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Pvp Foh Pally Guide


The Knights of Westmarch who felled the armies of mighty Leoric are pure at heart and closely follow the teachings of Zakarum, the Religion of the Light. A battle-ready warrior for whom faith is a shield, the Paladin fights for what he believes to be right. His steadfastness gives him powers to bestow blessings to his friends and wreak cruel justice on foes. There are those who call the Paladin an overwrought zealot, but others recognize in him the strength and goodness of the Light.

About this guide

Welcome to my PvP FoH Pally Guide! In this guide I will explain how to make good (well, almost godly with right Gear) PvP FoH Pally. Some people say FoH is lame, but I don't really care... Compared to BS Necros, BH Pallys and FB Sorcs FoH Pallys are not lame.

Table of contents

1. Basics
2. Frame tables
2.1. FCR frames for Pally
2.2. FHR frames for Pally
2.3. FBR frames for Pally
3. Skills
3.1. Combat Skills Tree
3.2. Offensive Auras Tree
3.3. Defensive Auras Tree
4. Gear
4.1. Helm
4.2. Armor
4.3. Belt
4.4. Weapon
4.5. Shield
4.6. Gloves
4.7. Boots
4.8. Ring 1
4.9. Ring 2
4.10. Amulet
5. Stats
6. Inventory
7. Mercenary
7.1. Helm
7.2. Armor
7.3. Weapon
8. Socketing
9. How to play FoH Pally
10. Totals
11. Short leveling guide
12. Dueling strategies
12.1. Amazon
12.2. Assassin
12.3. Necromancer
12.4. Barbarian
12.5. Paladin
12.6. Sorceress
12.7. Druid
13. Abbreviations
14. Special thanks

1. Basics

When you start a Pally u will have following stats:

Strenght: 25
Dexterity: 20
Vitality: 25
Energy: 15

Life: 55
Stamina: 89
Mana: 15

With each lvl up you'll get 2 Life, 1 Stamina and 1.5 Mana.
Each point in Vitality will raise your Life by 3 and Stamina by 1.
Each point in Energy will raise your Mana by 1.5.

2. Frame tables

Frame tables for Pally. Very useful, it helps you know how much FCR / FHR / FBR percentage you need for each frame rate.

2.1. FCR frames for Pally

0% FCR 15 Frames
10% FCR 14 Frames
20% FCR 13 Frames
30% FCR 12 Frames
50% FCR 11 Frames
75% FCR 10 Frames
125% FCR 9 Frames

2.2. FHR frames for Pally

0% FHR 9 Frames
7% FHR 8 Frames
15% FHR 7 Frames
27% FHR 6 Frames
48% FHR 5 Frames
86% FHR 4 Frames
200% FHR 3 Frames

You'll need 86% FHR to get 4 frames, it's even better to get 3 frames, but 200% FHR is quite impossible.

2.3. FBR frames for Pally

With Holy Shield:

0% FBR 2 Frames
86% FBR 1 Frame

Without Holy Shield:

0% FBR 5 Frames
12% FBR 4 Frames
32% FBR 3 Frames
86% FBR 2 Frames
600% FBR 1 Frames

Most Pallys use HS including FoHer. For 1 frame you need 86%FBR. That's quite much so you'll stick to 2 frames.

3. Skills

In this section I will write how much points you need in each Skill and a explwhy.

3.1. Combat Skills Tree

Fist of Heavens : 20
This is your main attack, max it as soon as possible. It will cost 25 Mana on every lvl which is bad on lower lvls when u don't have lots of Mana but good later in game when u get it over lvl 35... It will remain 25 Mana. Oh, and later in game u won't have Mana problems.
Holy Shield : 20
This will boost your Def. sky high and it will help u get 75% Blocking rate. Very useful, max it after FoH, Conviction and Holy Shock, but put 1 in it as soon as u hit lvl 30.
Sacrafice : 1
Pre. Requirement.
Smite : 1
Pre. Requirement. This skill can help you in some situations even on lvl 1... Of course it will be higher with +Skills on items. Also it will do bigger Dmg with HS.
Holy Bolt : 1
Pre. Requirement. It also gives pitiful boost to Holy Bolt Dmg from FoH... Pitiful on lvl 1 of course. More than 1 isn't needed because it doesn't boost Lightning Dmg.
Zeal : 1
Pre. Requirement. This skill can also be useful in some situations, all you have to do is find item that you'll be able to wear and that does high Dmg. High Dmg weapons usually require lots of Str Of course there are some exceptions. Zeal will also be higher with +Skills on items. Example for good Dmg and low Str req weapon is Steeldriver Great Maul. Upgraded to elite Thunder Maul and socked with Hel rune it will only require 76 Str.
Charge : 1
Pre. Requirement. Also useful in some situations. I suggest if u ever use it with this build use it with elite Steeldriver.
Vengeance : 1
Pre. Requirement.
Blessed Hammer : 1
Pre. Requirement.
Conversion : 1
Pre. Requirement.

