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Faster Block Rate | Faster Cast Rate | Faster Hit Recovery


Well. Ive not seen alot of these out there. Acctually ive only seen one other.

I dont know whats so bad about them. I can solo diablo in about 10 min.

The skills go as follows. (This is on my char. there may be better builds but this seemes to work fine for me)

Psn Dagger - Maxed
Psn Exploition - Maxed
Psn Nova - Maxed
Lower res - 15
Bone Armor - 1
Bone Wall - 1
Bone prison - 15
Bone spirit - 1
**note** Bone armor gets 15 damage absorbed for each bonewall//bone prison. It only gets about 10 per own level. The bone spirits synergises with the bone skills as well so it dose about 700 dmg with the equipment i have on.

Stats (i will explain the stats in the Equipent section)

Str - 120
Dex - 100
Vit -240
Eng - 45
**note ** im not lvl 99 and i still have the stats quest's to do as well


Helmet - Shako (5/5 psn die facet soceted in it) - the life and mana on it are nice as well as the skills. A +2 necro FCR helm might be a little nicer pvp

Wep slot 1 (pvm) - BlackBogs Sharp (will get a 5/5 die psn facet in it soon)- This is where the dex came from You need 88 so i added a little too much there. But it gives +5 to dagger +4 to explotion +4 to nova Which is nice for it

Sheild slot 1 (pvm) - 1.1 trang'ouls Cantor trophy (um rune untill i can get a 5/5 die psn facet) - +2 poison and bone skills. and when worn with 2 other trang items it gets -25% enimy psn resist.

Wep Slot 2 (pvp) - Heart of oak flail. - for pvp the 30% fcr helps alot and you dont lose alot of psn dmg either.

Sheil slot 2 (pvp) - Same as Sheild slot 1 -

Armor- Enigma wire fleece - The +2 skills and Teleport are very nice. the incresed life 5% is great too. Another armor to look at would be Bramble with 50% psn skill dmg. Im not sure what one of these armors would be better but they are both good in their own right

Ring1 - Soj - need i say more?

Ring2 - soj - Read the above

Gloves - 1.1 Trangs - 25% more psn dmg, 20% fcr, cold resist. Havent found anythiig better yet.

Belt - Trangs - Its for the theird peice of the set. if i can find a better belt // sheild combo i will use them but for right now they are fine.

Boots - Water walks - 65 life they are not bad.

Charms - Poison and bone x 8, Anni, and shimmering x9
**note** I have room for 1x 3x2 item. i keep town portals in my belt and use cain for identifiying stuff.
**note2** With the trangs set peices i have i also get fire wall which is also nice pvp or against monsters that lower res dosent take the psn immune off of.


With this stuff on my skills do the following dmg

Psn dagger - 39k-40k over 19.2 sec
Psn Explotion - 77k-81k over 18.8 sec
Psn nova - 8368-8542 over 2 sec

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