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Amazon | Assassin | Barbarian | Druid | Necromancer | Paladin | Sorceress
Faster Block Rate | Faster Cast Rate | Faster Hit Recovery

Itwashamma time's PvP Hammerdin Guide

Table Of Contents

1. Basics
2. Frame tables
2.1. FCR frames for Pally
2.2. FHR frames for Pally
2.3. FBR frames for Pally
3. Skills
4. Gear/Inventory
5. Stats
6. Mercenary
7. Dueling strategies
7.1. Amazon
7.2. Assassin
7.3. Necromancer
7.4. Barbarian
7.5. Paladin
7.6. Sorceress
7.7. Druid
9.Special Thanks

1. Basics

When you Start The Paladin You have The Following Stats:

Strenght: 25
Dexterity: 20
Vitality: 25
Energy: 15

Life: 55
Stamina: 89
Mana: 15

With each lvl up you'll get 2 Life, 1 Stamina and 1.5 Mana.
Each point in Vitality will raise your Life by 3 and Stamina by 1.
Each point in Energy will raise your Mana by 1.5.

2. Frame tables

Frame tables for Pally. Very useful, it helps you know how much FCR / FHR / FBR percentage you need for each frame rate.

2.1. FCR frames for Pally

0% FCR 15 Frames
10% FCR 14 Frames
20% FCR 13 Frames
30% FCR 12 Frames
50% FCR 11 Frames
75% FCR 10 Frames
125% FCR 9 Frames (I use This Frame)

2.2. FHR frames for Pally

0% FHR 9 Frames
7% FHR 8 Frames
15% FHR 7 Frames
27% FHR 6 Frames
48% FHR 5 Frames
86% FHR 4 Frames ( I use This Frame)
200% FHR 3 Frames

You'll need 86% FHR to get 4 frames, it's even better to get 3 frames, but 200% FHR is quite impossible.

2.3. FBR frames for Pally

No need for this But i listed just for the hell of it.

With Holy Shield:

0% FBR 2 Frames
86% FBR 1 Frame

Without Holy Shield:

0% FBR 5 Frames
12% FBR 4 Frames
32% FBR 3 Frames
86% FBR 2 Frames
600% FBR 1 Frames

My Pally Doesnt Have Any Fasterblock Rate.

3. Skills (where The Secret Is Released)\

Blessed Hammer 20 (Main Attack)
Concentration 20 (Boost Damage)
Vigor 20 (adds Damage)
Blessed aim 20(adds damage)
Pre Skills 1 in Might, Smite, Holy Bolt, Charge, Holy Shield, Prayer,Cleansing and Defiance.

This Leaves You at Level 76 With All Skill Quests done.

Now With All the Rest of the Skills:

1 in meditation
Rest In prayer( yea Rest In prayer) This Gives u a godly 25+ Life per 2 seconds Boots when using Meditation.

You May also Go and Just max Holy Shield If you dont like the Prayer Idea.

I happen to Like it But a Weakness Does Come If You Choose To Max Prayer
Which Will be Explain Later.

4. Gear

OK basically If You Dont Use The Exact Gear I use Then Dont Bother Using My Guide You Need the Exact Build.


Weapon: WizSpike With Fhr, -15req, and Dex.
Shield: Zak Shield( Jah'd)
Belt: Arachnids
Helmet:Shako (Jah;d)
Boots:Duped Grim Spurs
Gloves:Trang Gloves
Rings: 2x Duped Bonemasters
Amulet: Amageddon Fletch
On Switch: 4+/6/x Cta/ Lidless


5x 30+ Life Pcombats
5x 12%fhr Pcombats
20/20/x Anni
9x 20/5 Scs 20 Life 5% Resit Small Charms.