3.2. Offensive Auras Tree

Conviction : 11
This is your main Aura. Put 11 in it as soon as possible, right after FoH. Why exactly 11 you may wonder... Well, Conviction has -150% Res all on lvl 25. It also has -150% Res all on all lvls higher than 25 which means it isn't getting any better on lvl 26 and higher lvls. Following this guide you will get +12 to all Skills from Gear, +1 to all Skills from Anni and +1 to all Skills from BC on CtA. Total of +14 to all Skills. 25 - 14 = 11. Simpliest math, isn't it? Note: Put 11 in it only if you use Suggested Gear. Otherwise it probably won't get to 25 if you don't have enough +Skills.
Holy Shock : 20
Max this right after you max FoH and Conviction. It is syngery for FoH Lightning Damage. Since you won't have Fanaticism or Concentration, you can use Zeal or Charge with Holy Shock.
Might : 1
Pre. Requirement. Also small boost to Charge Dmg.
Holy Fire : 1
Pre. Requirement.
Thorns : 1
Pre. Requirement.
Holy Freeze : 1
Pre. Requirement. Can be useful in some situations, pretty good for crowd control.
Sanctuary : 1
Pre. Requirement.

3.3. Defensive Auras Tree

Meditation : 1
This is pretty useful Skill for dueling, it recovers Mana pretty fast without need for corpses like Redemption. 1 point is enough, it will be higher with +Skills on items.
Redemption : 1
This is a lot better than Meditation in PvM while u lvl up. It recovers Mana and Life but corpses are needed. It's also useful against monsters that can be revived like Fallens.
Prayer : 1
Pre. Requirement.
Defiance : 1
Pre. Requirement. Small boost to HS Def because it's HS's syngery.
Cleansing : 1
Pre. Requirement.
Vigor : 1
Pre. Requirement. Very useful for finding your way on map while questing or running away in battle when your Life drops low. But with this build you'll have Teleport.

4. Gear

In Gear section I will describe what Gear you should use. There is Suggested Gear and Alternatives. Use Suggested if you can, and Alternatives if you don't have or can't get Suggested.

1st important note:
If or when you get killed by other player, be sure to leave ALL Charms in stash to avoid being body popped. You don't want to lose all that godly Gear, right?

2nd important note:
I strongly suggest you get all required Gear for this build before starting playing it or else you will have major difficulties. Why? Put it in this perspective... How can someone play Pally with base Str without "reserved" Enigma for later lvls? Impossible...

3rd important note:
Since this is PvP Pally and soloing isn't easy you will mostly need to leech exp. One of reasons is that you won't be able to equip your Gear without wearing Enigma, and lvl req for Enigma is 65. That's is also reason why to get all required Gear before starting this Pally.

4.1. Helm


Griffon's Eye
This is definately top Helm for FoH Pally. It gives +1 to all Skills, 25% FCR, -15-20% to Enemy Lightning Res. and +10-15% to Lightning Skill Dmg. In other words, it will boost your Dmg sky high.


Harlequin Crest
Good old Shako. +2 to all Skills, 10% DR and major boost to Life and Mana. Stats not very useful are +2 to all Stats and 50% MF.

Peasant Crown
If u are really poor this will do too. Decent +1 to all Skills, 15% FRW and nice boost to Nrg and Vita.

4.2. Armor


Enigma - Jah Ith Ber
Best Armor in game, no explanations why needed. +2 to all Skills, major boost to FRW (45%), Increase Maximum Life 5%, 8% DR, major Str boost and of course, mod that makes it so special, +1 to Teleport. If u follow this guide strictly you'll have to make it in Breast Plate for very low Str req. When you equip it you'll have enough Str to wear rest of Gear.


