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The Ultimate Ww Axe Baba Guide

1. Intro
2. Stats
3. Skills
4. Equipment
5. Tactics
6. Outro

1. Intro
First of all, this build isn't meant as specific BvB or anti-caster, but with this build you try to kill as many different chars as you can. In this guide, there isn't mentioned poor man's equip, simply because your baba is going to suq then.

2. Stats
Strength: Enough to wear equip (equip is mentioned later in guide)
Dex: Enough for full block (75%) with storm.
Vitality: Rest
Energy: Base, really?

3. Skills
Axe mastery
Pre-req: (Put 1 point in these skills)
Leap attack
Good 1-pointers:
Natural Resistance
Increased speed (pre-requires increased stamina)
Battle command
Iron skin

4. Equipment
I've pointed some optioned here, ofcourse it's your own choice what you r going to use.
HelmEth glitched arreat's socketed 40/15 (ias/max)|Arreat's socketed 'Jah'
Some nice defense, dex & str bonus, ar bonus, resand fhr
Mods of arreat's I listed before, less defense then glitched ones, jah increases max life 5%
Only choice, wear this in combination with angelic rings.
Rings2x angelic|angelic + raven frost
+20 life and when you wear these in combination with angelic amu, it gives massive ar and 75+ life to amu.
Use 1 raven frost for cbf vs chars who use cold as main skill. Take one with +240 ar so that your ar ist still ok.
ArmorEnigma dusk|Enigma mp
I personally prefer dusk because it looks cooler and has more defense.
this needs less strength.
Weapon(s)eBoTD Ba +400% + Doom rw ba
Best weapon in the game, no explanation needed.
Still decent dmg, the cold aura slows enemys.
Shield Stormshield socketed 40/15 (ed/max)|4 topaz shield
Use this were you need block: bowzons, wwbabas, wwsin (not always necessary)
Use this vs fohers.
15% dr, 10% fhr, massive vit: just what you need!
20% light adsorb, str + dex bonus, adds some elemental dmg : us this vs chars who use lightning as main skill (trapper, light sorc, fohers, javazons)
BootsGore riders|Sandstorm
10% Open wounds, 15% Cb, Ds : nothing beats this.
Huge poison res, str & vit bonus, 20% fhr : use this vs novamancers.
GlovesSteelrends +55%|Dracul's grasp
Nice %ed, str bonus, 10% Cb : nothing beats this
15% Open wounds, str bonus (Life tab doesn't work with ww)
Bo weapons(on switch)2*Cta +3 Bo|2* 3 wc weapons
Gives 2 extra skills from 2 cta's, using 6 bo cta is useless since max on baba is 3. Disadvantage: Less skills to shout then with wc weapons.
2x 3 extra warcry skills.
Charms3/20/20 sc's|20/5s
We all know we we use these, 3 max 20 ar 20 life. Legit players can use some 10/xx/40+ Gc's.
Use these 'till you have full res or come close to full res.
Note: I personally don't like wc skillers, since they don't give ar or max dmg, but ofcourse it's your own choice.

