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Necromancer Guide For legit, leauge duels


1.0 - About Me.
1.1 - Skills, and their information.
1.2 - Stats.
1.3 - Items from da block~
1.4 - Usefull information about necromancer, frames [ Ias, Fhr, Blockrate and more.]
1.5 - 1.5 Prepear for 1 vs 1, make taqtic`s.
1.6 - 1 vs 1.
1.7 - Before you enter a duel, REMEMBER .
1.8 - Safe and usefull links.
1.9 - Different formulas, for character factor calculations.
2.0 - My final words.

1.0 About me

Hello fellow gamers.
My name is Mario and i have plaid necromancer for several years now, always under the nick, DaRkE_Angel.
I started in public duels 1.08 and have continued trough 1.10.
Late in 1.09 i moved on to legit leauge duel and i find it very challanging interesting and funny.

My experience and practise, including many different playstyles and setups.
All theese experiences have made me what I am today, and with that knowledge i want to help you!

1.1 Skills

This is the skills you need for a 1v1 Necromancer:

-Bone Spirit
-Bone Spear
-Bone Wall
-Bone Prison
-Bone Armor.
-Fire golem

Bone Skills

Bone Spirit
Bone Spirit is your main attack. It has a good range so bone spirit is the skill you will find most handy to take down all your enemies.
It can be tricky to control, and its moving slow, but if you put up some hard training with friends, and try to remember how the bone spirit rows move towards him on the map, you will find your own way to control this skill.
Points in this skill : 20.

Bone Spear
Bone spear, is your secondary attack versus all characters.
It dont have the same range as bone spirit, and its more difficult to hit with this spell, since it dont have the ability to follow an enemy.
But this spell moves fast, compared to slow bone spirit, the damage is pretty simular to spirit, so once you manage to hit with this skill, it can take down anything.
This skill is mainly used versus fast, skilled enemies that know`s how to dodge your bone spirits.
Points in this skill : 20.

Teeth is a skill with very low damage, it moves quite fast but as following of the low dmg, depending on your play style you may find this handy.
Teeth makes in avarange of normal level bone skills just ~140dmg and spear / spirit 700 / 750.
This means you have to hit 5 times with teeth / 1 Time with Spirit to take out the same ammount of life.
This skill is never usefull if you try to tank, howe ever you will find it handy for defense / to scare away enemies to keep them on distance for further snipe, of the powerfoul bone spirit.
Points in this skill : 20.

Bone Wall
As a fighting skill, bone wall is only usefull as protection.
This is a very nice skill, that you can use to avoid hits from enemies with range attack.
As following of synergies It makes your Bone Armor absorb more damage than 1 actuall point in bone armor. It also adds damage to all your attack`s .
Points in this skill : 20

Bone Prison
At the moment, bone prison is banned in all character battle`s, except versus passive charger, so you will only use this skill versus that kind of a peldin.
Anyhow this skill is also an synergy to your attack`s and bone armor. It has the same effect as bone wall, therefore
Point in this skill: 20.

Bone Armor
This skill, is handy versus all characters that makes physical damage.
The only thing that pirce this armor, out from physical damage is open wounds.
This means that the physical damage must be higher than your absorb ammount on bone armor, to actually take a single life from you.
If you have left over skills, and time for exp put free skills into this skill.
Tip : When you duel physical characters, hold your eye`s open, and be fast to recast this armor, never forget!


Weaken is the only curse, that actually helps necromancer in 1vs1.
Your option is to put 1 skill point in this skill, this requires, 1 point in amplify and 1 point in weaken.
It only help versus physcal damage, and due of only 1 skill in this point, and no curse skillers it will have a very low radius, so it will only be handy versus barbarian and amasones that are moving close.
IF you have a hard time duelling barb, i reccomand you to put 1 point in this skill.

Summoning Skills

Fire Golem
You may find 1 point in firegolem, handy vs fireball sorc.
This creature is immune to fire and together with a fast reaction of bone wall block, it should be easy to dodge loads of fireballs.

If you follow my guidelines for skilling your necromancer, i reccomand minimum level 92 before you start duelling.
This will give you max damage.

All the damage you can get from synergies is needed, so your choice is what to do about bone armor, weaken and the skill fire golem.
This will give you max damage, and level`s are not making your character much stronger, the choice is yours.

1.2 Stats

As in all other characters, you must have as low base strenght as possible.
Your base strenght depends on what armor you are going to use. If you are going to use an armor with faster run walk, you must be abel to use it wihtout strenght bug.