Chains of Honor - Dol Um Ber Ist
Another nice and expensive Armor with great mods... Nice Str boost (20) and +2 to all Skills is very nice. There is also 8% DR and great boost to Res all (65).

Skin of the Vipermagi
+1 to all Skills, 30% FCR and +20-35 Res all makes it very good FoH Pally Armor. If u can't get Enigma, go for it.

Que-Hegan's Wisdom
Very similar to Skin of the Vipermagi, it gives +1 to all Skills, 20% FCR, 20% FHR and nice Nrg boost.

4.3. Belt


Arachnid Mesh
Top FoH Pally Belt, it gives +1 to all Skills, 20% FCR and very useful Increases Maximum Mana 5%.


Gloom's Trap
Very nice for FoH Pally because of Increase Maximum Mana 15%. Mana Regeneration and Vita boost are also nice.

Verdungo's Hearty Cord
Only if u want high DR percentage. It also boosts Vita sky high.

String of Ears
Same as Verdungo's Hearty Cord, but this one is easier to get and doesn't boost Vita.

4.4. Weapon


Heart of the Oak - Ko Vex Pul Thul
U can't go wrong with this one. Impressive +3 to all Skills, 40% FCR, Dex boost (10), Increase Maximum Mana 15% and Res all +30-40. Oak Sage is also useful but repair is pretty costy. Good thing is you can repair it with Horadric Cube formula. Bad thing is if you spawn Oak Sage and switch to 2nd Weapon slot Oak Sage will disappear. I suggest you make it Flail for low Str and Dex req.

On Switch - Suggested

Call to Arms - Amn Ral Mal Ist Ohm
U need this only to boost you Life and Mana up. Before casting Battle Orders cast BC so u get additional Skill point in BO. Downside of this Weapon is chances you'll get +6 to BO are slim. I suggest you make it in Flail, just like HotO, for low Str and Dex req.


Almost better than HotO, it gives 50% FCR, Res all 75, Mana Regeneration and Increase Maximum Mana 15%. It's very similar to HotO, but it doesn't have Skill boost.

Suicide Branch
This one is similar to Wizardspike. It gives 50% FCR, +1 to all Skills, Increase Maximum Mana 10%, Res all 10 and +40 Life. Only thing better on Wizardspike is Res all 75, 65 more than on Suicide Branch. Oh, and Wizardspike requies a lot higher lvl.

Crescent Moon - Shael Um Tir
Pretty useful Weapon because it has very useful mod for FoH Pally, -35% to Enemy Lightning Resistance. Bad thing it's only useful mod on it.

4.5. Shield


Herald of Zakarum
And what else you expected? +2 to Pally skills, +2 to Combat Skills, 30% FBR, +20 to Str and Vita and huge Res all boost (50). What else do you want? It also has 82% Chance to Block on Pally without HS, althrough you see 75% in game.


Lidless Wall
+1 to All Skills, 20% FCR, Increase Maximum Mana 10% and Nrg boost are quite useful for FoH Pally.

This is choice if you want big DR percentage. It also boosts Cold and Lightning Res and gives +30 Str. Bad thing is Str req.

4.6. Gloves


Only useful mod is Increase Maximum Mana 40% and that's all u need. It helps a lot.


Trang Oul's Claws
Useful because it gives 20% FCR and 30 Cold Res.

20% FCR is only useful mod here. Also gives +1 to Fire Skills but that won't really help FoH Pally. Oh, Regenerate Mana can be handy too.

4.7. Boots


Nice Str (10-20) and Dex (17) boost are quite useful. If u want to be really lame in duel you can use Bone Prison. Regenerate Mana is useful too. And of course, there is FRW, expected on every boots. 20% FRW on Marrowwalk.


Increase Maximum Mana 10% is best thing for FoH Pally on these boots. 30% FRW is also nice.

Sandstorm Trek
Best thing for FoH Pally on these boots is Str and Vita boost. 20% FHR and 20% FRW are always welcome. These boots will also boost your Poison Res sky high.

4.8. Ring 1


Stone of Jordan
+1 to all Skills and Increase Maximum Mana 25%. Good old SoJ, no explanation needed.


Bul-Katho's Wedding Band
Also gives +1 to all Skills. If you want more Life instead of Mana this is top choice.

Ring with 10% FCR and/or Res.
Res all or individual Res, doesn't really matter.