Hel'd StormShield( zons. druids, Barbs)
Any Botd Zerk (for Zons)
Perfect Water Walks( gm FireSorcs, Zon sometimes)
2xOhm Gris Helm
4x Ptopaz Shield
4xPsapphire Shield
Natures Peace( for Sage Sometimes)
2x Ravens ( for Zons)
1x Wisp
Lo BlackHorns

5. Stats:

Strenght: None
Dexterity:With Anni on Only This Should Be exactly 64. I put 24 Dex Into Him.
Vitality: everything cept what u need in dex.
Energy: none

6. Merc:

Ok I use The Fire Bow Merc From Act 1.


2Soc Gskull 80/30Ias

160/60Ias Any one i have a plain one on her.

LO'ed 08 WindForce

7. Dueling Strategy

Ill base Each 1v1 Character Against my Din Easy Medium And Hard


Easy JavaZon: Sit Back and Hammer when she Comes Move So Shes Not in Ur Blind Spot(if Needed) easy if she Shoots Lighting from range telly and kill.

Hard Bowazon: These are Sometimes Hard get a good namelock when they run and when they stop telly on them. IfYou cant get them With Hammers Get the Botd out of the Chest .


Easy FireTrapper: Set Ur hotkeys for charge and Just Charge and Hammer Always Be Hammering Cuase Most telly on you when Ur mindBlasted From range. When they telly they should die If the Traps Hurt to Much Get the waterwalks on.

Medium Lighting Trapper: Most Are Pubs Some are good decent I like to Sit near the wall and wait for them to come soon as i see them in screen i telly then and hammer if i miss i charge out. Any Trapper That Sits in the Traps I get the sorb.

Easy WWsin:Same As FireTrapper When they Put fire Traps Out and Mind Blast You Charge a screen or 2 away and Hammer they will telly on you and try too wwsin Cont the Process.


Easy Bone Necros: My favorite Saying I tell My F-list when there Dueling Priv Vrs almost any character Is Tank a Hit For a nameLock. Let them Shoot u and then when they Telly away u telly and Hammer and die. If they Ibs Spam away. If They Revive Ur F*****.

Easy Posion Necros: These Guys are a joke Namelock and kill. Use Cleansing to get rid of the curse.

Hard Summoners: Being With Out Block i just run and Spam and wait for them to make a mistake namelock and kill them.


Medium WWbarbs: Yea Some of them i have hard time with when they use Beast other then that very easy. Telly in front of them WWing and they will die if they Have Beast Dont ask me. I almost always die. I have No Clue how to stop them.

Easy Conc Barbs: LOL telly and Hammer.

Easy Cry Barbs: eh I am starting to see them around now in duels Namelock Jump them and Hammer IF ur stunned to much get out and repeat Process.


Easy Hammerdins: HvH i just was Born good. Theres Nothing I can Say. But I can show you.

Easy Foh Dins: 70% of them Do no Damage to me without sorb and stack and cry sorb if they charge namelock them and have them dysnch themselves.

Easy Melee Paladins: Telly and Hammer Most easiest type of char to Kill


Easy Blizzers: Tank a Hit for a namelock watch them on Mini map when they stop Telly and hammer.

Medium Fireball: Most Kill me with 3-5 Fireballs with my Gspurs on I throw On waterwalks If even One is the game. Dont get Hit. and Just wait for the time to namelock when they stop telly and hammer.

Easy Orbers: Orbs Do very Little Damage to Me. Same Process as Blizzers though.

Medium Lighting Sorcs: these are a pain sometimes They always shoot from off screen i run around til i get a lock and then telly hammer. or sometimes i run around spamming if there mass defense.


Easy Melee Druids: Have them Come to You. None out any more they die few hammers take out there sage. and kill them.

Hard WindDruids: this Talent Comes Natural Over time I can Kill most Throw On the SS is needed for sure Cast Hammers and move so double Hammers collide with the ones u casted B4 dont get caught tellying cont with no hammers around or ur dog food.

Easy Fire Druids: Dont see any might of seen one The day i die to one ill delete my hammerdin

8. Screenshots:


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