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Gold Find Barbarin

Question:What skills did you max?
Answer: Find Item, Battle Orders, Shout, and Natural Resistance. (I put the rest into Battle Cry to weaken enimes, you can put the rest into whatever you feel is best.

Question: How much gold do you get and where do you get it?
Answer: I do Travincal runs and I get estimated 500,000 gold per run. Thats half a million.

Question: Why would you want alot of gold for?
Answer:Gambling. Go for the rare items, circlets, rings, ammys, gloves, boots, belts. The weapons and armor are usualy a waist of time, and they cost way too much to be waisting your gold on. Good rare items can be traded for currany (Currently Sojs, 3/20/20's, and high runes) to make you rich and buy other items that you trade for.

Question: How do you kill?
Answer: My Act 2 Hell Deffencsive Merc kills the council members. You can use whatever merc you think can kill the best and tank.

Question: What items do you wear?
Helm: Ik Helm with 2x Lem runes
Armor: Dusk Enigma
Weapons: 2x Duel Lem Ali Babas
Ammy: 70-80% gold find ammy (mine is 73% with +1 barb skills)
Rings: 2x Dwarf Star
Belt: 70-80% gold find Goldwrap
Boots: 70-80% gold find boots
Gloves:Chance Guards
Charms: High% gold find Gheeds Fortune GC and small 10% gold find small charms

Question: What level should I be and what difficulty should I do the runs?
Answer: The higher level you are the more gold you can hold in your stash and inventory. I usually do runs in hell till I am filled up with gold then I go gamble. You get more gold in hell that nightmare or normal. But the lower difficultys go much faster.

Question: Why do you use Engima and not Wealt?
Answer: Enigma has teleport. Teleport is not for transportaion in this case but for the same tatic that the Assassin skill Dragon Flight. You teleport on top of the enemy you want your merc to kill and get out of the way so you dont get hit. Teleport is a must in my opinion, it makes the runs alot easyer.

Question: What do you do with the Find Item skill?
Answer: After all the Council Members are dead. You use Find Item on all their bodys to find even more gold.

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