4.9. Ring 2


Raven Frost
Nice Dex boost (15-20) and Cannot be Frozen. Can't go wrong with that.


Stone of Jordan
If you want more +Skills and even more Mana, go for this.

Bul-Katho's Wedding Band
If you want more +Skills and even more Life instead of Mana, this is way to go.

Ring with 10% FCR and/or Res.
Just like alternative for Ring 1. Res all or individual Res, doesn't really matter.

4.10. Amulet


Mara's Kaleidoscope
Great Res all boost (20-30) and +2 to all Skills are great. Another excellent mod is +5 to all Stats.


Amulet with +2 Pally Skills and 10-20% FCR and/or Res all
If u can't get Mara's go for this. If u lack Res, go for Res all, other way go for 10%FCR. Another thing, magical Amulets can get 10%FCR, only crafted ones can get 20%FCR along with +2 Pally Skills but these require lvl 89.

5. Stats

In this section I will write how should your Stats look like and why.

Important note:
Stats are strictly for Suggested Gear

None - Leave at base
You need 30 Str for Enigma Breast Plate. Enigma give huge Str bonus so when you equip Enigma you'll be able to wear rest of Gear. Here is how it should look:

25 Base Str + 10-20 Str from Anni = 35-45 Str, Enough for Enigma.
35-45 Str + 63 Str from Enigma on lvl 84 = 98-109 Str, enough for HoZ.
98-109 Str + 20 Str from HoZ = 118-129 Str, enough for Marrowwalk.
118-129 Str + 10-20 Str from Marrowwalk = 128-149 Str.
128-149 Str + 5 Str from Mara's = 133-154 Str.

135 or 65 or 80
Dex for maxed Block percentage on lvl 90 and HS on lvl 20 with
No Gear or Gear with best stats or Gear with worse stats.

150 or 85 or 100
Dex for maxed Block percentage on lvl 99 and HS on lvl 20 with
No Gear or Gear with best stats or Gear with worse stats.

Dump all remaining Stat points here for extra Life.

None - Leave at base
You'll have enough Mana on later lvls and you'll also use items that have Increase Maximum Mana x%.

6. Inventory

In this section I will simply describe what should you have in your inventory.

Grand Charms

Lion Branded GC of Balance x7
+1 to Pally Combat Skills and 12%FHR

Lion Branded GC of Vita x0-3
+1 to Pally Combat Skills and +36-45 Life

Lion Branded GC of Inertia x0-3
+1 to Pally Combat Skills and 7% FRW

With those GCs you'll get 84% FHR. That means you need only 2% more to get 4 frames Hit Recovery. You'll get that 2% from SCs. Also, more important is it will boost your FoH and BS sky high, +10.

Small Charms

Shimmering SC of Vita x 0-8
+3-5 Res all and +16-20 Life
combined with
Serpent's SC of Vita x 0-8
+13-17 Mana and +16-20 Life

Shimmering SC of Balance x 1
+3-5 Res all and 5% FHR
Serpent's SC of Balance x 1
+13-17 Mana and 5% FHR

Annihilus x1
Res all +10-20, +10-20 to all Stats and +5-10% to Exp gained

You should have enough Shimmering SCs on Vita to have 75 Res all in Hell. Rest of SCs should be Serpent's SCs of Vita. Also, you must have one Shimmering SC of Balance or Serpent's SC of Balance to hit 4 frames hit recovery. Those SCs will boost up your Life, Mana and Res all.

7. Mercenary

Only useful Merc for Pally is Act 2 Defensive on NM. He has Holy Freeze Aura. Note that Merc in duel is very lame, use Merc only for help in leveling up. He will slow down enemies and deal great Dmg if u get right Gear for him.

7.1. Helm


Andariel's Visage
Best choice for Merc, boosts up Str (25-30), gives high LL and nice Poison Resist. Bad side is it lowers Fire Resist. Try to get Eth one, it won't brake on Merc and it will provide extra Def. Also, it gives +2 to all Skills and 20% IAS.


Vampire Gaze
Can't go wrong with this one... Good old Gaze, provides dual leech, 6-8% ML and LL. Althrough ML is useless for Merc. Another mod makes it top choice for most players, nice DR. Eth one for Merc is welcome.

