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Pvp Double Throw Barbarian Guide

Welcome to my PvP Double Throw Barbarian guide. Enough chitchat, though...

Why not start things off chronologically-With the low level setup. While there are many options available to you when it comes to “leveling gear” for this Barb, I will give you one setup that is easily attainable.

Leveling Gear:

Now there are two choices here, BloodFists and Death’s. While the Bloodfists have a nice amount of Life, FHR, and 10 IAS, I find that Death’s are a better option when used in conjunction with the Death Sash as well, only at Low Levels. This provides 8% Life Leech as well as 30% IAS, 15% Resistance to all, and even the all important Cannot Be Frozen.

If you chose to use Death’s Gloves, then no question you should be using Death’s Sash as well. Really an unbeatable combination for such a low level. However, if you went with Bloodfists another option is superior. Hsaru’s Belt is quite good, providing 20 Life and 20% Cold Resist. It really shines, though, when used in conjunction with Hsaru’s Boots, providing a Defense and Attack Rating boost based on Character Level. Another fair option is to just use any Rare/Magical Belt you come across leveling.

Again, if you opted to use Hsaru’s Belt, then this is a no-brainer. Definitely Hsaru’s Boots as well. If you went with the Death’s combination, a great option for Boots would be Cow King’s Boots, with an amazing +20 Dexterity and nice amount of Fire Damage-at level 13 mind you-there really isn’t a better option here.

Well this isn’t even really a decision, go with Angelic’s.

Again, nothing beats Angelic’s.

Everybody loves Twitchthroe, with 20% IAS, +10 Dexterity and Strength, 25% Increased Chance of Blocking, it cannot be beaten at level 16.

There are a few good choices here, Biggin’s Bonnet is useful with a nice boost-+15-to both Life and Mana as well as 30% Enhanced Damage and +30 Attack Rating. Though you may wish to switch this out once you reach 15-20, for a nice Barbarian Helm with +Double Throw or other useful Skills.

Well, to start off at Level 1 purchase some plain old Javelins from Charsi. Then as you level pick up Javelins/Short Spears/etc…At about 16 you will have the Strength and Dexterity to use Throwing Spears, purchase these from Malah in Act 5. These are your best bet until you can use your Cruels.

I find that the best way to go about leveling is:
1-4 in Cold Plains, raiding full Baal runs, etc.
4-8 in Stony Field, raiding more.
8-12 Tristram runs, make a pubby game for this.
12-15 Pit runs, raiding works best here.
15-20 Arcane.
20-24 Cows.
24-25 Ancients.
Then just pubby Baal runs.

Now to the fun part, Stats and Skills.

This is fairly set in stone, though there are a few variables. I’ll give you all of the viable options.


20 Throwing Mastery-
It’s a Throwing Barbarian, was there ever any question on whether or not to max this?
20 Double Throw-
Gives you the AR necessary to hit your targets. Main means of inflicting damage.
20 Double Swing-
Synergy to Double Throw, giving you more damage. No question here.
20 Battle Orders-
I don’t need to explain this. Every Barbarian uses this.
10 Shout OR 10 Increased Speed OR 10 Natural Resistance-
Well here is a tough decision. If you wish to have your Barbarian Anti-Caster, use a mix between Increased Speed and Natural Resistance. If you wish to be all around mix the three. If you wish to be able to tank a WW/Zeal or two on occasion, put more into Shout. It all depends on what you wish to accomplish with the build. Of course as you level more you have more points to place as you see fit. This greatly effects how your Barbarian will play.
1 Frenzy-
Gives you an Attack Speed bonus as well as a Walk/Run Speed bonus when active, useful to get around faster. Useful with only one point.
1 Battle Command-
Increases all Skill Levels. What's not to like?
2 Prerequisites-
Nothing to say here really.

Again, quite a few choices to be made here, and I will leave these up to you rather than tell you what to do. Let me know if you have any other ideas or feedback specific to the Skills setup.

Base Stats at level 80:
Strength: 76, adjust this depending upon the Strength Requirement of your chosen Armor Type.
Dexterity: This is where it gets tricky. One can go with all out Dexterity for insane amounts of Damage and Attack Rating, with little Vitality. I suggest about 180 into Dexterity for base. Leaving your Vitality at a respectable 215 at this level.
Vitality: Or go with just enough Dexterity to use your Winged Harpoons, which is 145. If you choose this option your Vitality will be 250 at level 80.
What in the Hell is Energy?!?!?!

Here comes the fun, the PvP gear. There are two setups here, I will start off with the Simpler, easier to obtain setup.


Not used for the 10% IAS, as the Breakpoint is already met with other gear. 30% FHR, 40 Life,+5 to Minimum Damage. Best option here by far. Upgrade them.

Verdungo's Hearty Cord-
Huge bonus to: Vitality, DR, and FHR, unbeatable. Get a xx/15 Dungo's, DR is hard to come by for this build.
Death's Sash-If you insist on having "Cannot Be Frozen", go with this. While I find being "Frozen" to be obnoxious, I'd rather have the 15% DR and use Thawing Potions when I'm "Frozen". It's really up to you.

Gore Riders-
Fairly obvious choice. Open Wounds, Crushing Blow, Deadly Strike, great Boots all-around.
Sandstorm Treks-
While a nice eth pair of Treks is your best option, they're quite costly. Even a non-Ethereal set with nice Stats will do well here. 20% FHR, +15 Strength and Vitality, a good amount of Defense. I prefer these over Gore Riders.
Soul Spurs-
Very nice choice as well, though they lack the Vitality and overall Defense of the Sandstorm Treks.

There is no other viable option here. The mass amounts of AR that this combination carries is absolutely imperative to the success of this build.

Again, THE BEST option, end of story.

Jeweler’s Light Armor Of The Whale-
Socket this with four 40% Enhanced Damage, 15% IAS Jewels. If you can’t get perfect 40/15s, get any ED/IAS Jewels. As high of Life on the Whale mod as possible is best. Light Armors only, as anything heavier restricts your movement causing a slower Run/Walk speed.

Jeweler’s anything Of The Whale-
The Helm makes no difference. Again as much Life as possible. Socket this with three 40% Enhanced Damage, 15% IAS Jewels. Again, if 40/15s are unavailable any ED/IAS will work.

Cruel Winged Harpoons-
No doubt here. Any Suffix will do nicely, but not the “Quickness” Suffix, as that is acknowledged in the following Equipment setup. “of Evisceration”, “of Butchery”, “of Nirvana”, are all very nice. Anything useful. No Suffix works fine, too. Two of these.

Alternate Setup:
This is completely identical to the previous setup, save the following. These changes are to be made if you are in possession of “Cruel Winged Harpoons of Quickness”. Alter your Helm to a 40% Enhanced Damage, 15% IAS Arreat’s Face. You will still hit the Breakpoint for Double Throw, but you will have more Dexterity, Strength, Damage, Life, and Skills. This is obviously a better setup. Though “Cruel Winged Harpoons of Quickness” are quite rare.

On Weapon Switch:

Echoing Weapons-
Any type you can use works. Boosts your Battle Orders and Shout up 6 levels.

39x3/20/20 Small Charms-
Really, is there anyone who could possibly argue against these being effective? If you find your Resistances not to your liking, substitute a few of the 3/20/20s with 20/5 Resist Charms until they are satisfactory.
Annihilus Unique Small Charm-
Again, how can one possibly doubt the usefulness of the Anni?

Tommy Gustafson's FHR/FBR tables.
Weapon Speed Calculator.
Myself, as I put much thought into this guide.


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