Depending on Your Funds]
Amulet - HighLords
Charms - 39x Perm 320s / 20/X/X Anni* [Try for 20/20/X, Depending on Your Funds]

* - SteelRends and Anni MUST be 20 Strength/Stat, in order to use the Eth Cara at 100 Base Strength. For every point the Rends or Anni are under 20, put 1 more point in strength. Ex - 18 Attribute Anni + 17 Strength Rends = Base 105 Strength

Dueling Strategy

Before The Duel

Equip PreBuff Equipment [If You Decided To Use It]
Cast Battle Command Twice
Cast Battle Orders Twice
Cast Shout Twice
Note: Cast Twice For Fun, And Sometimes The First One Misses Due To Lag, Etc.

During The Duel

Say 'Go' Above Your Head Before Attacking, Using The ! Command.
Do Not Run, Pot, Etc.
Just Fight It Out Until One Of You Dies [With This Build..Him..]
Unless You Are Both BM'ing, Then You Can Pot Run, Enchant [Muhaha].

After The Duel

Go To Town And Heal [If Needed]
Get Ready For Round #2


Alrighty, thats my guide on how to make a good Concentratio Axe Barb.


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