Crown of Ages
This one is great choice but pretty expensive to get it specially for Merc. Anyway, it gives nice DR, +1 to all Skills, +20-30 Res all, FHR and it's has 1-2 sockets. Bad mod for Mercs is it's indestructible, which means it can't be Eth.

Crown of Thieves
Nice LL, nice Dex boost, Fire Res, Mana and Life bonus. Nice and cheap alternative. Try to get Eth one.

7.2. Armor


Stone - Shael Um Pul Lum
Top choice for Merc. Str, Vita. and Nrg boost, Res all bonus (15) and huge enhanced Def. Is great for Merc, all u gotta do is make it in right Armor. For Merc it would be Eth Sup Sacred Armor. Downside of Stone Sacred Armor is high Str req. Use one of Alternatives before your Merc has enough Str to wear it. Another thing, if you make Stone Eth Sup Sacred Armor it will have over 3k Def.


DR, huge, really huge Str boost (40-50) and huge Def. are top mods of this Armor. It's great for Merc, and it has only one bad thing. It's indestructible, which makes it impossible to be Eth.

Well, Shaft is one of best choices for Merc because it gives impressive DR (30%). Other useful mod is Life bonus. That would be all. Try to get Eth. one and upgrade it to elite version, Boneweave.

Duriel's Shell
Great option for players that aren't very rich. It has very nice mods... Str boost (15), Res all 20 with exeption for Cold, it gives 50 Res Cold. Life and Def. bonus per char lvl is very useful, and probably best mod on it is Cannot be Frozen. Try to get Eth. one.

7.3. Weapon


This is top Merc Weapon IMO. It has huge Dmg and very nice speed. One of very useful mods is Prevent Monster Heal which is great for monsters with high Life recovery rate. Also, it comes with 2 sockets. Try to get Eth. one, with good ED Dmg will be over 900.


The Reaper's Tool
Top choice over Bonehew by many players, but I just like Bonehew more. Anyway, very useful IDT will make your Merc hit all the times. It also has high LL, some Cold Dmg and 33% Deadly Strike. One of most useful mods is 33% chance to cast Decrepify on striking which means every 3rd time your merc hits monster Decrepify will be casted. With Holy Freeze from your Merc monsters will barely move. Don't forget Eth one is better.

Tomb Reaver
This Weapon is best for MF Mercs. It also boost Res all pretty high. It's very fast and it does extra Dmg to Undead. It comes with 1-3 sockets. With 3 Amn runes your Merc will have pretty high LL. 10% chance to reanimate as Returned isn't very helpful but you got to agree it's very cool. Oh, of course try to get Eth on.

Arioc's Needle
50% Deadly Strike, very high Weapon speed, IDT, and Poison Dmg are pretty nice, and probably top mod of this Weapon, +2-4 to all Skills is excellent.

Steel Pillar
This pretty slow weapon does huge Dmg and does 25% Crushing Blow. It also boosts Merc's Def.

8. Socketing Items

This is simple. Just sock 5/-5 Lightning Rainbow Facet in Griffon's Eye and HoZ. Try to get ones that activate when you die. As for Merc, sock Helm and/or Armor with Um runes or 15 Res All Jewels and Weapon definately with Amn Runes for extra LL. It helps Merc to survive.

9. How to play FoH Pally

This is how I use Hotkeys:

A Conviction
S Teleport
D Holy Shield
F Battle Command
G Battle Orders
Y Redemption
X Meditation

Of course those are Hotkeys for right mouse button. FoH is on left mouse button.

Detailed strategies about duelling later. For now only short duelling tips. Teleport around avoiding opponent's attacks. When you and your opponent get in same screen attack him with FoH but still be careful and avoid opponent's attacks. Opponent will probably run away when you attack him with FoH so just name lock him. That means when you aim him just keep mouse button pressed. Opponent should be dead very soon. Don't forget to activate Conviction. With -150% Res all he will die soon even with 95% Res all. Only way to counter FoH is Absorb Lightning over 50% or Cyclone Armor that Druid has. Another thing that will help you is Lightning Rainbow Facets. Oh, and don't forget to activate HS, BC and BO. If you run out of Mana during duel try to run away a bit and use Meditation. Be careful, you don't have much time, opponent will find you in a matter of secunds.

This is a lot easier, just walk or teleport around and when you find monster switch to Conviction and FoH him/her. When you run out of Mana and/or when your Life is low switch to Redemption. Also, don't forget BC, BO and HS. Another thing: FoH Pally isn't very good PvM char so soloing in Hell is quite hard or even impossible. One of reasons is FoH isn't very fast and it targets only one monster at time.

