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Zoid's Pickit


for 1.10 patch:
Zoid's Pickit v3.5d beta 002 Final

Coming soon: ZPickit 4.0 ( Diablo2 1.11)
Some brave warrior trying to get zpickit'd item
ZPickit(Alpha Build) crashing
ZPickit's new GUI
Socket redirection(as driver) in action

Project: zoid.dll Hack 3.5d beta .002 (d2loader plugin)
Author: ZoiD
INFO: Automated Item Collector for Diablo2

3.5d beta.002 (FINAL)
- Fixed Incorrect Unicode display on non english systems
Thx Biasha.
- Fixed MinSocket flaw.
(should now pickup sockets beyond specified ammount)
- Removed debug output.
- Optimized ChickenRecovery delay.
- increased experience calculation precision.
- Revised Logging System (not unicode yet)
(logging only works for 'notify' entries in zpickit.ini)
[<<] = Item Dropped
[>>] = Item Picked up

3.5d beta.001
- Chicken Names Revised.
(old zoid.ini's need to update only the chicken section)
- Added 'zChickenLifeRecover'
- Added 'zChickenManaRecover'
- Added Experimental Experience Calculator

- Fixed 'zForceTeleport' (thx e-race)

- Fixed win98 PE Unpacking.
- Reversed 'gselect'

- Optimized many zpickit routines.
- Fixed Teleport bug.
- zoid.ini no longer case sensitive.

- Fixed Attack Bug.

- Minor zpickit.ini updates.
- Improved Logging all round.
- Simplified Quit Routine for Chicken (should stop it killing d2)
- Logging disabled for town drops (thx MagicMan)
- Removed some 3.4 optimizations with pickit, (unconfirmed pickup failure bug?)
- GroundSelect now a dynamic feature
(can be set in game with 'gselect' flag)
- fixed mh Infravision feature incompatibility (thx mousepad)
- Added 'zForceTeleport'
(allowing non sorc classes to use teleport pickit ability)
- Added 'zGameColorChat'
(disabling $$ color chat ability)
*old 3.4 zoid.ini's are obsolete*

- Improved Config error checking.
- Tweaked Ping Text Size
- Fixed GroundItemSockets and GroundItemWorth (woops =])
- pickit.ini is now named zpickit.ini
(to avoid confusion with other pickits + incompatibility)
- Added 'zPickitLogging'

- Improved Win95/98/ME support.
- Tweaked 'GroundSelect' toggle method.
- Fixed Possible Chicken Percentage Life Bug.
- Fixed Possible pickup Bug.

- Improved DropInfo Output.
- Improved Foreign Language Color Support.

- ChickenHealth is now a dynamic feature
( can be set in game with the 'chp' flag )

- Updated PAQ/FAQ

- Adjusted Pickit Schematics.
- tonsafun's pickit.ini is now the default.

- Added MagicChar (prefix for hack commands).
- Added HomeChan (change channel you join after pressing 'Enter Chat')
- Added Experimental win95/98/ME support.

- Fixed 'GroundSelect'

- Fixed mousepad Maphack incompatibility.

- 'Teleport' pickit ability now only works for Sorc class
- Teleport Amulets ignored for 'Teleport' pickit ability.

- Layout of zoid.ini redone.
- Fixed 'isEthereal' documentation mistake (it should be Ethereal)
- Increased Pickup Delay for gold Slightly (due to realm downs caused by abnormal packet fluctuation)

3.3c (pivate release)
- Added 'NoTeleport' config option (Grimz Request)

- Iron Maiden Check now only works with 'Attack' Skill.

- Added 'AntiIdle' config option.
- Added 'Wealth' pickit.ini option.

- Iron Maiden Protection Check no longer effects Sorc Class.

- Fixed Iron Maiden Protection 'Range Attack' Bug.
- Fixed 'ChickenLife' On Realm Join Check.
- Fixed Shift-Belt Usage not falling back on CurrentPlayer.
- Fixed Base Cost of item not reflecting CurrentAct Vendor pricing.

- Added Better INI Error Checking.
- Added Dropped Item 'Direction Notification'.

- Futher Improved AntiHack.

- Added 'GroundSelect' config option.
- Added 'CleanGround' config option.
- Added 'BaseItemPickup' config option.
- Added 'ChickenLife' config option.

- Fixed TP/ID Scroll Belt Bug.
- Fixed Full Inventory Gold Bug.

- Improved zPickit AntiHack.
- Revised Entire ZoiD.ini Configuration Layout.
- updated PAQ.

- Fixed Long Names Bug.
- Fixed Incorrect color display for Rare items.

- Fixed Pickit.ini Locating Bug.

- Fixed ij1ll.dll string
- Reversed Fast Quit (Hold ~ and press ESC)
- Fixed Directory Bug.
- Converted code to d2loader.
- made Simple Chicken an option.

Usage: Extract all files into your d2loader plugin directory.
once done then run d2.
These are the files you should have copied.
zoid.dll : (The Hack)
zoid.ini : (Hack Configuration File)
pickit.ini : (Pickit Configuration File)
readme.txt : (This File)

This hack has a similar interface too d2hackit for 1.09 (by tohell).
By Activating message mode in game by pressing the 'enter' key
you can execute internal commands within the hack,
In message mode pressing the '.' key then 'enter' will display
possible commands you can use. All hack commands are prefixed with the '.' key,
Failing to do so will treat the text you send as an ordinary chat message.

