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EasyMap/EasyPlay for Diablo II 1.11b

EasyMap/EasyPlay by Jan Miller (Netter)
You are using EasyMap/EasyPlay at your own risk

EasyPlay is a sophisticated Diablo II hack that offers a variety of features. Originally, EasyPlay was known as "EasyMap", which was the first public maphack released for the 1.11 patch in August. Ever since the release of "EasyMap" in August it has been steadily developing itself feature-wise and safety-wise (protection). The features have assembled to such a magnitude that "EasyMap" no longer describes the program properly anymore. Thus, the name was changed to "EasyPlay", as it goes beyond a simple maphack. You may read the feature list below!

-Automatic map reveal (including special objects, such as "Shrines" and "Waypoints" OR level name descriptions)
-Full monsterhack (including immunity stats, boss monster names, different colors for boss monstes/champions)
-Directional vectors to waypoints, level targets and special locations (such as the proper Tomb / Summoner / Izual / etc)
-Automatic "bot-like" teleporting to vector destination
-On-screen info display of game IP / client IP / elapsed time / system clock
-Full itemlogging of own player & other players
-Chicken features (anti-TPPK, mana/life chicken, ..)
-Advanced anti-detection measures (including pre-emptive anti-detection measures)
-and more .. (see configuration file)

-WindowsXP+ ONLY
-Diablo II: Lord of Destruction v1.11b

-Open all the Diablo II instances you want to install EasyPlay v1.3b
-Run "EasyLoad.exe"

Some security tips:
-Load easyplay in a battle.net channel before joining a game (loading easyplay in-game will cause d2 to quit)
-Do not tell anyone you're using maphack ;)

Default keys (can be changed in easymap.ini):-

-Use the <Scroll Lock> key in-game to log your players items to your EasyPlay folder (html file)
Note: You can hover above other players and press <Scroll Lock> to log them!

-Use the "e" key in-game to make a town-portal and take it automatically
-Use the "l" key in-game to print teleport session stats
-Use the "k" key in-game to abort a teleport session
-Use the "5" key in-game to create pathway/start teleport session to waypoint vector (green)
-Use the "6" key in-game to create pathway/start teleport session to special vector (purple)
-Use the "7" key in-game to create pathway/start teleport session to level vector (yellow)
-Use the "8" key in-game to fast-exit
-Use the "9" key in-game to re-load the configuration file
-Use the "0" key in-game to toggle extra stats (magicfind/goldfind)

New: You may send chat messages preceeded with a "." to access the in-game command interface. Available commands include:


.. and a few more!

Example: ".recv 7710" will open your chest in-game, no matter where you are (don't try to place an item in it, unless you're in town though). Note: I will be releasing some plugins for EasyPlay sometime in the future.

Old versions
- detectible:
for 1.11b patch:
EasyPlay v2.4 [156Kb]
EasyPlay v2.3 [146Kb]
EasyPlay v2.2 [143Kb]
EasyPlay v2.1 [143Kb]
EasyPlay v2.0b [137Kb]
EasyPlay v2.0 [135Kb]
EasyPlay v1.8b [121Kb]
EasyPlay v1.8 [117Kb]
EasyPlay v1.7b [106Kb]
EasyPlay v1.7 [106Kb]
EasyPlay v1.6 [104Kb]
EasyPlay v1.5 [99Kb]
EasyPlay v1.4b
EasyPlay v1.4
EasyPlay v1.3 [94Kb]
EasyPlay v1.2 [71Kb]
EasyPlay v1.0 [66Kb]
EasyMap v7.0 [67Kb]
EasyMap v6.7b [60Kb]
EasyMap v6.7 [60Kb]
EasyMap v6.5 [60Kb]
EasyMap v6.4 [59Kb]
EasyMap v6.0 [58Kb]
EasyMap v5.1 [48Kb]
EasyMap v5.0 [46Kb]
EasyMap v4.0 [45Kb]

for 1.10 patch:
EasyMap v3.1
EasyMap v3.0e
EasyMap v3.0d
EasyMap v3.0c
EasyMap v3.0b
EasyMap v2.0
EasyMap v1.1

more info here

Known bugs/errors:
-Some erros may occur when using some versions of D2Loader or other modifications
-Some itemstats may appear inaccurate (in html dump created by itemlogger)
-EXP-Counter will not decrease when dying

EasyPlay Free v2.4 (28/01/2006)
-Added nihlathak vector and "NihlathakCutOffLast" option
-Added "TeleTimeout" and "TeleMaxRetries" options for auto-teleport
-Added "ilvl" command to print ilvl of hovered items in-game
-Added "MephSpecialAdjust" option
-Improved in-game fps performance if automap activated
-Fixed a bug that didn't print config filename on config-error messagebox
-Fixed bug with FastTP that was caused by trying to use tomebooks from stash
-Level targets/waypoint targets can be optionally offseted by any x/y value