1st tip:
Run as less as possible. While running chance to Block percentage is only 1/3 of regular percentege (standing or walking). So only walk, stand or teleport.

2nd tip:
FoH has auto-aim so your opponents can use their minions as a bait for your FoH. That will result you attacking opponent's minions giving them some time to attack you. To avoid that you can hotkey (on left mouse button) normal attack and FoH. Move with normal attack and when you see opponent switch to FoH and attack clicking on him, not using auto-aim. That will help you a lot.

10. Totals

In this section I will write about, like name says, totals. To note, totals are calculated according to Suggested Gear and xx-yy means it varies, being xx worse stats and yy best stats. Another thing, stats from Serpent's, Shimmering and of Vita SCs and of Vita GC aren't included in calculations.

Resist all
Not 75 on Hell, you'll have to make it up with Res all SCs.

125% FCR is needed for 9 frames Cast rate. With 85% FCR you get 10 frames Cast rate which isn't so bad since FoH has Cast Delay.

Increase Maximum Mana
No comments needed here. It increases base Mana and it's very useful.

Cannot be Frozen
Yes, this is included. You can't be good PvPer if you can be frozen.

Experiance gained
Depends on how good Anni you get.

Increase Maximum Life
Enigma is very useful, we all know that.

Damage Reduced
Another useful mod from Enigma.

Lightning Skill Damage
Depends on how good Griffon's Eye u get. 5/-5 Lightning Rainbow Facets are included. It will boost your FoH Dmg sky high.

Enemy Lightning Resistance
Also depends how good Griffon's Eye u get, 5/-5 Lightning Rainbow Facets are also included. Combined with -150 Res all from Conviction it will make your opponents very vulnerable to Lightning, it will also break Lightning Immunity.

Bonus to all Skills
Pretty nice, no more comments needed.

Bonus to Combat Skills
Combined to bonus to all Skills it will boost your FoH and HS sky high. Nice indeed.

Bonus to Strenght
Yes, that high thx to Enigma. Stats taken from lvl 88 Pally.

Bonus to Dexterity
This lets you keep your base Dex very low and dump extra points in Vita for more Life.

Bonus to Vitality
Decent boost to Life.

Bonus to Energy
Decent boost to Mana, allows you to cast 1-2 FoHs extra.

If u follow this guide strictly you'll have over 2.7k Life if you get CtA with +6 to BO.

Again, if you follow this guide your Mana will be over 700 with +6 to BO CtA.

And again, following this guide and getting everything "perfect" your Dmg will be around over 6.5k. And that's written in char screen. Inculde Conviction and effect from -% to Enemy Lightning Res and you'll do probably over 10k.

Following this guide it will hit 15k+.

Final Level
This build has total of 90 Skill points. That is avilable on lvl 91. Doing Skill Quests (Den of Evil, Radament and Izual on Norm, NM and Hell) you'll get additional 12 making it avilable on lvl 79. Lvl 79 is kinda low for good PvPer so 84 is suggested and nice lvl to start dueling. Of course, you can lvl up more and go over 84, your choice. Also, higher lvl means more Stat points and that means more Vita. More Vita means more Life.

11. Short leveling guide

Well, nothing much to say here. Since this build is strictly for PvP (unlike builds that are viable in PvP and PvM) you will must have good party. Get party of at least 5 players (including you). You will mostly have to leech because you won't have Skill for killing earlier (FoH is on lvl 30). Zeal can come in handy but then you will must have items with +Skills on low lvls or else it will hit only twice. Nice party would be party with players that are able to kill effectively already on lower lvls. Examples are Zealot, MA Assa, Javazon (Jab), Druid (Werewolf) etc. Anyway, get to lvl 25-30 as soon as possible and then do public norm Baal runs leaching again. On lvl 45-55 you should be ready for NM Baal runs so find public games and leech again. On NM Baal runs you should get above lvl 60. Remember you can use Enigma on lvl 65. Anyway, when you get to lvl 65 you will be able to wear rest of your Gear. You won't have to leech (that much) any more. Keep doing NM Baal runs 'till ~75 and than do Hell Baal runs untill 84. They you will be ready for dueling.

12. Dueling strategies

Short tips about how to fight certain classes / builds.

