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Guide For Pvp And Pvm Poison Necro


Hello! Welcome to my third guide! This time I picked PvP and PvM Poison necro... If u want char that will own in both PvP and PvM, this is build for u! U will be able to solo Baal without bigger problems and own most chars in PvP in full sense of word. Anyway, here we go!


Items listed in red are ur best options, suggested gear. I'll include screenshots of how ur char should look like using those suggested items.
Items listed in blue are poor man's choices.
Items listed in green are items that u should use if ur not rich enough to get suggested ones or u simply think those are better than suggested ones.

Helm: Harlequin Crest , Peasant Crown , Lore Shako , Kira's Guardian

Armor: Bramble Wyrmhide , Skin of the Vipermagi , Que-Hegan's Wisdom , Chains of Honor Wyrmhide , Enigma Wyrmhide

Belt: Arachnid Mesh , Gloom's Trap , Gloom's Trap

Weapon: Heart of the Oak Flail , Suicide Branch , White Wand , Death's Web , Wizardspike

Shield: Homunculus , Moser's Blessed Circle , Lidless Wall , Boneflame , Stormshield , Darkforce Spawn

Gloves: Trang Oul's Claws , Magefist , Frostburn , Magefist , Frostburn

Boots: Marrowwalk , Silkweave , Waterwalk , Silkweave , Waterwalk

Ring 1: Stone of Jordan , Dwarf Star , Bul-Katho's Wedding Band , Raven Frost , Whisp Projector

Ring 2: Raven Frost , Dwarf Star , Bul-Katho's Wedding Band , Stone of Jordan , Whisp Projector

Amulet: Mara's Kaleidoscope , The Mahim-Oak Curio , Saracen's Chance , Metalgrid

Switch: Call to Arms + Lidless Wall , none , Call to Arms + any other shield


Poison Nova: 20
This build is all about this skill. Max it as soon as possible.
Poison Explosion: 20
Syngery for Poison Nova and actually very useful skill in PvM... On good level it does over 100k dmg over time.
Poison Dagger: 20
Also syngery for Poison Nova. Works only with daggers so if u decide to use Wizzy it can be handy, dmg it does is sweet!
Lower Resist: 1
Very useful Curse that will make ur Poison Nova even more effective. Only 1 point is enough, it will get pretty high with +skills from gear. Putting more than one is simply pointless.
Fire Golem: 1
In PvM very good tank, he will take dmg for u and even help u kill Poison immune monsters when Lower Resist doesn't help ur Poison Nova. In PvP he is very useful cuz of his Holy Fire aura, when u bring opponent's life to 1 his aura will finish him off.
Golem Mastery: 1
It will overally make ur golem stronger, more life, more AR and higher running speed.
Summon Resist: 1
It will help ur golem survive longer when facing opponents with elemental attacks.
Bone Armor: 1
Very useful agains all physical attacks. It's also very effective with only 1 point in it. It's interesting that Bone Armor absorbs more dmg putting points in it's syngeries than putting points in Bone Armor itself.
Bone Wall: 10
Syngery for Bone Armor.
Bone Prison: 0
This is very important. U mustn't put any points in Bone Prison if u want Marrowwalk glitch to work. If u put no points in Bone Prison, Bone Armor will get level 33 syngery from Marrowwalk's Bone Prison charges.
Pre. reqs.: 1
Put 1 point in each pre. req. Simple, hehe... U will see how some pre. reqs. are useful with only one point in them. Experiment around, try using Amplify Damage and Corpse Explosion, u will see it still owns, just like in 1.09.
Total: 86
86 skill points in total. If u do skill quests (Den of Evil, Radament and Izual) on all 3 difficulties (normal, nightmare and hell) u'll get 12 extra skill points. That makes this build completeable on level 75.


Strenght: Enough for gear with +str on items
Depending what gear u'll use calculate how much str u will need base. Little help, calculate total +str on ur gear and subtract it from "heaviest" piece of gear, the one that requires the biggest ammount of strenght. Result is how much base str u need.

Dexterity: None or 60
U won't need any dex with this build cuz u won't go for maxed blocking. In case u use Wizzy put enough in dex to have 60 with +dex from items. Why 60 and not 75 for Wizzy? Well, u'll probably sock it with Hel rune.

Vitality: Rest
Life rocks, right? Do I hear "yes"? Of course!

Energy: None
On higher levels u won't have problems with mana, especially after casting BO. However, if u feel ur running out of mana too often u can put some in nrg, but in that case don't put more than 50 base. Anyway, I like mana pots more.


Inventory should be filled with following stuff:

Poison and Bone Skillers with 12% FHR: Get enough of them to hit 6 frames FHR. If ur using Bramble which has 50% FHR u need 3 of them to hit 6 frames FHR.

Poison and Bone Skillers with 20+ Life or 7% FRW: After u get enough 12% FHR Poison and Bone Skillers fill rest of inventory with these. I suggest u get lots of FRW for catching up with casters and hit'n'run opponents. In case ur using Enigma u don't need 7% FRW ones.

Small Charms with Life and possibly resist: Get ones with 19-20 life and resist all 4-5 or resist fire/cold/lightning/poison 9-11. Those are best, get as much as u need to have all resistances 75 on hell. Most important on them is 19-20 life. Resist is optional.
Note: Another option is 20/5's if ur not legit...

Small Charms with Life and possibly mana: Get ones with 19-20 life and 14-17 mana. After u got enough of life/resist SCs to have all resistances 75 on hell get life/mana SCs, they are very useful and probably only choice left.

Annihilus: Err... Need I say more?


Same as gear section, but for merc.

Eth items are always better than regular ones... For merc.
Upgrade whatever can be upgraded.