You can add color to your messages the same way you could in d2hackit.
to do this you type '$$' then a color character, the color codes are explained below.

1 = RED
3 = BLUE
4 = GOLD

$$4has been slain by Cain.
$$:HI $$;THERE
As you see any combination is possible with the right syntax.
Their are afue colors left i haven't documented, you'll have to seek them out yourself.


extra zoid.ini information.

Possible 'HealthBarColor' Values.

the D_ prefix means Darker.
the B_ prefix means Brighter.


Possible 'HealthBarState' Values.


Frequently/Possibly Asked Questions:
Q: Why does setting HomeChan still make you join Diablo **-1?
A: bnet could easily catch clients that alter the HomeChannel packet,
which is how most of the common home channel changers work.
makes the possibilities of getting banned likely. so with this in mind
zPickit joins a channel like you doing it manually with the chat command.

(more evidence is looking hard to see the 'channel' tab is disabled (before enter chat),
this is the only other way to send the 0x0C packet)

Q: zPickit doesn't pickup Ethereal items?
A: 'isEthereal' has been replaced by 'Ethereal'
this is an unforseen development bug, i'm not the type to go backwards so it will stay this way.

Q: Rejevz dont work when i want to replenish mana, why?
A: Pot Protection stops you from wasting pots when your HP is maximum,
if this feature annoys you it can be disabled in zoid.ini.
set PotProtect to FALSE (zPotProtect = FALSE).

Q: some zoid.ini features dont seem to be working, is this bugged?
A: many of the zoid.ini options might be commented out,
text commented out is ignored by the parser. commented text begin with 2 slashes '//'
anything before the 2 slashes is visible, anything thats after them is ignored.
!!commented text does not traverse to the next line!!.

Remove the slashes before the option you want to use (if existing).
this most probably will fix the problem.

Q: Does zPickit work with maphack?
A: Yes it should be compatible, just make sure you disable show sockets,
since both maphack and zPickit add socket count to item names.

Q: Is This hack detectable???
A: Color hack possibly - usage of it could be FATAL to your battle.net account (the $$ color hack, not the item text color),

As for item collecting code... true answer is nobody knows (other then battle.net programmers)...
d2jsp contains code which allows it to be detected, so does the mousepads maphack.
but the authors will never admit it... either way, your the one behind the computer, diablo2, brain, mind
coming to the conclusion to use a hack, any hack. so in that sense you are responsible for your
own actions, not me, not your friends nor any other hack author. Even though i have done my best to make sure
this code is secure without slopping off, Blizzard could have the unimaginable techniques for detection.
with that aside i do believe this is very difficult to notice.

-it wont loop repetitive routines in a static cycle (like d2jsp scripts),
-it wont pickup items at rates a human could not achieve (like original grabit/pickit) [see below],
-it wont try use teleport skill if the character doesn't have it (like grabit),
-it wont try pickup items if you have no space (dynamic detection with no need to toggle the feature),
-it wont try collect/teleport items out of visible view.

Only possibly methods of detection, could be the psychotic nature of the hack constantly attempting to get items which span far apart,
like someone clicking whos on drugs and alcohol at the same time, which is still POSSIBLE.

To say Blizzard could monitor how many times you send the pickup item...
zoid pickit can send a max of 5 every 300ms which gets delayed further by router transfer.
this would require 5 or more quality items to peek the max, which is a rare occurrence with the default pickit.ini
only nightmare or hell bosses could trigger it.
So that is probably averaging 12-15 a second. A person could do this legitimately, unlike the original pickit which was over 100.
But still i doubt a human could keep up with 15 clicks/sec in precise locations over 3-4hours for every item, Specially if the items are 150+pixels apart.
Disappointingly This cannot truly be adjusted, If it was to be altered the chances of you getting the item(s) would diminish greatly. On the same token
it would be insanely resourceful for Blizzard to calculate your click percentages on items and other entities,
A work around would be to click alot, clicking can mask the presence of such item collecting hacks, very easily.

Thou in the same corner.. i do believe this is how d2jsp is detected, due to its nature of being too 'precise'
and its clicks never falter (including its bad run/walk code).

Q: Why do i quit a game suddenly without warning?
A: Could have most possibly been hostiled while out of town..
when 'Avoid hostile' is enabled the client will automatically quit the game
to avoid confrontation with the attacker. [this will be improved in a later release].

Q: Whats the Numbers over highlighted items on the ground mean?
A: the number on the left signifies how many sockets the item has,
number to the right is the items base value.
the base value is calculated on act1 normal trade sell values...

Q: Sometimes my character freezes against the edge of the floor in arcane sanctuary, wtf?
A: This is a known bug with no easy fix.. Your only choice is either leave the game,
teleport too the item manually or do '.set pickit 0' then reenable it once you reach a good distance from the item.
there is no easy way (too my knowledge) to check if a location can be walked too.

Q: I cant see items getting dropped to the ground whats going on?
A: yes your noticing it right, items do not fly up into the air and fall to the ground.
the code has been hacked up so they spawn on the ground instantly.. this is my poormans crack attempt to get around
diablo2 anti hack code. some routines are tagged... so instead of writing custom ones, just bypass the need for them.

zPickit would not have existed without mousepad's d2maphack_46c.cpp, shouts goto him.

Well.. thats all i can think of for now,
If you have any questions/flames/comments/ideas feel free to email me.
also due to the ammount of mail i get, if you dont get a responce
after a couple of days, send your email again.

- Last Update @ (ZoiD) 01/26/04


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