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War Cry Barb Guide

You'll Make Them Cry Alright!

Alright this is the breakdown of sections for the guide:

Why play a warcry barb?
Skills and Stats
Socketing Your Items
Your Ideal Inventory
Things You Didnt Know

================================================== ===

Why Play A Warcry Barb?

Are you one of those people in public games, who saw a warcry barb? Did you cuss him out, because he chose to play one of the most underated and fun chars?
Well, I am one of those players who chose to make a warcry barbarian regardless of how he turned out. I must say i was very surprised to see that i was actually a competitor in private, and public duels.
If you have been intrested in a warcry barb, but have not been willing to take the risk, here are some things that can maybe sway your opinion. Besides a warcry barb, what character recieves great comments in every game you enter? Let's say you happen to kill someone in a public dueling game, like a fireball sorc. The FB sorc will be so angry and feel so bad, because a simple underated warcry barb killed him. This is a character which you are respected, upon killing in dueling games. Not many characters have the ability to play with a persons mind, and make them feel flat out stupid because they lost to an underated, unique character.

================================================== ======

Advantages and Disadvantages

Basically the advantages of a warcry barb:
Huge Life
Massive Massive Resistances
Huge Cast Rate

The disadvantages of a warcry barb:
High Mana Costs
No Shield
Low Damage

================================================== ======

Everything with an astric(*) beside it is the recommended item, of the choices i list.


Harlequin Crest Shako*
Arreats Face
Veil of Steel(.8 version)


Breast Plate Enigma(only real armor that works. It must be breast plate!)


2x Wiz Spike*
2x Heart of The Oak(perf res)
2x Suicide Branch
2x Warcry spears*( on switch for casting BO)


Gale Shell*
Imp Brow
Armageddon Fletch


Soul Spurs*
Grim Spurs
Aldurs Advance


Thundergods Vigor*
Arachnid Mesh
Verndugos Hearty Coil


Trang Ouls Gloves*


2x Soj*
1x raven and 1x SoJ

That basically covers the item segment of this guide. The reason why breast plate enigma is needed, is because it needs 30 str to use. If you use annihilus to tweak your str to reach the str demand, you generally will require no points in strength to use all your gear. Dual wizspike is recommended because it will cost an average of 50 mana per warcry, so the mana is highly needed.

================================================== =======

Skills And Stats

For skill breakdown its basically like this:
Battle Orders:20 points
Warcry:20 points
Then max as many synergies as you can for the skill "Warcry"

Stats breakdown is like this:
Str: 0
Dex: As much as it takes to use your weapon choice
Vit: The rest!

================================================== ========

Socketing Your Items

When socketing your items you have a few choices. If you want massive life you can socket everything with io runes. If you want good fhr socket a shael rune in your helm, and fhr jewels in your weps(if you choose wiz spikes). If you feel you need more energy, socket wiht lum runes. If melee chars are smoking you bad, socket with ber runes here and there. You can mix and match what you like, all of them are ideal choices.

================================================== =======

Your Ideal Inventory

10x Warcry charms(preffered mods on them, life//fhr)
9x 5%fhr sc's or 20 life or 20 mana
1x annihilus

================================================== ========


Here is the strategies that i basically use for each type of char:


On any type of caster, its probably ideal to tele around them, launch a warcry or two. They will be casting at you like crazy because your a warcry barb, supposed to be an easy target, they think one shot can kill you. If you follow the gear reccomendations i gave you, you will have 5k+life, and 200+ stacked res. If they hit you, your fine you can actually tank most casters. By the time they cast their spell over and over, they will be burned for mana. This is your chance to tele in, and spam warcry as much as you can. Most public duelign characters dont have much faster hit recovery, so they wont be able to move or tele away. Cake.

Melee Chars

A melee char will generally chase you, thus as they run behind you, you spam a warcry. This is the hardest type of char for a warcry barb to fight, simply because they can kill you so fast, because you dont have a shield. Keep your distance, and plan your cries well.

================================================== =======

Things You Didnt Know

Warcry is counted as physical damage, therefore any character you duel with high high damage reduction, your cries will not really effect them that much.

Faster Hit Recovery, is probably one of the best ways a char can counter you. If they have lots of FHR, try the stratedgy for a melee char i listed.

Any character that uses a lidless wall for a shield, you can kill 9 times out of 10. With low damage reduced you can smoke them in id say 3-8 crys. Usually any type of sorc that uses lidless wall, is very easy.

A necros bone armor, stops warcry damage from getting to them. You must first kill the shield, and then your warcrys will start hurting them. Be warned you will be hurting for mana while dueling necros with a high lvl of bone armor.

================================================== =======


This is a char that requires lots of talent, practice and dedication. You will not grasp this char after 5 minutes of dueling. I have been playing the warcry barb for about a month, and i still have not perfected the methods of dueling with him. Some characters, you will just not be able to kill, no matter how hard you try. This is a char that is supposed to lose. So remember that, dont get all huffy puffy when you lose, chill its underated, and its meant for fun.

================================================== =======

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