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Pvp Bonenec Guide

Hey everyone, i finally decided to sit down and write a guide to my favorite and best pvp character, the bone nec. Well here we go.

Before 1.10, P&B necs were thought to be underpowered when compared to amazons and sorcs. In 09, this was true. In 1.10, Bone necs are arguably the TOP PVP class. There can be no godly pvp thread without the mention of a bone nec. If you are looking to build a powerful class that is still fun and exciting (especially if you are new to necros), then this will be the build for you.

Max Bone Spear
Max Bone Spirit
Max Teeth
Max Bonewall
1 point into decrepify
1 point into all Prereqs
0 points into bone prison
Rest into boosting a golem of your choice

First off, the reason for no points into bone prison is that with Marrowalks (unique Boneweave Boots), you will have 33 synergy points for prison (called the Marrowalk Bug). This will only happen if you put absolutely NO points into prison. thats 33 synergy points for spear, spirit, teeth, wall, and armor. Thats pretty sweet, and as long as this bug exists, you should take advantage of it. If it is patched, lvl up once, and put 1 point into prison.

Decrepify is by far your only good curse. It will completely crush any chances a melee character would have of beating you (they didnt have much to begin with). It will also help you against chargers and amazons.

When it comes to golems, you should choose between fire and clay. A clay golem will be easily recasted and have lots of life. A fire golem, on the other hand, is VERY useful when dueling fire sorcs, and I suggest having at least a point into it just for this purpose.

Here is a rundown of bone skills. Unlike most skill trees, they are ALL USEFUL. Yeah Im not kidding you will actually use all of them.

Teeth: "A magic damage multishot" is the best way to describe this skill. For those characters that are just too fast to hit with spear or spirit, this the way to catch them. This skill carries with it lots of synergies, and decent damage (my nec deals around 1.4k with it).

Bone Spear: My personal favorite. Bone spear will travel at a much faster speed the spirit, which will allow you to actually hurt that foher, or fire sorc. Imagin dueling a fire sorc, she fires off 6 fireballs that will probably all hit you (or go past you), by the time your first spirit gets to them, in which they will just tele away. In 1.10, I use spear much more then spirit. This will actually outshine spirit when it comes to damage in really really high levels.

Bone Spirit: what spirit does that neither spear nor teeth do is home in on ur target. This is a great way to kill people that have to come to you to deal damage (ie. chargers, barbs, hammerdins). By the time they get to you, you should have 2-3 spirits tracking them. When they stop to attack, they should be dead. You can use spear in conjunction with spirit to force them to run one way with spear, while a spirit is hunting them down from that direction.

Bone Armor: It is not listed as a skill because it is a prereq, and only one point is required. In 1.10 the synergies of bone armor add more dmg absorb then the actual bone armor, therefore we only need 1 point into armor. This skill is used for absorbing physical damage. It kind of acts as a freebie, in that with 1 point, you can use all the synergies that you would already max, to reach 1000+ phys dmg absorb.

Bone Wall: Havent used this much in 1.10, but it can still be used to obstruct characters, or ranged attacks.

Here you have to make the decision about whether to go for block or not. If you do, then you will need dex. I chose to not have max block, and I have never lost more then once to a phys dmg dueler since my nec was completed (those "once" instances was when I got bored and snoozed off). Heres what I would suggest for stats.

Enough Str to wear Stormshield (With enigma)
Base Dex (more if you need for gear)
EVerything Else into Vit
Base Energy (if you are using Call to Arms, if not then I would suggest a few points here)

Here I will tell you the top item, IMO, for you to use, followed by some other options. This guide is meant for a godly pvp character, but I will try to offer some alternatives.

Armor: ENIGMA. Far and away the best armor for a necro. If you were to invest in any one item for a nec, I would make it this. HUGE bonuses include, +2 skills, lots of str, dr, max life, frw, and the top mod of +1 TELEPORT. I cannot stress the important of having teleport, especially since mostly every other noneladder dueler has one. I would suggest having it in a dusk shroud, for the very low str req.
Other options- Chains of Honor, Vipermagi, Shaftstop

Weapon: Heart of the Oak. Simply the best with fcr, res, and +3 skills. The oak sage charge is also very nice. My nec has over 3.4k life with Battle Orders and oak sage.
Other options- White Runeword, Boneshade, Wizspike

Shield: Homonculus. If you cannot afford this then I pity you. Best shield for this nec hands down. Have a stormshield in stash for dueling hard phys duelers, but for the most part you will only use this shield.

Helm: Shako. Just like above, you should definately get this. +2 skills, huge mana and life, and 10% dr make it a very nice helm (like you havent heard that before).
Other options- Crown of Ages, GodlyRare Circlet with +2 skills, 20 fcr, and stats/res (both are nice but not as good as shako, and MUCH more expensive)

Rings: 2x Sojs. The best and you know why. If you want you can have some absorb rings in your stash to help with good fohers/trappers, cold sorcs, and fireball sorcs. You really dont need Cannot be frozen, because you will be teleing, and you wont be hitting anything with ur weapon.
Stash options- Dwarf Star, Raven Frost, Wisp Projector

Ammy: Maras. Use this for skills, stats, and res. The +2 all skills will also help your battle orders and oak sage.
Other Options- +3 P&B ammy w/ high +life, crafted/rare ammy (would suggest this if youve got a nice enough one)

Belt: Arachnids Mesh. You will need the FCR, and the + skills is just gravy.
Other Options- Crafted Caster Belt, Verdungos Hearty Cord

Gloves: Magefists. If you need the fcr go with these, otherwise go with frostburns.

Boots: Marrowalks. Because of the marrowalk bug, your boots will be an important key to your success. The +stats are also a nice touch as well.
Other Options- Waterwalks, Sandstorm Trek

Weapon Switch (optional)- Call to Arms + Lidless Wall, for Battle Orders and Battle Command

Other Information

Faster Cast Rate Breakpoints
0% 15 frames
9% 14 frames
18% 13 frames
30% 12 frames
48% 11 frames
75% 10 frames
125% 9 frames
You should always have 10 frame casting. 9 frame is better, if you can get it without sacraficing too much in other gear.

Faster Hit Recover Breakpoints
0% 13
5% 12
10% 11
16% 10
26% 9
39% 8
56% 7
86% 6
152% 5
377% 4

Dueling Stratagies
I considered going into a long segment about how to duel each class, but decided against it. The most important thing for you to have in dueling is teleport. With that you should never have a problem against any melee class. When it comes to casters, make sure you have the res they use maxed, and maybe an absorb (dont mass absorb them though). Just learn to teleport, and duel a lot. Im convinced that there is no character a pvp nec cannot beat, so just keep trying and you will find the strat that works for you and against your opponent.

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