Act 2 Nm Offensive

Helm: Andariel's Visage , Crown of Thieves , Rockstopper , Vampire Gaze , Harlequin Crest

Armor: Stone Sacred Armor , Bramble Archon Plate , Duriel's Shell , Guardian Angel , Shaftstop , Leviathan

Weapon: Doom Cryptic Axe , Hone Sudan , Arioc's Needle , Spire of Honor , Bonehew , The Reaper's Tool

Act 2 Nm Defensive

Helm: Andariel's Visage , Crown of Thieves , Rockstopper , Vampire Gaze , Harlequin Crest

Armor: Stone Sacred Armor , Bramble Archon Plate , Duriel's Shell , Guardian Angel , Shaftstop , Leviathan

Weapon: Breath of the Dying War Pike , Hone Sudan , Arioc's Needle , Spire of Honor , Bonehew , The Reaper's Tool


FHR | Frames
0 | 13
5 | 12
10 | 11
16 | 10
26 | 9
39 | 8
56 | 7
86 | 6
152 | 6
377 | 4

Faster Block Rate frames

FBR | Frames
0 | 11
6 | 10
13 | 9
20 | 8
32 | 7
52 | 6
86 | 5
174 | 4
600 | 3

Faster Cast Rate frames

FCR | Frames
0 | 15
9 | 14
18 | 13
30 | 12
48 | 11
75 | 10
125 | 9

Some tips

Since this guide is for PvM and PvP I'll take my time and give some tips for both. Let's start with easier...

This is very easy. All u do is cast Lower Resist and then Poison Nova. U can also cast Poison Explosion when ur bored. It does over 110k dmg over ~10 seconds. Another thing u can do when ur bored is use Corpse Explosion and Amplify Damage instead of Poison Nova and Lower Resist, it's damn fun... Is owns Moo Moo Farms badly...
Last thing for fun, if ur using Wizzy be sure to try out Poison Dagger.
And now more serious tips. Lower Resist will remove Poison immunity from some Poison immune monsters, but not all. How will u get rid of them read in next paragraph.
Fire Golem. He is something... So special... In hell he will take all the dmg for u. In PvP he will finish off opponents with 1 life after Poison Nova. Don't forget to cast BO on him every time u spawn him. And last thing, if u can't remove Poison immunity off a monster u must let Fire Golem finish it off.
Another way of getting rid of Poison immune monsters is Clay Golem and Amplify Damage...
Or merc... Or Teeth if ur patient.

Now harder and funner part.

Before I start, I'd like to note (I already did, but just in case) that Poison Nova can't kill opponent in PvP, it can bring opponent's life down to 1. After that u gotta find way to finish him. Fire Golem has Holy Fire aura that does very small dmg, but still enough to finish ur opponent off.
If ur Fire Golem died in duel and u have no more mana to summon him again or whatever, u can also use Teeth to finish ur opponent off. It does over 150 magical dmg with only 1 base point in it thx to Marrowwalk glitch and +skills. That is more than enough to bring that 1 life down to 0.

For melee it's easy. U use hit'n'run tactic. First of all, u cast Lower Resist on opponent. Then just keep distance and cast Poison Nova. They should be down easy. Of course if u take some dmg don't forget to refresh Bone Armor. Oh, and don't forget BC and BO.
If u wanna be lame and nasty cast Bone Prison and make them suffer. Of course this doesn't work if they use Enigma...
Last thing, don't underestimate some melee duelers like WW assassin, if they are good u will have hard time winning, if u even manage to win once.

And now casters. There shouldn't be big problems unless they have fast and high damaging attacks. Examples are most sorcs.
Fireball sorc is very nasty for example. It's hard to catch her and she deals massive dmg...
Blizzard sorc isn't that fast attacker but still she kills in few attacks.
Lightning sorc... Easy to avoid as always.
Orb, very nasty. They use hit'n'run and their attack is very strong.
That goes for sorcs, they are hardest part, now other casters.
Poison necro, it's all about skill since ur similar to each other.
Bone Spear / Spirit necro... If they use Spear, u most likely won't have chances to win...
If they use Spirit it's not that hard since it's easy avoidable. Just catch them and cast Poison Nova. If they use Bone Prison then u have bad luck. It's best to have Enigma in stash just in case.
Wind druids are easy since their main source of dmg is physical and u have Bone Armor. Just get close, cast few Poison Novas and let Golem do the rest.
Hammerdins can be nasty, especially if they use Enigma. Good thing Poison Nova has bigger range than other (sorc's) Nova spells. Get close but still not close enough to be hitten by hammers and cast Poison Nova. When they see ur out of their range thay'll most likely teleport next to u. That means u'll either win or both of u will die, depending from which angle he casted Hammers. If he starts running next to u cast Poison Nova before he reaches u and run away.
Trapper... Be sure to have enough FRW to avoid Traps, catch her and make her feel pain. If she is really good use absorb or Enigma.
FoHer... If he uses Enigma and u have hard time catching him it will be hard to win without using "tricks". Either use Enigma to catch him or use absorb. Easy.

A small screenshot

Final word

Here we are... End of another guide... As always, I hope u enjoyed it as much as I did... If u followed this guide more or less strictly, u should end up with over 2.2k life and 700 mana and over 11k Poison Nova dmg.
Level of completion is 85 as usual in my guides. I simply feel it's good level for dueling, sufficient for all gear needed... It will also provide u lots of life and mana. Tho u can complete this guide on level 75 which I find rather low for dueling.


IAS calculator
FCR calculator
Skill planner
Tommi Gustafsson's FHR and FBR tables
FHR, FCR and FBR tables

And in final, me, creator of this guide.

G a u s s

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