In 1vs1, you dont need to think about combo gear, so just be sure that you have 75 % block with the needed equip to duel physical characters.
To have exactly 75 % block is very important, the required dex increase with your level.
A calculator to figure this out, can be found here

The choice of statting energy is an big issue for all necromancers.
Depending if you play with mana % regenerate or not, i reccomand this :
Minimum 1300 mana with 25 + % regenerate ( for exampel mage fist)
Minimum 1600 mana if you dont have regenerate ( exampel, frost burns)

After sucsess, with reaching my reccomanded mana limits, put all your remaining stats in vitality.
The more life you have, the better offcourse <3

1.3 Items from da block ~


Price/Class of this item : Elite uniq. Very cheap. Um or less.
Handy stats :50 % faster cast rate, +15 % mana, Regenerate mana 15 %, all resistant 75 and 2 mana each character level.
Good in all setups, and can be used all around.

White wand
Price/Class of this item : Runeword Dol + io. Very cheap.
Handy stats: 10 vita, 13 mana. 3 Bone skills, 3 bone armor, 2 bone spear, 20 % fcr.
This wand can be made in superior item and can get an very high ammount of skill add. It can be used to get great damage or precast bone armor. Good in all setups, and can be used all around.


Price/Class of this item : 3 Soced Runeword, jah ith ber.
Handy stats: 2 skills, 45 % faster run walk, 0,75 strenght each level.
This is an allaround armor for necro, and is good in all matchups.

Price/Class of this item : 2 Soced Runeword, Tal Eth.
Handy stats : 25 % faster, cast rate, run walk and hit recovery. 6 Dexterity and mana regeneration.
This is basically also good in all matchups.


Trang-Oul Gloves
Price/Class of this item : Set item, very cheap. Um rune or less.
Handy stats : 20 % faster cast rate, 30 % cold res.
Theese gloves, are good when you need cold res, Necro vs cold Sorc.

Frost Burns
Price/Class of this item : Normal uniq item, very cheap. Um Rune or less.
Handy stats : 40 % more mana.
Theese gloves, are good when you need to shoot rows of bs.

Price/Class of this item : Normal uniq item, very cheap. Um rune or less.
Handy stats : 40 life, 30 % fhr.
Theese gloves are good vs enemies you need faster hit recovery.
-Elemental druid

Mage fist
Price/Class of this item : Normal uniq item, very cheap. Um rune or less.
Handy stats : 20 % fcr, regenerate mana 25 %.
Theese gloves are good in matchups you choose to use 125 % cast rate, and dont need for exampel the cold res you get from Trang Oul.


Aldurs boots
Price/Class of this item : Set item, not expensive. Um rune.
Handy stats : 40 % frw, 50 life.
Good Vs Assa, Necro, Sorc were you dont need res, Barb.

Sandstorm boots
Price/Class of this item : Elite Uniq. Stats on theese boots varies, and so do the value, out from the stats. From Um- 2 Hr.
Handy Stats : 10-15 Vita, 20 % fhr.
Theese boots, are mostly good for fhr, vs assasin and smiters since aldurs give more life you can see the vita as useless.

Sanders boots
Price/Class of this item: Set item. Very rare, difficult to get i used over 3 weeks to find them, but at last i got them free so they are not expensive.
Handy stats : 40 % faster run walk, 5 strenght 10 dex.
Theese boots are good for the run walk, and the strenght bonus, dex bonus for block.
They have very low strenght requirement and are used simular with aldurs if you choose stealth build instead of enigma.

Price/Class of this item: Duped Rare boots, worth from 2-5 hrs depends from who and were you buy.
Handy stats : 42 % cold resistant, 38 % lightning resistant, 13 mana.
Good Vs, Foh paladin and Cold sorcress.
Tip : Consider using resistant in charms instead of boots, depending on your economy.


Harlequin Crest
Price/Class of this item: Elite uniq, very cheap. Um or less.
Handy stats: 2 skills, 2 to all attributes, 10 % damage reduce and 1,5 life/mana each character level.
Good in absoulutly all matchup, there exsist no other circlet/helm that can compeet with this for a 1vs1 necro.


Price/Class of this item: Class specefic uniq, kind of cheap. Um or less.
Handy stats : 2 skill + 2 Curses, 20 energy, mana regeneration, resistant and high block.
This shield is a pack of all the goods you could ever want in a shield.
Its good in all matchups.

Darkforce spawn
Price/Class of this item: Class specefic uniq, can be very expensive based on how many skills this shield give to each of your needed necromancer skill levels. I cannot set a price on this.
Handy stats : 30 % faster cast rate, 1-3 to all of the each necromancer skill tab`s, + 10 % mana.
This shield is good versus all the setups you choose to run 125 % cast rate with enigma.
IT have very low block, so it can only be used vs casters, and it dont have any resistant, so consider this choice with visdom.