EasyPlay Free v2.3 (21/01/2006)
-Updated core for EasyBot 1.2
-Added special vector to wirt's leg
-Added merc chicken (see "MercChickenPercent" option)
-Improved internal code (more stable/clean now)
-Config parse errors now display filename
-Updated houdini

EasyPlay Free v2.2 (14/01/2006):
-Updated core for EasyBot 1.1
-Fixed bug when using the stash command

EasyPlay Free v2.1 (13/01/2006):
-Added "DoVersionCheck" option
-Fixed bug with SaveLastPass option
-Compatible with EasyBot v1.0
-Added ".spell", ".stash" and ".game" commandline options

EasyPlay Free v2.0b (03/01/2006):
-Fixed "ACDynamic Sub, 1" error that occured after failed to join game
-Changed the way SaveGameName and SaveGamePass works
Note: You can overwrite the MODSIGS.txt in this release with your old one (if you got)

EasyPlay Free v2.0 (30/12/2005):
-Reworked signature check code (new "MODSIGS.txt" configuration file available)
-Removed screen-flashes during auto-teleport (alot smoother for the eye)
-Added packet sender/spoofer (type '.help' in-game for details)
-Added ability to load plugins (plugin-interface currently closed source)
-Added integrity scan for d2 modules
-Houdini updated (anti-detection)
-Only compatible with WindowsXP+
-Updated documentation

EasyPlay v1.8b (06/12/2005):
-Added pre-emptive anti-detection for extrawork (see ExtraWorkSignatures option)!
-Chicken now alot faster
-Fixed BO/Oak-Sage chicken bug
-Added french and romanian language files
-Updated documentation
-Updated houdini from v0.4 to v0.5

EasyPlay v1.8 (01/12/2005):
-Pathfinding (auto-teleport) now works accross multiple levels
-Added many more vectors (too many to list) that can be used with auto-teleport
-Added "DoChaosSanctSpecial", "DoChaosSanctAutoTP" options
-Added "BaalSpecialAdjust", "DoBaalAutoTP" options
-Added "HotTPMessages" option
-Added "ChickenRequiredOffenses" option
-Added "LangFileName" option (allows loading of .lng files to run easyplay in any western language)
-Added "SaveLastGame", "SaveLastPass", "PrintBnetLatency" and "BlockAdvertisements" options
-Fixed a bug with "Total Exp" display that occured on high level characters
-Improved code (internal)
-Updated documentation

EasyPlay v1.7b (14/11/2005):
-Fixed a minor bug with in the new code, should work fine now

EasyPlay v1.7 (13/11/2005):
-Significantly improved the pre-emptive warden module signature-check (i.e. alot less likely to be caught on warden update)
-Updated EasyLoad to v1.11 (you can now select what instance to load into)

EasyPlay v1.6 (07/11/2005):
-Added new Itemlogging feature (own player & other players)
-Added new "ItemLoggerKey" and new "RequireItemStats" options
-Added new "AutoEnterWaypointTarget" option (will open waypoint automatically, when teleporting to waypoint vector)
-Fixed a bug that would make vectors "disappear" if destination at edge of automap
-Fixed a bug with chicken (oak sage)
-Updated documentation & Credits section

EasyPlay v1.5 (03/11/2005):
-Fixed a bug that wouldn't display vectors at certain occasions
-Fixed a minor display-bug with vectors when scrolling automap
-Fixed loading error that occured for some users

Easy Playv1.4b
-Added "ChickenMode" option (allows chicken via TP)
-Expanded hotkeys to allow almost any virtual keycode (F-Keys, Arrow-Keys, Numpad, etc ..)
-Added "special vector" from "Cristalline Passage" to "Frost River" entrance
-Fixed "BO chicken" bug
-Updated documentation

EasyPlay v1.4
-Updated houdini
-Updated anti-detection minorly
-Added "FastTownPortalKey" hotkey (it's very fast!)
-Added "ChickenLifePercent", "ChickenManaPercent" and "ChickenOnHostile" options
-Now exits Diablo II when running EasyLoad while being inside a battle.net game

EasyPlay v1.3 (15/10/2005):
-Updated anti-detection and added new "Houdini" system
-Optimized teleporting to increase teleport speed by 250-300%!! (ex: 23 teleports in 6,8 seconds)
-Added "FastTeleport" option to increase teleporting speed even more drastically
-Added "AutoEnterLevelTarget" option to automatically take level entrances after a teleport session
-Fixed a major bug that caused random crashes in teleport session
-Hotkeys now execute immidiately after being pressed
-Added "PrintGainExp", "PrintRemainExp" and "PrintTotalExp" options
-Removed "ExpCounter" option (obsolete)
-Fixed all known (to me) bugs with d2loader
-Fixed a few other minor bugs
-Updated Documentation & Known bugs/error list

