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Sting's Hackmap

Its useful program for PWE too (you can see IP of game)

Readme of Sting's Hackmap for Diablo II

1. Compatible with Maphack 5.1. All features in MH 5.1 still work in Hackmap
2. Show IAS/FCR/MF and lots of stats in character window
3. Prevent from minimizing window when running in window mode
4. Target indicators on Minimap guide you MF/pass quickly
5. Sound prompt when enter a game
6. Show game server ip

Anti detection features
1. Auto unload d2hackmap.dll when extrawork.dll loading.
2. Integrity scaner show you if the game code is changed.
3. Anti 64/65 detection.
4. Safely reveal map for those who only want this function.
This feature doesen't make any change to game code and will do an integrity scan before revealing map for safe.

For those who really care about detection, here's smoe advice:
1. D2loader maybe not safe and can be detected by blizzard so better not to use it. Integrity scaner will show you where exactly it does to game.
2. Maphack 5.1 edited (and all derived) version is detectable, at least by 65 packet to my knowledge.

1. Extract all files from D2HACKMAP.ZIP to any folder.
2. Run d2hackmap.exe.
3. Run Diablo II.
4. Alt+tab out of Diablo II. Better do this step after connected to Battle.net if you are going to play on battle.net, otherwise d2hackmap will unload himself when connecting to battle.net.
5. Click "Install/update" to inject d2hackmap.dll into Diablo II process if you want to enjoy full functions. Or click "Reveal Act" to reveal automap of current act when you are in game, it's less function but more safe. You can also customize d2hackmap.exe's behaviour by editing d2hackmap.ini.
6. Alt+tab back to Diablo II and play.

2005.10.30 2.24
- Fixed bugs that crashed d2hackmap.exe under windows 9x

2005.10.28 2.23
- Fixed d2hackmap.dll can't show Socketable Item Stats correctly

2005.10.17 2.22
- Fixed d2hackmap.exe can not run under windows 9x bug
- Fixed d2hackmap.dll can not remember last game name and password bug

2005.10.14 2.21
- Fixed a few bugs in d2hackmap.exe
- Improved anti-detection for d2hackmap.exe

2005.10.13 2.20
- Improved anti-detection.
- Improved integrity scan algorithm.
- Refact hackmap.exe in many aspects.

2005.09.14 2.10 Lite
-Support diablo II 1.11b
-Only support "Safe Reveal Act" function.

2005.09.12 2.00
-Fixed in full screen mode when "Keep Game Window" is on switching back to desktop doesn't work bug.
-Fixed when viewing other player equipments clicking items causes game crash bug.
-Improved hackmap.exe GUI, added configuration dialog for Safe reveal Act.
-Renamed "Quick Back Town Key" as "Quick Back To Town Key" in d2hackmap.cfg.

for 1.11b patch:
Sting's Hackmap v2.24 with source code [389 Kb]
Sting's Hackmap v2.23 with source code [388 Kb]
Sting's Hackmap v2.22 with source code [393 Kb]
Sting's Hackmap v2.21 with source code [404 Kb]
Sting's Hackmap v2.10 Lite

for 1.10 patch:
Sting's Hackmap v1.14
Sting's Hackmap v1.13


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