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EasyPlay for Diablo II 1.11b

EasyPlay by Jan Miller (Netter)
You are using EasyPlay at your own risk

EasyPlay is a sophisticated Diablo II hack that offers a variety of features. Originally, EasyPlay was known as "EasyMap", which was the first public maphack released for the 1.11 patch in August of 2005. Ever since the release of "EasyMap" this multi-hack has been steadily developing in terms of features, functionality and security. The features have developed and evolved to such an extent that "EasyMap" no longer describes the program properly. Thus, the name was changed to "EasyPlay", as it goes beyond a simple maphack. You may read the feature list below!

The basic settings for EasyPlay Free include:
-Full map reveal (including shrines/objects)
-Monster hack (including immunities and different colors for boss/champions)
-Missile hack (hostile and regular)
-Vectors to next waypoint/level/quest objects
-Anti-Detection (ExtraWork/Warden)
-Auto-Check gamemunchers for news/updates/status
-Auto-Chicken (including Anti-TPPK and merc)
-Fast TP / Fast Exit hotkeys
-Language files to use EasyPlay in your favorite language
-On-screen infos (client IP/server IP/elapsed time/system time/total magicfind)
-Itemlogger/Itemspy hotkeys to log your/other player(s) items to a simple .HTML file

The advanced extra-settings for EasyPlay Gold include:
-Auto-PickIt (highly configurable)
-Auto-Potion Drinking (including merc)
-Auto-Teleport Vectors
-Auto-Aim (including TPPK)
-Auto-Teleport Multiple Vectors in a row to the major bosses for MF runs
-Auto-Save&Restore last Game/Pass name
-Load Plugins (example: MF-Bot/Follow-Bot/Sniffer/other hacks)
-Command-Line (includes game/player search for channel) Example: Type ".search baal" in channel and get list of games with "baal" in their name very quickly.
-Removed long "Failed to join game" waiting delay (configurable)
-Configurable hotkeys
.. and many more features!

-Windows XP
-32bit x86 intel chip
-Diablo II: Lord of Destruction v1.11b

-Download and unzip
-Open Diablo II
-Run "EasyLoad.exe"
-If you have multiple instances of Diablo II running, you will be prompted for which one to inject EasyPlay into

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Is EasyPlay detectable? - Latest Update: 02/07/2006 -> 22/07/2006 DETECTIBLE (read news)
Currently it is not detectable. It still doesn't have any pre-emptive anti-detection, so use it entirely at your own risk. This beta was mainly released to rid EasyPlay from all errors feature-wise and share the new version with the donors. Remember: It is very likely that you will be banned, if Blizzard updates their anti-cheat detection methods. Use EasyPlay only at your own risk and make sure you read the license.

EasyPlay Free v3.0 Final - Latest Update: 02/07/2006 -> 22/07/2006 DETECTIBLE (read news)
EasyPlay Free (v3.0 Gamma)
EasyPlay Free v3.0 Beta7
EasyPlay Free v3.0 Beta6
EasyPlay Free v3.0 Beta5
EasyPlay Free v3.0 Beta2

Changes(not all apply to basic version):
3.0 Final Changes (02/07/2006):
-Added "EnableRecursivePathing" and "EnableCPUIntensivePathing" options, and removed "EnableExtremePathing" option
-Re-worked pathing (minor changes)
-Added new "block" option (identical syntax to "filter" option) to block packets
-Added "DrawSpecialVector" and "DisableAllVectors" options to config.ini, so free users can disable vectors completely more easily
-Added missing vector in act1 town
-Added "Priority" option to pickit (items.ini for details)
-Added new "pickit_const.ini" file to Settings folder, aswell as new comments in items.ini to make manual editing of items.ini easier
-Added command-line options for EasyLoad (-OPT/-PDIR/-PID options)
-Fixed bug with "DrawWaypointVector" and "DrawLevelTargetVector" in config.ini
-Fixed "IgnorePotsOnFullBelt" option in items.ini (now also considers belt type)
-Fixed bug with FastTP function that occured if multiple TP tomes in cube/stash and inventory
-Fixed pickit to temp-disable itself if cursor item
-Fixed minor inaccuracy with "AutoCloseNPCTalk" option
-Fixed bug with news (now updates news from GM.net properly)
-Optimized code (better performance)
-Updated config syntax to allow better visual attractive settings
-Updated for EasyBot RC4 (not backward compatible)
-Updated documentation (config/readme). New Readme_EasyLoad.txt,Readme_Commands.txt files

