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Pvp Ranger (Bow Pala) Guide


Hi all! This is the thirdguide I've writen here, and it will cover the "ranger". As some of you know, a ranger is a paladin is a paladin who relies on his bow to defeat enemies. This character makes uses of fanatcism, holy freeze, and other such auras and if you so choose, foh.
This guide is aimed for those who are bored of their cookie cutter pvp characters such as the ww barb,blizz sorc,vindicator, templar,v/t,

Since our bows rely on Enhanced damage and speed, I chose to use Fanatcism and NOT concentration
Why not conc?Simply because we lose far too much ias and AR
Because we do not have itd like smite, we rely on high ar to smack our opponents around

Stat Allocation
Like all pvp chars I suggest
STR:Minimum, I went at about 80 Str so I could comfortably Equip my guardian angel without fear of popping
Dex:Ive heard of certain paladins going over 300, but i chose a comfortable 200 for blocking and dmg/ar
Vit:everything else, hopefully you will be able to achieve 300~400 here

There are several ways to allocate skill points for a ranger, but the way I chose for mine was
Combat Skills Tree
1 into Charge, Holy bolt,Blessed hammer, Holy shield(Charge for movement)
Offensive Auras Tree
This is the heart of a Ranger paladin
If you choose to be a Foh Hybrid, I suggest 10 or more points into conviction and skimping on holy freeze(or just skipping holy freeze if its not allowed)

Blessed Aim (1+ points): While seemingly useless, it adds a 5% Ar for every point u sink into it.I would suggest pumping this until you have 10k+ar

Concentration (1 point):No good for us, we dont swing hammers

Fanaticism (20 points): The main aura of the ranger, VERY IMPORTANT, max as soon as possible, adds ed/ar/AND IAS

Holy Freeze (1~or more point(s)): This aura is not necessary to have, but I find it very handy to use in combination with charge, or when running away

Defensive Auras
Defensive Auras:

Prayer (1 point): Prerequisite for vigor, meditation, and redemption.

Defiance (1 point): Prerequisite for vigor and redemption.

Cleansing (1 point): Prerequisite for vigor, meditation, and redemption.

Vigor (20 points): This is a VERY nice skill for running, since i detest the use of enigma on my ranger.I maxed it for the stamina and speed

Meditation(sp?1~ point): This is good for those who want to make a foh hybrid

My Skill layout
20 Fanatcism
20 Blessed Aim
20 Vigor
1 Holy Freeze
Saving the rest up while testing*****May put the rest into DEFENSIVE AURAS for the secret %max res boost

Possible Skill layout for the Templar/Ranger Hybrid
20 Fanatcism
10~Or less blessed aim
15 Holy shock
20 Foh
15 or less to achieve lvl 25 Conviction
Rest into blessed aim/Holy Shock/Etc

There are many choices of Gear, Especially WEAPONS for the ranger
Aim for these on your items
Speed of all types
Knockback<==if its not bm
Crushing Blow
Open Wounds/Poison
Cold duration or hit freezes target
Ignores Target Defense
Attack Rating
Enhanced Damage/elemental damage
Deadly Strike
And anything else you see fit to help you.

Top pick of weapons
*1:EagleHorn:Why?It has an INSANE +ar bonus not to mention Fine damage<===needs 52 ias
*2:Wf:Its not a bad bow, its just that the knockback Really turns me off =(<===Needs 32 Ias
*3Widowmaker:Guided Arrow, Um it for Open wounds against those u cannot hit^_^;;<==Requires 34 ias for 9 frame shooting
*4:Not yet tested, but a BoTD Bow:I cant afford this, but since it has ias, no need for more rom your gear<==No ias needed
*5:For those old timers, Buriza:Cute little thing =) no ias needed

Weapon Switch
*1:Cta+Lidless(this Set up will give u ALOT more life, however, it wont work very well for those Foh/Bow Hybrids)
*2:Hand Of Blessed Light(or a nice scepter, foh sword)+Herald Of Zak/Storm(Offers powerful Foh, Dr/Def, Skills and res)
*3:I dont care much for anything aside from a Foh dmg side or a Cta Buff ~_~

Against Casters:Guardian Angel With an Um is probably Top Choice

Against Non Casters:Shafstop or a 4 Socket+life armor Are my Top Picks(socket with ed/ias ,ias/ar, or whatever u feel short of)

Gloves:Draculs If Lifetap isnt Bm is VERY Nice
:Death Set Glove(+the belt combo gives u ias,res,life leech, CBF)
:BLOODFIST!(an old time classic that has merely gotten better cuz of lack of life leech)

Belts::tgods against Trappers and Fohdins
:Death Set belt(Read above combo)
:Verdungos hearty Cord(+vit,FHR, AND % DR!!!, a top choice)
: Always nos coil for those who like slow -__-

Amulet:Maras Kaleidoscope for those who like Foh
:Highlords wrath, has +1 skill, lit res, ias, DEADLY STRIKE
:metal grid, nice res , +def , and +ALOT of ar
:Angelic set ammy
Rings:Angelic Set ring
:raven frost
:Bk ring/Soj for +skills

Boots!! :Gore Riders, My personal Favorite, NOTHING better for this build, and its cheap
:Water Walks for +life/Dex/Looks/+5%Max fire res
:~ ~ Sandstorm Treks(*FHR, Nice defense,+str and vit, HIGH Poison Res)

Helm*:This is A VERY important Part of this build
:Possibly the best helm for this build would be a Rare Circlet with +1% Ar per level, +2 pal,+str/dex/res, sockets for ias/or whatever you lack
:Vampire Gaze(, Cute, use if you feel you are short on dr)
^_^Phew, Finally done with the gear, onto example set ups then wot wot

Example Set up(s)
Weapon:Eagle Horn with Shael
Amulet:Highlords wrath
Rings:Dual raven frost for HIGH Ar &****Also important
Belt:verdungos for dr In my stash, i keep Wizard Spike+4 Psapphire/Topaz shield for Sorcs/Fohdins
Armor:shaftstop with ed/ias jewel
Boots:Gore Riders

#2 Helm:Shako(Light facet)
Armor:Shaft Stop(ed/ias jewel)
Glove:Death Set
Belt:Death Set
Boots:water Walks
On switch:Foh weapon+Hoz(um)

Because I was a Pure ranger, I went for +max charms///+life charms, +xmax/ar/life, +xmax/ar/R/w, +ar/Life charms
For those who choose hybrids
5~7 Combat Skill Charms
2 Offensive SKill charms
Annhilus Charm, +life/res charms

Goal:9 Fps Shooting, 1.5 k or more life, (if u choose to foh)maybe 3-4 K Foh dmg, 3k+Bow dmg, 10k+ar


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