5. Tactics
Lightning sorc(easy)
Put on your thundergods, and perhaps some wisps, use BoTD+ Doom. Wait 'till the sorc starts to cast, lightning is a rather slow attack so while she's casting tele/ww. If she's not using full block, she should be death in 1 or 2 hits. If she's using full block, just have some patience and kill her in 3 or 4 hits. Make sure you make small whirlwinds, if you wwing the hole map around she's going to kill u easily.
Orb sorc(hard)
This can be a very hard duel. Put on your ravenfrost for the 20 sorb + cbf. Try to namelock her and tele/ww, this can look very easy but it isn't, especially when the sorc telespams/orb.
Fb sorc(medium)
This depends on how good the sorc can duel. If she's smart she'll never come into your screen so that you can't namelock her. It's your job to make sure she does come into your screen, you can namelock her, tele and ww. Same as with lightning sorc without full block she should be death in 1 or 2 hits. When she does she's death in 3 or 4 hits. Make sure you make small whirlwinds, if you wwing the hole map around she's going to kill u easily.
Blizzard sorc(medium)
This also depends on how good the sorc can duel, and how fast she is. Put first on a raven frost, 20% sorb, cbf. Normally she casts blizzard on herself, and hope you tele to her, she telees away and you are hit by the blizzard. The only thing u can do is be faster then her. This can become a hard duel when she's telespamming, but if you r fast enough, this shouldn't be a problem for u.
Foh pala(medium)
Put on thundergods and your 160% lightning res shield perhaps a wisp if you r dueling on hell difficulty. This is a very lame way to kill him, but in my opinion the only way to kill a foher. If he's wearing exile it can take a while before he's death.
Smite pala(medium)
Put on your BoTD + doom rw ba and start wwing away from him. If the smiter is also wearing doom rw this can be a hard duel, just hope he don't have the lucky to cast life tab, if he does your a death baba.
Hammer pala(hard)
Hammer pala means death to baba in 90% of the cases. If the hammer pala has a decent equip and a experienced dueler, u can never kill him. This is how I try to kill them: if he just stands there, casting hammer waiting for u to tele/ww into the hammers, don't do it! if u do, your a death baba. Wait 'till he tele's to you fast ww on him, and tele away, wait again 'till he tele's to you. It's a lame way of dueling, but the only way you make a chance against them.
Zeal pala(easy)
You know how it goes, ww, ww, ww, killed. Put on doom rw to slow him a bit.
Charge pala(easy)
Same as with zeal, just never stop wwing 'till he's death!
Bow ama(easy)
Use storm, tele to her, ww, ww, ww, killed. If she's using knockback it's rather annoying but you still be able to kill her.
This will be a very hard match, especially with a perfect equiped javazon. Use thundergods + wisp and BoTD + doom rw. The slow aura from doom rw heps alot, but it won't be a garanty u'll win. Start wwing and never stop, it depends on how good the ama is wether you'll win or lose.
Bone necro(medium)/(hard)
This can be medium/hard, if the necro is telespamming/casting it's hard, if the necro has maxed bone shield + full block, you make no chance. Try to get him in your screen, namelock, tele/ww. Hopefully your lucky and with some nice hits + luck you'll be able to kill him.
Poison necro(easy)
Pretty easy since he has to come in your screen to cast nova. First put on sandstorms (+70% poison res) and perhaps venom grips (30% poison res, +5 to max poison res). Namelock tele/ww, if he's a good dueler, you'll have to be careful but normally you'll win.
Ww sin(easy)
I've never beaten by a ww sin, never will be. They are shieldless and have less defense, you can wear BoTD+storm or BoTD+doom rw, you'll both win the duel.
This can be a hard match or an easy, depends on how do you want to play it. You can put on 2 wisps + thundergods, pretty lame I think but u defenitly win. You also can put on only 1 sorb item, wich makes it very hard for you to win, especially when the trapper is the whole time mind blasting you. It all depends on your style of dueling.
Wind druid(medium)|(hard)
This depends on how good the druid can duel. This is how I try to kill them: wait for him to come into your screen, never tele into the way where he casted tornado's. You can try to kill the oak (wich makes you a oakkiller ) or you can just ww, ww, ww on the druid. If he tele's away again, just tele to him again (in the other way from were he's casting tornado's.) Make short ww's, so that he can't cast to much tornado's while you do your ww.
Wolf druid(easy)
It's same as with zealer and charger, never stop wwing 'till he's death. They absolutly have no chance against u.
Ww baba(easy)|(medium)|(hard)
As you see, this dueling can be anything. I pointed a easy mark vs non shield users. The medium is for decent baba's like me, and hard is if u duel vs specific BvB's. The only thing u can do vs other ww baba's is put on your storm and maybe a bit lame but should also be mentioned: use enchant from demon limb.

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