3.0 Gamma Changes (04/06/06)
-Re-arranged files/folders
-Language files/Config files/Plugins can be placed in sub-folders now (automatic tracking)
-Added new "#define" directive to settings folder
-Added new "keycodes.ini" file that defines virtual keycode symbols for hotkeys (-> now alot easier to customize hotkeys to your liking)
-Fixed bug with SafeChicken that wouldn't restore the skill
-SafeChicken now forces teleport, even while player moves/casts
-PickIt teleport to item now forces teleport, even while player moves/casts
-Config re-loading is alot more stable now (you can re-load in any game situation now, without crashing)
-Removed "BaalSpecialAdjust", "MephistoSpecialAdjust" and added "SpecialVectorLastNodeOffsets" option to config.ini
-Pickit now automatically ignores gold, if player couldn't pick the gold (carrying max gold)
-Added "IgnorePotsOnFullBelt" option to main section of items.ini. Use this option to prevent picking up potions that would be stashed in your inventory, instead of belt (because of no room for the specific pot)
-Fixed big bug with "tele to item" in pickit that would cause pickit to ignore items
-Fixed small bug with news
-Added new "clear" command to reset channel text field (type ".clear" in channel)
-Fixed bug with houdini (now v0.9) that caused EP to crash if houdini.ini specified invalid file
-Updated for EasyBot RC3

3.0 Beta7 (14/05/2006):
-Improved pathfinding to work in "extreme situations" (new "EnableExtremePathing" option) for act3 jungle levels especially
-Added new string 112
-Added "AutoItemDumpOnGameJoin" option to config.ini
-Added "ClearCacheOnCleanup" option to config.ini (fixes gm.net news re-loading in lobby, even if EP isn't loaded)
-Fixed "DoBaalAutoTP" and "DoChaosSanctAutoTP" options (didn't work properly before)
-Fixed itemdump to print "poison damage over x seconds" item stat
-Fixed bug with exp-counter if player is lvl 99
-Fixed bug that wouldn't reload items.ini when using reloadconfig hotkey
-Fixed bug with NEWS.dat parsing that caused ACCESS_VIOLATION crash when leaving game
-Optimized code (file size reduced by ~4 KB)
-Updated rus.lng (thanks norlander), fra.lng (thanks herm) and added new ger.lng language files

3.0 Beta6 (05/05/06):
-Improved pathfinding core algorithmn speed by ~40% (ex: path that took 1800 ms now takes 1100 ms) and pathways abit more "straight" now (especially for town-pathing)
-Fixed bug that would do safety check twice, if loaded in SP game
-Fixed bug that wouldn't print ilvl in itemdump
-Fixed a few bugs with auto-tele in very specific situations
-System / Elapsed time now prints above vectors/monsters
-Fixed small drawing bug with vectors, if vector dest/source scrolled off automap completely
-Fixed a bug with itemdump that caused d2 crashes occasionally (new since 3.0 beta series)
-Added new string 111 and "PrintPathCalcTime" option to epg.ini
-Updated credits section

3.0 Beta5 (30/04/06):
-Added "ToggleChickenKey" hotkey option to enable/disable config.ini (default is num-lock key)
-Added "chicken" command for console (can set hp/mp/mode in-game)
-Added 5 new strings (106-110) to language files (fra.lng and rus.lng need to be updated)
-Fixed a bug with exp-counter display that caused text to "float away"
-Added "PickAllQuality" to pickit main section, which allows you to specify "pick all uniques, .." etc.
-Added "AutoDisableOnFullInv" to pickit main section, so you can specify wether or not to auto-toggle pickit off in such a scenario