EasyPlay v1.2
-Fixed an occasional crash when attempting to calculate pathway to vector that doesn't exist
-Fixed a bug with warden signature code that caused player to be booted from game (because warden module initialization failed)
-Found a bug caused by D2Loader in conjunction with EasyMap and added to "Known bugs/errors" list
-Added "ExperienceCounter" option to config

EasyMap v7.2 (10/10/2005) relaunched as EasyPlay v1.0:
-Improoved anti-detection
-Fixed a few minor bugs in core code
-Removed some errors in readme/config
-Added "ExtraStatsKey" option (prints magicfind/goldfind)

EasyMap v7.0 (05/10/2005):
-Added "Teleport Sessions" (teleport to vector destination)
-Added "TeleLevelVectKey", "TeleSpecialVectKey", "TeleWaypointVectKey", "TeleMinDelay", "TeleVectAbortKey" and "TeleVectStatsKey" options to config
-Added special vector to "Baal" and "Mephisto" (can be used in conjunction with teleport sessions)
-Fixed a small bug with hotkeys in configuration (you may only add regular keys in quotes now)
-EasyMap may *only* run in safemode now (for your own safety)
-Updated documentation

EasyMap v6.7b (30/09/2005):
-Fixed a bug with MonsterBossStats
-Added "EnableMissileDraw" option
-Added small purple pixels for all missiles (will be improoved later)

EasyMap v6.7 (30/09/2005):
-Now prints monster immunities and boss stats
-Added "EnableImmuneSigns" option
-Added "EnableBossStats" option
-Server IP/Client IP/Elapsed Time/System Time are now safemode features!!
-Updated documentation to clearly state what is safemode/non-safemode
-Removed checksum stuff from config (obsolete)
-Fixed a bug that made Diablo II crash when quitting (on non-WindowsXP Systems)

EasyMap v6.5
-Fixed a possible vulnerability in anti-detection code (minor)
-Fixed "INTEGER_DIVIDE_BY_ZERO" exception error when scrolling minimap to outer edge on some levels
-Loader now closes automatically

EasyMap v6.4
-Fixed anti-detection
-Updated documentation

EasyMap v6.3 (24/09/2005):
-Updated anti-detection considerably
-Added "SafeMode" option to config
-Added "IgnoreChecksums" option to config
-Fixed a minor bug that caused lag in singleplayer
-Updated documentation
-Not compatible with Windows2000 anymore

EasyMap v6.2 (22/09/2005) *DONOR ONLY RELEASE*
-Added "CRC32" check on warden module. If warden updates, easymap dumps warden module to a file with contact details and kills d2 after sending a "leave game" packet to server (to look legit)
-Fixed vector drawing if target and player aren't on automap/minimap
-Added second vector for waypoints
-Added "SpyWardenKey" option
-Added "WardenChecksums" option
-Hotkeys can now be set to decimal value or encapsulated with ""
-Updated anti-detection
-Updated documentation

EasyMap v6.1a (20/09/2005) *DONOR ONLY RELEASE*
-Fixed vector-drawing to draw correctly when target/player is not on automap/minimap
-Fixed time display to adjust to local time-zone
-Fixed clientip display
-Config variables now accept quote/unquote version (irregardless of variable type)
-Re-load config key / FastExit key can now be configured
-Updated buglis

EasyMap v6.0 (19/09/2005):
-Added "PrintClientIP" and "PrintServerIP" options
-Added "PrintSystemTime", "PrintElapsedTime" and "PrintTimeColor" options
-Added "NoFlipAnim" option (blocks item-drop animation)
-Added "PreventMinimize" option (window-mode only)
-Added "SaveLastPass" option
-Fixed bug with inventory viewing when entering trade/stash while viewing another player
-Inventory viewing now disallows to pick one's own inventory items while viewing another player
-Re-adjusted "Viewing Inventory" print
-Removed permanent "WardenMuncher installed" print and replaced by once-per-game notify
-Re-Added Fast-Exit on "zero" button
-Added "DrawLevelTargetVector" option
-Added "LevelTargets" option
-Added re-load configuration on "space" button

EasyMap v5.1 (16/09/2005):
-Added new anti-detection code for current 1.11b warden module
-Added safety feature to automatically leave game when attempting to load EasyMap in a battle.net game
-Added text message that displays who you are item-viewing
-Added text message that displays if the new anti-detection is active
-Fixed a few bugs with inventory viewing (now only views players)
-Removed "OnWardenScan" option, obsolete now

EasyMap v5.0 (15/09/2005):
-Added "Inventory Viewing" of other players (hover player and press inventory key)
-Added "SaveLastGame" option to config

EasyMap v4.0 (14/09/2005):
-Added new "OnWardenScan" option to the config
-Removed key options (for now)
-Removed gameinfo (for now)
-Updated to v1.11b for Diablo II: Lord of Destruction

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