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SnifferXp for D2HackIt

Download Sniffer XP v0.131a:

[15 Kb]

Use at your own risk!
We're not responsible for what this file does in any shap or form although steps were taken to ensure the least amount of bug occurances.

I believe this file is freeware - as long as no profit is gained from it's use, in part, or whole.

This module shows incoming and outging packets in game.

Module Updated by DFlame v0.05-v0.13a

.snifferxp show <r|s|all> <p1 ... pX|all>
Shows (R)eceived or (S)ent packets in game with first byte matching
p1, p2, p3...pX.

.snifferxp hide <r|s|all> <p1 ... pX|all>
Hides (R)eceived or (S)ent packets in game with first byte matching
p1, p2, p3...pX.

.snifferxp list
Shows all received and sent packets that will currently show.

.snifferxp clear
Hides all received and sent packets from showing.

.snifferxp load [section]
Loads a section of sniffer packet filter definitions from
[section] in sniffer.ini

.snifferxp save [section]
Saves a section of sniffer packer filter definitions to
[section] in sniffer.ini

.snifferxp logfile <file name>
Logs packets to <file name>.txt in your <D2>\logs dir.

.snifferxp logfile stop
Stops the logging to <file>.

.snifferxp output
Toggles output of packets on/off.

.snifferxp options [ [+|-]date [+|-]time [+|-]12h [+|-]char
[+|-]alpha [+|-]setname [+|-]overwrite
[+|-]output [+|-]pause [+|-]autosave <logdir Directory> load save ]

options - By itself displays current status
save - Saves current settings
packcolor n - packet display color setting
namecolor n - packet name color setting
charcolor n - packet char decode color setting

[+|-]date - Setting for writing date tag to log file
[+|-]time - Setting for writing time tag to log file
[+|-]12h - 12 Hour or 24 Hour time format
[+|-]char - Display of char version of packet data
[+|-]alpha - Set char display to alphabet only or all displayable
[+|-]setname - Display mode of packet names
[+|-]setnamesave - Packet names save mode
[+|-]overwrite - Write mode of logging
[+|-]output - Display mode of packets
[+|-]pause - Pauses writing to current log file same as logpause
[+|-]autosave - Save mode for the packet filters
<logdir directory> - Sets new logfile directory

.snifferxp setname <r|s|save|load> <packet #> [name]
Sets, Saves, or Loads Packet name tags
<r|s> <packet #> [name]- With no name will clear that name
[name] - A name for that packet

.snifferxp logpause
Toggles writing to the current log file.

.snifferxp mark <note...>
Writes <note> at the current write position of the log file.

Copy Sniffer.d2h and Sniffer.ini to your D2HackIt folder and use
".load sniffer" to load the module.

".sniffer load show-all" will load pre-defined definition [show-all] and
show all sent and received packets.
".sniffer load sent-all" or ".sniffer load recv-all"
will show all sent or all received only

D2HackIt! 0.45 or later.

0.03 2002-01-14 log added by Blackpower
0.04 2002-01-14 output added by Blackpower

Added Changes - DFlame
v0.05 2002-01-17 Check before Autosave, Pause Log File, char Display, Mark Log File, Decode Tag, and File Log TimeStamp

v0.10 2002-01-18 Felt my changes are bigger than I first thought FileLogging routine just leaves handle open til the end now Options command, Won't overwrite original packet filters Loads options on start, Can save options

v0.11a 2002-10-19 Debugged Alpha I think everything works now Now called SnifferXp =P

v0.12a 2002-10-21 Show/Hide All Command, Log file Directory Setting, and options load command fixed small bugs

v0.13a 2002-08-21 Forgot GetHackProfile didn't delete the returned strings. A few nick nacks. Color settings. Better coding. Logpause
stayed on even when you start a new log file - fixed that.

v0.131a 2002-08-29 Fixed some displayed garbage in the show and hide command.

Thanks to druttis for his contributions

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