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Vindicator/templar Guide


This is my first guide, I hope you guys like it. I’ve decided to make a Vindicator/Templar guide, since lots of people have asked me to make one. The Vindicator/Templar uses: FoH, Smite and sometimes Charge to hunt people down. In my opinion, it’s one of the best pvp chars, and practically only a few chars can beat him, more about that in the duelling section.
One note though: If you’re not rich, don’t start, because you’ll need some pretty good items to make this char own. This char will be quite ready on lvl 90, but you can’t max fana, you’ll have to be 99 to do that, so your ultimate goal is 99.

Note: I don’t have a mercenary section, since they’re always dieing, and you won’t need it.


Skill section
Stat section
Gear section
Inventory section
Stash section
PvM section
PvP section
Screenshot section
Summary section
Credit section

Skill Section:

Defensive Aura’s:

Offensive Aura’s:
Holy Shock: 20
Conviction: Enough for lvl 25 WITH equip
Fanatism: Put stats in it when the other skills are done

Combat Skills:
Fist of the Heavens: 20
Holy Shield: 20

With the pre-reqs for FoH and HS, you’ll have 1 stat in smite and charge, which is enough.
Check the screens for the stats if you use my equip.

Stat section:

Strength: Enough to wear enigma, I’ve chosen Mage Plate, I got a great one with 1073 def, but dusk/wyrm will do fine. I chose for a bit lower def, and some more life.
Dexterity: Enough for max block (when HS is maxed)
Vitality: Rest
Energy: Nothing

Gear section:

I’ve listed the items I think are best, and I haven’t listed other items, since I don’t think this char will work out with any other items, if you have suggestions, be free to make them. If you can’t afford these items, stop reading

Helm: Shako (Ber). Basically, there is not other choice, this is the best.
Armor: Enigma (MP/Dusk/Wyrm).
Belt: Verdungo’s Hearty Cord. No other choice, it’s the only thing that’ll do.
Gloves: Bloodfists. You’ll need the FHR, no other choice.
Boots: Sandstorm Treks, Gores. IMO the sandstorms are way better, but when using gores, you're going to need 2 more fhr combats, and you can get the 1*5/5 off.
Weapon: Doom Zerker.
Shield: Exile in eth elite shield with 4x res (Sacred Targe, Sacred Rondache, Kurast Shield, Zakarum Shield, Vortex Shield.)
Amulet: 30% Mara’s.
Ring 1: 5% Bul Kathos. I say 5% for two reasons. One, it looks better. Two, in pvm, the ll does matter.
Ring 2: 250/20 Raven Frost. 23x-24x/20 will do fine too.
Weapon on Switch: Cta. Preferable 6/6/x, and in +3 hs scepter would be even better.
Shield on Switch: Lidless, Sigon, HoZ (for casting HS.)

Inventory section:

7 combat skillers with life, preferable 4x
2 combat skillers with 12% fhr
1*5fhr/5allres to get the 86% fhr bp
Fill up the rest with 20/5’s until max res
After that, 3/20/20’s
And of course, Annihilus.

Stash section:

Lightsabre (For those annoying FoH pala’s and Trapsins)
Tgods (Again, vs light users for more light res, with Lightsabre enough to own both those chars)
2*wisp (If Foh pala’s, Trapsins or Light sorcs are using absorb, smite them to death with them doing NO dmg at all.)
2*Dwarf Star (Absorb vs fire sorcs)
1*raven frost (against cold sorcs)
Eth Botd Zerker (For zealing in pvm, will go a lot faster)
Magefists (Against teleport freaks, to be used with Hoto and Arachnid)
Hoto (Against teleport freaks, to be used with Magefists and Arachnid)
Arachnid (Against teleport freaks, to be used with Magefists and Hoto)
HoZ (For casting your HS)

PvM section:

You’re going to be a helper pala, so you’ll have to check out what chars there are, if there are a lot of sorcs, use conviction and foh a bit. If there are a lot of melee chars, use fana and zeal, you’ll have lvl 1 zeal (pre-req) which is better then smite/charge.

PvP section:

First note on all chars: If they’re using lightning absorb, their dmg/def will be lower, and therefore your smite will be painfull.

Second note on all chars: If they’re teleporting freaks, put on your cast equip, hunt them down, and foh/smite them to death.

Third note on all chars: Namelock is great on all chars.

Lightning Sorceress: (easy)
Put on your Tgods (no need for lightsabre), and dodge her lightnings, very easy, few foh’s and he’s down. (If using light absorb, put on your wisps too)

Fire Sorceress: (medium)
Put on your dwarfes, avoid their fireballs at all cost, and foh them to death.

Cold Sorceress: (medium)
Orb is easy. Blizzard is another story, put on your dual Raven Frosts and try to lure them towards you, never go to them, they’ll cast blizzard on themselves, and you’ll be dead in no time. Against extremely good blizzard sorcs, try using charge, and charge them out of their own blizzard, you might get 1 or 2 hits, but you’ll win.

Wind Druid: (medium)
Base equip, just try to foh his oak and charge in, avoid all the creatures and start smiting him, if you get the first hit right, you’ll win.

Melee Druid: (medium)
Base equip, throw a foh or 2 when he’s running/teleporting in, then start smiting, if you get life tap, they should be gone pretty soon, but you could loose if you don't. Also, practice some on aiming for the druid and not his minions.

Bone Necro’s: (hard)
Put on caster equip, and be a foh’r, you’re not going to come close enough to smite, so just foh them to death. If they’re only using bone spears, you can teleport on them, and smite them, with bone spirits you’ll be dead doing this.

Summon Necro’s: (medium)
If they are good, and using enigma, they’re practically unbeatable, all those skellies will get all your attacks, and you won’t even be able to smite the necro. Only way, is putting on your cast equip, and cast/foh, cast/foh, cast/foh, taking out 1 skellie at a time, that probably is the only way. Yes, this is what I first said, but hey.. foh does those little holy bolts, and skellies are undead right? So it's not that hard after all, still medium though.

Trap Assasins: (medium)
Put on your lightsabre, tgods and perhaps wisps, foh them a few times from distance, but stay away from them, mb is dangerous, if they don’t do a lot of dmg just teleport in, and smite, your life tap will make you the winner.

WWassasins: (medium)
Just keep your distance, and throw fohs, don't try to smite, that's near to impossible.

Barbarians: (easy)
Concentraction barbs are like the easiest char there is, just smite. As for whirlwind barbs, they are not as fast as you, and they won’t hit enough to get you down, 3*smite, 1*foh etc etc, that’s the way I kill them, and I’ve never lost.

Smiters: (hard)
Put on your smite equip, try to get 1 or 2 foh’s in before they’re standing next to you, and after that, it’s just smiter vs smiter, which they will probably win if they're good.

Zealers: (easy)
Zealers are no duellers, just smite and throw a few foh’s.

Foh Paladins: (medium)
Put on Lightsabre and Tgods and perhaps wisps, they’ll be sitting ducks, charge in, and smite them to death.

Summary section:

You'll do 5k dmg with foh, 2k dmg with smite, you'll have 41% dmg reduce, 75% change to block, 86% fhr, 22k def, 80/80/75/75 res, 3500 life, and the 75% fcr bp if you put on your cast equip.


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