12.1. Amazon


This should be easy, they will probably use Lightning Fury which is kinda slow so just avoid it (you don't even need Teleport for this one) and FoH that Ama... Not hard at all, she should be dead by 1-3 FoHs.
Another variant of Javazon is Jabazon... If she is crazy enough to attack you just run away and FoH, easy as that. If she even gets close to you you won't have any problems because of 75% Blocking.


This one is even easier, no Shield means less Res. In most cases they will use GA, don't run and you will Block arrows without any problems. They will go down after 1 FoH in most cases.

12.2. Assassin

Trapper - Lightning Sentry

This can be nasty... Be sure to have maxed Lightning Res, avoind Lightning Sentries and try to catch her (Assa, duh..). Trappers have BoS in most cases so they are fast as hell. Anyway, when you catch her simply FoH her but note you will have to take few shoots from Sentries. If u have problems try to get LS or TGod's.

Trapper - Wake of Fire

Trapper Assas using WoF use MB too in most cases. WoF by itself isn't dangerous, but combined with MB it's quite deadly. Be sure to have high FHR percentage and use Teleport to get out of MB, then just FoH her before she starts casing another serie of MB.

MA Assassin - C/S

Melee Assas are easy, FoH them and that's it. C/S type will probably have more Res than C/C ones, but still not a problem. If they get too close your HoZ will protect you.

MA Assassin - C/C

Just like C/S, only these will have more Dmg and less Res. Also easy.

12.3. Necromancer

BS Necro

Pffff... This is nasty... If he doesn't have Enigma good for you, otherwise it will be pretty tough. Use Teleport a lot and avoid BS at all costs. If it hits you it's 1-2 hits K.O. They will also try to Bone Prison you, you'll have to react quickly and Teleport out of it or else it will be end of your way.

Poison Necro

He uses Poison Nova as main attack and Poison Dagger as secondary if he gets close enough to target. Anyway, they will probably teleport to you if they have Enigma and use Poison Nova. It will bring your Life to 1 instantly. Most of them use Fire Golem because of their Holy Fire Aura... Holy Fire brings your Life from 1 to 0. Anyway, try to be faster than him and FoH him before he uses Poison Nova near you. If he doesn't have Enigma it's even easier.


Very rare in PvP because they are mainly for PvM. If u ever meet one in Duel game he will probably have army of Skeletons and Revives. It's easy, you'll only have to do that hotkey trick described before in this guide. Move with attack and when you see him switch to FoH and attack him, in most cases 1 hit K.O.

12.4. Barbarian

Concentration Barb

They got huge Dmg but melee means easy. Use hit'n'run tactic and devastate him.


Easy, just keep distance and FoH him. If he gets near you you can Block his attack. If you fail, bye bye.

WW Barb

Good old WWers... Don't let them catch you and you'll be fine. Avoid running because of 1/3 percentage of regular Blocking, and without 75% Blocking you are dead meat.

Frenzy Barb

He is how I like to call him "Speed Demon". If he catches you in serie of Frenzy attacks you will have hard time recovering from it. Be sure to escape from him and attack him from distance.


He uses War Cry as his main Skill. He will probably use Enigma, Teleport next to you and cast War Cry, which is Blockable. With enough FBR and FHR you'll kill him with ease. If he doesn't have Enigma even easier.

Leap Attacker

Easy to dodge, easy to kill. Note that he will 1 hit K.O. you.

12.5. Paladin


Just like you. In duel like this winner is one with better Gear and better Skill, not Skill like Skill point, I mean on type of play etc. Anyway, excluding Gear and Skill, you will have to be also faster to win this type of duel.


Easy, just run away from him and FoH him, 1-3 hits K.O. Watch out if he tryes to get close with Charge.


Another nasty one if you don't know what to do. He is one of reasons why you'll use Marrowwalk with this build. Use Bone Prison on him and attack with FoH and he'll be dead before you blink. Without Bone Prison you are dead meat.


Without Enigma piece of cake. FoH and that's all. Ones with Enigma are harder and lamer. They will Teleport next to you and try to BH you. Be quick and Teleport away before Hammers reach you or else you'll die after only 1 Hammer hits you. Right after he Teleports next to you and starts casting Hammers and you Teleport away cast FoH to kill him, if needed name-lock him. It's all about speed in this duel.