Price/Class of this item : Elite uniq. 1 highrune (Jah,Ber,Zod,Ohm,Lo)
Handy stats: 1 to all skills, + 5 % mana, 20 % fcr.
This is used in all setups, except when you need light resistant, then :

Tundergod`s VIGOR :
Price/Class of this item : Exp uniq, not worth much. Um or so.
Handy stats: 20 vitality, 10 max res, 20 light absorb.
Good when you duel assasin or light sorcress.


2 Raven`s usefull for cold absorb versus cold sorcress.
1 Wisp projector usefull for lightning absorb versus foh paladin.
2 Stone of jordan, usefull in all matchups you dont need absorb.
Amulett, with as high life / stats as possible. Your amulett is often a good way to reach the required faster cast rate limit.

Soced misc in your gear:

The option of soceding misc in your items is something that have to be done.
Here are your options :
Jah Rune, in helm this add 5 % more life, and in shield it give you 50 more life.
Ber Rune, it gives your character 8 % damage reduce, in helm and shield.
Lo Rune, this is usefull in armors, were you get maximum lightning resist.
Vex Rune, this is usefull in armors, were you get maximum fire resist.

If you choose an non runeword weapon, try to get a jewel with as high stats as possible, and base your build on this.
An exampel is 5 strenght 5 dexterity.

1.4 Usefull information about your necromancer

FPS = Frames Per Second.

Faster Hit Recovery

0% -> 13 Fps
5% -> 12 Fps
10% -> 11 Fps
16% -> 10 Fps
26% -> 9 Fps
39% -> 8 Fps
56% -> 7 Fps
86% -> 6 Fps
152% -> 5 Fps
377% -> 4 Fps

Faster Cast rate

0-8% -> 15 Fps
9-17% -> 14 Fps
18-29% -> 13 Fps
30-47% -> 12 Fps
48-74% -> 11 Fps
75-124% -> 10 Fps
125 + % -> 9 Fps

Faster Block Rate

Faster Block Rate:
0% -> 11 Fps
6% -> 10 Fps
13% -> 9 Fps
20% -> 8 Fps
32% -> 7 Fps
52% -> 6 Fps
86% -> 5 Fps
174% -> 4 Fps
600% -> 3 Fps

1.5 Prepear for 1 vs 1, make taqtic`s

Making a tac` is based on your intelegence, its here you show rather you are a good player or not.

It`s not much, but this is what you should think about ;

-1. The speed of your enemies attack.
-2. The movement speed of your enemy.
-3. The Range of your and your enemies attacks- > Whats the best thing to do offensive or defensive?
-4. What movement can you do to decrease the enemies chance of hitting you, or makes it more difficult?

1.6 1 vs 1

Here are some general guide lines you should follow in duels :

- Never let your enemy come close.

- Always choose to avoid your enemies attack, instead of taking the shot hit her, and getting hit yourself.

- Think about the third point in your taqtic section, but never ever and i mean never go agressive!

-Try to figure out how bone spirit / spears and teeth floath also experience the range of those skills.. IF ! you use map hack, ( wich is not allowd in the leauge duels ) but in practice outside the pvp community, practice and study study study the ways of how the spells go.
Spam them, and remember how they walk, this will improve your aim.

I will not say more, the training is up to you, follow tough your taqtic`s and concentrate on those do not go otherwise.

Think, Breath and after that its time to train!

1.7 Before you enter a duel, REMEMBER .

-Before you enter a duel, remember to check theese few and simpel lines:

-Check if you have Max allowd % Damage reduce after the rules, when you are going to duell a character with physical damage.

-Use the exact ammount of faster % run walk, dont go less than the rules allow.

- Use the exact or as close you can, replensih life to the limits allowd in rules.

-Always use max resistant, and absorb after what the rules say you can, always double check this.

1.8 Safe and usefull links

Skill planner, version 1.10
Block calculator
Mana calculator
Synergy calculator
Spell damage calculator

1.9 Different formulas, for character factor calculations

Replensih life formula:

Replenish Life Forumula
(25 * "+Replenish Life") / 256 = Life Per Second

For example, if +5 Replenish Life:

(25 * 5) / 256 = .48828 Life Per Second

An easier-to-use approximation is +Replenish Life/10 = .50

Mana Regeneration formula:

The following formula is used to calculate how much Mana a character can regenerate per second:

25 * [[256 * max_mana / (25 * 120)] * (100 + %Mana Regeneration) / 100] / 256

Totals within the [ ] brackets are rounded down.

Blocking formula:

Total Blocking = (Blocking * (Dexterity - 15)) / (Character Level * 2)
Blocking = A total of the Blocking on all of your items.

Note, within the blocking section :
If a player is moving, the total block percentage is reduced to 1/3rd of its original value

2.0 My final words

There is not much to say, I have used much time on this guide, so I hope someone like it.
Good luck with your necromancer.


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