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Guide For Pvp Bone/summomancer



Welcome to my first Diablo pvp guide
Itís a boner/summomancer guide

2 months ago I created this char and I like to duel with it very much
I saw there is no guide for it yet so I made one

This necro will combine a very strong meat wall with good damage

This is a character for the rich bastards in Diablo because it needs some expensive rune words

Good points of this char:
- very strong (tanking anything isn't problem at all)
- good all-round duel char
- not everyone will expect that u can kill them, so u can expect lots of WTF?! reactions

weak points:
- it take some time before u are ready to duel
- it's not allowed in the most duel leagues because u are not allowed to create summons from corpses
- most people think its lame


I listed only the best gear because in my opinion this build isn't working well without it

Helm: shako (um)
Armor: enigma breast plate
u need tele with this char, and beast plate for the low str req
Belt: arachnid mesh
Weapon 1: beast rune word
the Fanaticism aura will give ur skeletons massive damage
shield: homunculus (um)
Gloves: to gloves
Boots: marrowwalk
need them for the marrow bug to increase ur bonesprit dam
Ring 1: stone of Jordan (absorb rings in stash)
for the +skill and mana
Ring 2: stone of Jordan (absorb rings in stash)
For the +skill and mana
Amulet: maraís kaleidoscope
Skills, all stats and resist, cant be better
Switch: call to arms and lidless
This is very important, it will boost your and skeleton's life higher and it will also boost your mana


Raise skeleton: 20
1 of your main skills, max it together with skeleton mastery as first
Skeleton mastery: 20
1 of your main skills, max it together with raise skeleton as first
Bone sprit: 20
Your finish off skill, with this skill u are going to kill them in duel. Max it as 3rd
Bone wall: 20
Not a very good skills to use in duel but itís a good synergy for bone sprit and bone armor. Max it as 4th
Bone armor: 1
To absorb some phys dam =), its also a pre req for bone wall
Amplify damage: 1
Use this skill vs casters, your skelets will give a huge dam bonus with it J
Iron maiden: 1
Use this skills vs melee chars, they will be dead in no time
Clay golem: 1
1 point to slow them down
Summon resist: 1
Also 1 point in this, it helps your skeletons survive longer vs elemental chars
All pre reqs: 1
Donít waste more than 1 point on those
Rest of your points:
Put them into bonespear for a synergy for bonespirit
Total skillpoints: 89
So with the +12 skils from skill quests this char is playable on lvl 80 (if u wanna wear arachnid belt , otherwise its 77)


Strength: Enough for ur gear, if u use enigma breast plate its almost base strength.
Donít take more strength then ur equipe needs, its only a wasteÖ
Dexterity: base, u donít need max block because ur skeletons are your meat shield
Vita: rest, how more life the better
Mana: base, u got enough mana with dual sojs, if u got to little mana, just take some mana pots


5* summoner skiller + fhr
try to reach frame 7 that is 56% fhr

5* summoner skiller + life
the more life the better

anni: ofc anni

small charms: small charms: fill up your inventory with 20/5 (life/res) or 20/17 (life/mana) small charms:)


your merc is really important. Take a act2 might merc, this one will give might aura which will increase the dam of your skelets a lot

I will make 2 kinds of gear for ur merc because this can varies from godly to good

godly: eth doom warpike, the holy freeze aura ownz
good: bonehew or eth bonehew

godly: bramble, thorns aura is very good against melee chars
good: stone or shaft

godly: eth gaze
good: gaze or any other nice helm

Breakpoint tables

Faster hit recovery:

FHR Frames
0% 13
5% 12
10% 11
16% 10
26% 9
39% 8
56% 7
86% 6
152% 5
377% 4

Faster cast rate:

FCR Frames
0% 15
9% 14
18% 13
30% 12
48% 11
75% 10
125% 9

duel tips :

melee chars:
(barbs, smiters, ww assas, chargers, wolf druids, ect.. )
it's really funny to duel them. They are also the easiest chars to kill, just cast iron maiden on them and make sure to stay behind your skeletons so they can't hit you. Finish them off with Bone Spirit

Hammerdins: easy as well, just wait till they stand still to create a web of hammers, then jump on his ass, cast amplify dam and kill him with bonespear, u gonna lose some skelets but he, he is dead and u are alive

Trap assaís: get enough FHR or u'll be stunned to death.... Don't try to tele to her immediately, wait for a good chance. Before u make a jump on her, cast Amp. Tele on her when she isn't protected by her traps. when u tele on her there is a big chance skeletons will kill her in one hit. If the don't, finish her off with Bone Spirit.

Bonenecroís: this are also quite easy, first cast amp, and hold pressure on him.
Just tele to him everytime so he donít got much time to shoot bonespears or something.
Donít try to make a bonesprit fight of it. He is a boner, ur not u lose it when u try boner tactics

Elem druid: this is a hard one, use raven instead of a soj, otherwise u will be killed easy by hurricane.
Its better to hold distance and shoot bonespirits because elem druids are very strong and the hurricane stuns your skelets so they cant hit him."

Blizzard sorc: the most used tactic of a bliz sorc is to cast blizzard on themselves and wiat till u run into their blizzard. Donít care about their blizzard, u got a big meat wall
Just tele on them and kill them QUICK, make sure after shes dead u leave ther blizzrd vast before u are dead

Foh palaís: same like bone necroís, cast amp, and try to tele on their ass everytime

Fb sorc: Make it "this is 1 of the most difficult chars: fireball has splash and very high damage, cast amp on her and circle around her with tele and avoid their fbís, choose a good moment and approach her from behind so she has to move her mouse again to aim u. this will give u a little time to stun her with skeletons and finish her of with bonesprit
Never jump one fb sorc! W will be dead in a 2 or 3 fireballs because of the splash dam..."

Poison necroís: also very hard: if ur skelets are hit with his poison they will be dead in a few sec, choose ur moment to tele on him very carefull

Other chars: the rest is easy , just cast amp, jump on them and finish them off with a few bonesprits


Maybe u already knew it, but skelets are bugged. They cant be pierced by any skills so as long there is 1 skelet alive and stand at the same place like u, you are immortal

In pvm corpse explotion is very usefull to kill fast

Amplify dam will also increase the dam of corpse explotion

Final word

This was my first guide
I hope u like it and u going to build a necro like these because I have never seen a other boner/summo necro in a duel game and its still a very nice char to duel with ...


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