Keep distance and try not to get stunned. Rest is easy, FoH him 'till death.


He will probably kill you with one hit no matter how high your Res is. Only Absorb helps, but you can't absorb 3 elements over 50% at once. Main thing is to not get hitten which easy, rest it simple - FoH him.

12.6. Sorceress

Fire Sorc using FB

One rule - Don't let her hit you. Good BF Sorcs do over 20k Dmg so speed is the key. Dodge, shoot, dodge, shoot... 'till you kill her.

Fire Sorc using Meteor

Duh.. Easy as hell, it takes ages to fall from sky so FoH and that's it.

Fire Sorc using Hydra

Also easy, Hydras are easy to avoid. Just avoid and FoH. Simple as that.

Cold Sorc using FO

They Teleport next to you and FO you, it's very nasty. Keep your Cold Res over 75 and be fast, especially when Teleporting. Speed is key like in most duels so FoH when your safe.

Cold Sorc using Blizz

Nasty too, 1 hit K.O. in most cases, be faster and cast FoH on her before she casts Blizz on you, you know... Speed is key. Especially in duels where first move is also victory.

Lightning Sorc using Lightning

Well, Lightning is very inaccurate and easy avoidable. In best case it won't hurt you, and in worse case it will K.O. you. It's because it has low min Dmg and high max Dmg. Don't get hitten and hit her.

12.7. Druid

Wind Druid

This is hard... Very hard. Why? Cyclone Armor absorbs huge ammount of Elemental Dmg. If he doesn't have Enigma just FoH him to destroy their Cyclone Armor and then continue with FoH 'till he dies. If he has Enigma you'll also have to dodge his attack which will make it even more harder.

Fire Druid

Same like above as for Cyclone Armor. Difference is that Fire Druid maybe won't use Cyclone Armor because maxing it won't allow him to max Armageddon syngeries and Fire Skills aren't syngeries to Cyclone Armor. Anyway, with or without Enigma they are easy.


Use hotkey trick and FoH them avoiding his minions. Easy as it sounds.


Melee which means easy. Don't get stunned and FoH him, simple.


Same like above with exeption he can't stun which means even easier.

13. Abbreviations

PvP - Player versus Player
FoH - Fist of Heavens
Pally - Paladin
Assa - Assassin
Sorc - Sorceress
Necro Necromancer
Barb - Barbarian
HotO - Heart of the Oak
HoZ - Herald of Zakarum
CtA - Call to Arms
Mara's - Mara's Kaleidoscope
BH - Blessed Hammer
BS - Bone Spirit
BO - Battle Orders
BC - Battle Command
HS - Holy Shield
FB - Fireball
FO - Frozen Orb
Blizz - Blizzard
MA - Martial Arts Skill
BoS - Burst of Speed
MB - Mind Blast
WoF - Wake of Fire
WW - Whirlwind
GA - Guided Arrow
DR - Damage Reduced
Res - Resist
Def - Defense
Dmg - Damage
Str - Strenght
Dex - Dexterity
Vita - Vitality
Nrg - Energy
Req - Required
FHR - Faster Hit Recovery
FCR - Faster Cast Rate
FBR - Faster Block Rate
FRW - Faster Run Walk
MF - Magic Find
Exp - Experience
Char - Character
LL - Life Leech
ML - Mana Leech
Merc - Mercenary
Sup - Superior
K - Thousand, 1000
IMO - In My Opinion
ED - Enhanced Damage
IDT - Ignore Target's Defense
GC - Grand Charm
SC - Small Charm
Norm - Normal
NM - Nightmare
Anni - Annihilus
Solo - Playing and killin alone without help of others
Thx - Thanks
K.O. - Knock Out
C/S - Claw/Shield Assassin type
C/C - Claw/Claw Assassin type
Javazon - Amazon using Javelin Skills
Jabazon - Amazon using Skill Jab
Zerker - Barbarian using Skill Berserk
TGod's - Thundergod's Vigor Unique Belt
LS - Lightsabre Unique Phase Blade

14. Special thanks

First of all, I want to thank Seraphex for reading my guide over and over. Without him my guide would be probably full of grammar and spelling errors. Thx a lot Sera!

Then, I would like to thank TownPortal for helping me test this Pally in Single Player. Thx a lot man!
I would also want to thank Pascal for some nice suggestions. Thx dude!

By ~ Bones.

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