3.0 Beta4 (29/04/06):
-Moved "out-of-game" options from gold-only to free version (savelastgame/savelastpass/..). GameSearch/PlayerSearch was excluded and remains gold-only feature.
-Added "DoChatLog" option to free/gold versions (simple chat-logger)
-Fixed a bug that wouldn't allow disabling system time display
-Added "PrefixIPs" and "PrefixElapsedTime" options to optionally remove the "S: ", "C: " and "Elapsed: " prefix strings
-Removed PrintGainedExp, PrintRemainExp and PrintTotalExp options
-Added two new interactive in-game commands (alot more options than before): $exp and $info
-Added "DisplayNoClickMonsters" option for monsterhack, to allow displaying monsters that are not clickable usually (i.e. behind walls, etc.). Note: Monsterhack had changed with 3.0 beta, and didn't display monsters that were not clickable anymore (hard-coded).
-Fixed a bug with auto-potion: Rejuvs are preferred above Potions now, if life is below Rejuv<Life/Mana> and Potion<Life/Mana>
-Language Strings in default.lng 47,70,93,104 and 105 modified
-Added french.lng language file (thanks to herm!!!) and removed other (outdated) language files
-Added "CmdPrefix" and "ConsolePrefix" options to allow configuring cmd/console identifier
-Fixed TPPK hotkey description in epg.ini
-Added "DisableTownVectors" option for free users (town vectors are useless for free version)
-Updated documentation (requirements section)
-Updated credits section (finally took the time to flesh it out properly)

3.0 Beta3 (Free Version):
-Skipped to Beta4

3.0 Beta3 (16/04/06):
-Fixed a bug with chat filter (easyplay gold only) that caused all players to be blocked

3.0 Beta2 (16/04/06):
-Fixed a bug with ChickenPing that didn't allow it to be turned off by setting to 0 (now works)
-Fixed a bug parsing items.ini for EPG
-Fixed D2Loader compatability

-Added townpathing for all acts and any location of the player
-Added townvectors to TP location/Waypoint/Heal NPC
-Added custom vectors (ctrl-click mouse on automap) for town/out-of-town
-Added auto-reset skill after auto-tele (pickit/sequence/sessions)
-Custom vectors now ignored if chatbox open, chatbox open, stash interaction, NPC interaction, inventory / skill / quest / stat windows open
-Added five move related config options and custom vector / skill restore related options
-Fixed a bug that would try to feed dead merc with potions infinitely
-Added IntegrityCheck to prevent loading into dirty game (prints to Logs folder)
-Added client error logs (see DoClientErrorLog option)
-Added "#include" option to config files (allows splitting of one config file into multiple files)
-Renamed easyplay.ini to config.ini and added epg.ini
-Console commands now appear in "sent messages" history if you type up/down arrow keys with message box open
-Inventory dump logfiles now added to "Logs" folder
-EasyPlay Free and Gold features now seperated properly
-Added new "PreventMinimize" option to config.ini
-Added new "filter" command to selectively sniff sent/recv game packets
-Added new "search" and "psearch" command to search for games/players from channel
-AutoEnterWaypointTarget will now interact twice with a waypoint, if it was never accessed by player (now the waypoint window always opens)
-Player interaction is now automatically cleared if town-vector is executed during NPC (only NPC!) interaction
-Added AutoInteractNPCTarget option to auto-heal after executing special town vectors
-Fixed bug that occured on "Failed to join game" errors and would occasionally crash EasyPlay
-Fixed bug that would sometimes make one teleport if trying to execute non-existant vector
-Fixed bug with SaveLastPass option
-Fixed bug with MercChicken and MercPotion functions that failed to check if merc is dead
-Fixed bug that would incorrectly display level vector in "Forgotton Tower" and a few other levels on rare occasions
-Updated default.lng file (doubled size) - other .lng files need to be updated
-Added "NotifyOnFilter" for message filter
-Message filter now filters whispers (channel only) and channel chat messages, too
-Prints extra warning message if no tome book or no TP's left
-Added "AutoPickCorpse" option (only on game-join)
-Updated EP API (see EP API documentation)

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