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Diablo 2 Hunters

Everything You Need To Know About Diablo Clone
by eze101980

Q: What is Diablo Clone?
A: Diablo Clone is the special world event added to the game in patch 1.10 by Blizzard.

Q: What is special about Diablo Clone?
A: Diablo Clone is the only monster in the game that drops the unique annihilus charm.

Q: Does Diablo Clone appear in all difficulties?
A: No, you must have a hell difficulty game in order to get dclone.

Q: How do I find Diablo Clone?
A: Diablo Clone will spawn on servers when enough sojs are sold to merchants.

Q: How many sojs does it take to spawn Diablo Clone?
A: It can take anywhere from 80-120 sojs sold to NPCs.

Q: How do I know if Diablo Clone is in my game?
A: You will see "Diablo walks the earth" message on your screen.

Q: If Diablo Clone is in my game, where can I find him?
A: Diablo Clone will spawn at the first super unique monster someone in the game visits.
You can find a list of super unique monsters and their locations here: http://www.battle.net/diablo2exp/monsters/super.shtml

Q: Can Diablo Clone spawn more than 1 time in the same game?
A: No, dclone will only spawn once per game.

Q: What characters are best to kill Diablo Clone?
A: Smiters with lots of crushing blow, life tap and resists are fairly cheap to build and work well. Another character that kills dclone easily are cs zons with infinity merc. Finally (since most people have one), hammerdins will work but take more time to kill him than the previous mentioned characters. Other characters will work but these are the common builds used.

Some tips:
Spawn and kill clone at a super unique located close to a wp:
Act 1 -> Inner Cloister wp -> Bone Ash (skeleton located in the Cathedral)
Act 2 -> Arcane Sanctuary wp -> go up stairs next to wp and through portal -> Fire eye
Act 5 -> Frigid Highlands -> Eldritch
Act 5 -> Pindle (ok, if you don't mind all his charging minions)

Have max resists, CTA/Spirit on 2nd weapon position.

Beyond the basics:

Q: You said it takes 80-120 sojs sold to NPCs to get clone back; if I sell my soj, can I buy it back?
A: No! Once sojs are sold to a NPC they vanish and a count is added to the server.

Q: What are the servers you talk about?
A: A server is simply where the a d2 game is hosted, normally people will just say hotip to tell you which server to look for because people are selling sojs.

Q: Hot ip? What exaxtly is it?
A: It is the term clone hunters use to tell others that a server is selling sojs and could have dclone walk soon.

Q: If I sell sojs in a non ladder game will clone only walk on non ladder?
A: No. When the walk happens clone will spawn in all cores of that realm, meaning scnl/scl/hcnl/hcl in all games on that server.

Q: If a server walks on the east realm does it walk on others realms as well?
A: ips are realm specific... is a East realm ip and is West realm ip. Normally people just say the .73 which is why it is important to know the relam. If .73 walks on east it won't walk on other realms until that realm sells enough sojs to get a walk.

Q: If I make games to quickly, I get realm down. How long should I stay in each game to avoid getting realm downs.
A: The suggested length is 3 minutes per game.

Q: How do I stay in games without getting dropped?
A: Use one of these tricks (follow the instructions in the pics):
Act 1 wood pile
Act 2 wall
Act 5 stash
Act 5 portal
Note: the screen must be shaking in all of these for them to work.

Q: How do I know if I got a game on a hot ip?
A: Follow these steps: Start -> Run -> cmd -> netstat -n | find "4000" You will see a list of ip(s) and the number directly before ":4000" is the game ip you want to match to the hot ip. For example, you have done the previous steps and you now see listed. The ip would be .145 and if that does not match the current hot ip you want then remake a game and repeat this until you do get a match. Here is another guide on how to use the command prompt to find server ip.

Q: What are coops/pwe?
A: They are private groups that will walk an ip. These usually cost sojs to take part in their walks. The ip is kept secret between those involved and payed sojs. These private walks give its members better chance at finding game since the public don't know about it and hold games.

Q: I have seen people mention sell games, what are they?
A: Sells games are usually a normal game made on the hot ip. Since clone won't walk in a normal game, people make these games known to the public hoping for others to sell some sojs in. These games usually speed up the amount of time it takes to have dclone walk.

Q: People say a certain ip is a miswalk. What do they mean?
A: A miswalk is the term used for when that ip has walked and no one know what the count was when it walked. This usually is identified when the current soj count reaches above 120 known sells and hasn't walked yet.

Q: People tell me an ip is up XX amount, what is this about?
A: That is the amount of sojs sold since the last walk. You can compare it to the 80-120 amount to see how close a server is to walking.

Q: How many games can I get on the same ip?
A: As many as you have cd keys and ip addresses. You can have 4 games on the same server per ip address. This means you'll have to use proxies if you don't have more than 1 ip address and want more than 4 games.

Q: How do I use proxies?
A: Get a program called SocksCap and read the instructions on how to use it. You'll have to find working proxies on your own.

Q: How do people know all the amount up, last walk numbers?
A: Most of the information is kept on irc networks that have clone hunting channels.

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